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  1. It was altered at all, just that the small letter t was highlighted to big letter T on my fathers name and it was even done at the registry, why would I want to change a letter on my fathers name, if not to correct a misspelling and it was the registrar that made the correction
  2. It’s a local government registry and all the local govt marriage certificates looks like this and yes a lot of people whose application have been approved uses a local govt marriage certificate , I would just send in the original copy the way it appears here, I experienced flood so the certificate was a bit stained , thank u
  3. There’s no reason for your LOL, and I’m not here to lie ok, just only one little mistake that is the one circled , and that’s all so I will take ur advice , I will attach a letter from the issuing body stating the misspelling in my fathers name that’s all
  4. I didn’t correct anything, it was presented to us that day at the registry just the way it appeared there, why will I want to alter my father’s name? It’s just the letter T, it was changed from small letter (t) to a big letter (T) and it wasn’t done after that day, it was done at the registry
  5. I think the problem is this little mistake in the spelling of my father’s name which wasn’t even so obvious
  6. None of the applied on the original, I was the one who covered the information with the red and orange alterations
  7. Thank you, I was thinking of attaching an affiftfrom the high court stating that the document is original and authentic, what do you think, I have already sent the original document to my wife in the US
  8. We got a RFE and it stated that we needed additional documents including the original of my wedding certificate, they indicated that it looks fake and may be altered. the marriage was conducted in Benin city local govt registry. Pls advise me what to do, attached is the letter from Uscis and my marriage certificate.
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