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  1. Can anyone help me figure out what i did wrong? AOS from a K1 Visa..... the first picture is what i sent with my packet and the second is the letter i received back from USCIS
  2. I don't understand how you say you are almost ready to cry but then you cant "break it to your parents" that you would rather go to Australia instead of a vacation... Its your life and your decision... If i had the funds and time off from work i would have visited my fiancé as much as i could... Do what you need to do to be happy...
  3. I personally wouldn't resend the pictures back just yet... They may or may not be matched up with your application... I would wait to see if you get an RFE and send if they need it....
  4. i asked this same question on here and was given the same answers... its all about risk for you, for me i knew that we would at least wait 2 months after his scheduled interview before he would come anyway so i didn't mind the risk... we got the visa and still have a month left...
  5. First day: -What's your girlfriend's phone #? - Are you married? - How old is the kid of your girlfriend? - How did you meet each other? Today: - How did you meet ? - Where does your girlfriend live ? - Where does your girlfriend work? - Do you have kids? - Where do you work? - How often do you call each other in a week? - Have you ever met your girlfriend’s son? The internet was down which was the reason he had to go back for a second interview....
  6. Aww i hope you find something that helps.. this is my worry bringing my fiancé from Benin, West Africa to ND, one of the coldest states in the US...
  7. That's what they tell everyone... the cases don't show IN TRANSIT except for every other Tue/Wed....
  8. Wow, i know this process is stressful but people worry entirely too much... If the doctor told you its not an issue than she should trust that... Its not an issue in the slightest.
  9. that depends on your embassy... Go over to the regional threads... My embassy sent me Packet 3 via email once they received my case from the NVC, it took about a week... if am not mistaken Canada sends their packet in the actual mail but you would have to ask other Canadians to be sure.
  10. Each embassy is different so definitely call them or email them to get your next steps
  11. I never received a letter from the NVC, just call them or email them.... I haven't heard that they are behind, things seem to be moving normally for most people...
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