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IR1 Bahrain Embassy Interview
3:39 pm July 9, 2022



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Hi everyone,

We have just received DQ finally after RFE!

My husband's interview will be at the Bahrain consulate. I don't really see anyone talk or ask about this embassy so I cant really predict when we will receive the interview letter. I was hoping if anyone has experience at the Bahrain embassy I would appreciate any information about how long it takes from DQ to receive the interview letter?

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Explanation for not filing taxes
1:06 am June 11, 2022



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For the reason for not filing taxes due to being unemployed in 2021. Does that need to be hand written?? I saw someone got an RFE and the message says "write an explanation and scan it." I had typed up an explanation and uploaded it would that not be accepted??

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Accepted Ceac Document Later denied
5:04 pm June 8, 2022



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Hello all,

I had submitted all documents January 24, received an RFE in April on marriage certificate and birth certificate. They were both rejected because they wanted the bilingual version from egypt. All other documents have been accepted.

I am wondering now if NVC would reject a document after being accepted. In January I had uploaded 2 documents that I lated found out was sideways. I was expecting those to be rejected but they were not. My question is should I re-upload those documents again as additional documents as I wait for my second review? Or just leaved them alone since they have already been accepted? Would they reject them after already accepting the documents before?

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Uploading Additional Documents After RFE
1:40 am May 19, 2022



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I received an RFE in April for my husbands Police Certificate and Marriage Certificate. I resubmitted both in April! Everything else was accepted (AOS documents and DS-260 Application). I had 2 household members added with their tax information along with me. Everything had been accepted with my 2020 taxes.

My question is should I upload 2021 taxes or is it not needed since all my AOS documents were accepted?

If I upload 2021 taxes would It reset my time since I received an RFE and it is not the first submission? It would be under additional documents. I really don't want to reset my time all over again but I also don't want another RFE. I really don't know what to do.

Does anyone have experience uploading additional documents while waiting to be reviewed again after an RFE?

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Invalid Document- RFE
6:53 pm April 14, 2022



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Submitted Documents Jan 24, 2022. Received RFE today. Our Marriage Certificate and my husbands Birth Certificate was said to be Invalid. I don't understand why, we submitted the original certified documents along with the English certified Translations. Marriage was in Egypt. Interview will be in Bahrain where my husband currently works. I attached the messages I received. I just don't understand why the marriage certificate especially was invalid. If any one can please help.

I talked to them on the phone but the person didn't seem to know anything about why exactly the documents are invalid. He just asked me if i wanted a re-review and I said yes, he hung up the phone before I could even ask what a re-review means or how long it would take. Does anyone have any information on that matter as well?

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 9.53.42 AM.png

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 9.53.49 AM.png

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