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Post Visa Arrival Steps for Parents
3:17 pm August 13, 2018


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Good morning folks.

First of all, I would like to thank this forum members for their assistance in past. One of my parents file got lost by USCIS and it took national visa center and USCIS around 7+ months to find the file but luckily everything worked out fine and both parents cleared their interview last month.

Can anyone guide me to the steps required once parents land in US on Green Card. The questions I have are following:

1) What are they supposed to file for once they get here. How long does it take for GC to arrive in mail? E.g. ssn card, drivers license/id? Anything else that I am missing. Can they apply for these documents ONLY when they receive their green card in mail?

2) Does anyone know if folks on GC are eligible for purchasing health insurance? I am looking for options here? Perhaps share some info if possible

3) Regarding work, how long do they actually have to work so that they are eligible for benefits. I would like them to work and pay taxes etc but since they are old I am not sure if they could work 40 hrs. So I want to know minimum hours they can work for X number of yrs so that they get some experience in US and at same time pay taxes and contribute their share.

4) Lastly, I would like to know how long can they be outside the country without impacting their citizenship prospectus down the road. What is the process for them to get a waiver if they want to be outside of US for a limited period of time. In a given year how long can they be out of the country. They have some commitments etc which need to be taken care of and it cannot be wrapped up in a short period of time. So I want to know the ruling on that. If they want to leave is there a process they have to go through and apply?

Please guide me for these questions. If there is a link or page for these then do share as well. Sorry if this is repetition.

Thank you.

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Processing time
3:52 pm September 23, 2017


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Hey....i am in Indian, married and living in bahrain for more than 10 years. My parents are us citizens. Normally how long does it take to get a green card and does it make any difference in the processing time as I am a resident of bahrain?

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Visa approved
4:10 am September 22, 2017


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Hello all, I had an interview on 19th September and I was told by the CO that I was approved and that I can pick my passport earky next week. However they last updated my case status on CEAC on 20th but the status still shows ready and not approved or issued. It's the same ready as I had before my interview. I am sure it wouldn't be a big deal but it keeps bothering me. Can anyone help me.

P.S. I am yet to submit my Affidavit of Support. I told the CO that it will take a little time to arrive but she asked me to fome to the interview and to email the Affidavit of support as soon as I get it.

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I130 approved but NVC says they have no record of I130 from USCIS
2:42 am August 14, 2017


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Hello everyone,

I posted question earlier about separate cases for both parents. I was under impression that NVC case number is for both parents in this case (husband and wife) but recently I came to know that it is not for both individuals. So in my situation moms case is with NVC pending fee payment on my behalf but my dad's application for I130 has been lost on its way from USCIS to NVC. I called NVC 3 weeks ago inquiring about my dad's case and they didn't have any record of his application. So I sent them the I130 approval and hopefully they will find his file. I am bit surprised how his file can be lost. Basically, I have a copy of his I130 approval but NVC says they haven't received anything from USCIS and it has been over 2+ months since his I130 was approved.

Anyone in this situation please share your experience.... Looks like I have to get help from an immigration lawyer to assist me in this matter.

Finally, I had a question, perhaps someone can assist me. My parents both have multiple entry valid US visit visa for next 3-4 yrs. While their immigration process continues (I130 has been approved), can they come and visit me in the time being? Will they be questioned at the airport and asked to give up either their immigration process or their visit visa. I hear conflicting information so I just wanted to ensure if they can visit temporarily and go back while their case progresses at NVC. Please let me know..


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IV fee for IR5
2:54 am July 26, 2017


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Hello folks,

I have sent email to NVC but for some reason I never get a reply from them. I filed my parents case last year. My moms I130 got approved earlier this year and they needed more clarifications for my dads I130. I did receive my moms NVC package before my dads I-130 was approved. Fast forward, my dad's I130 was approved after providing requested affidavits etc. Now on CEAC website,

1) Choice of agent DS-261 is completed

2) AOS support fee is paid

3) Applicant information: Principal applicant is showing my moms name and the fee that i should pay is $325. The question I have is where is my dad? He is not showing up anywhere on NVC. This IV fee is per person and I don't even see his name. So will he get a separate package? I don't want to pay my moms fee and just progress her case. I want them both to be together.

Anyone who went through similar experience? where USCIS requested clarification on one of the family member while approving the other? In this case, both I-130 have been approved for my parents. It has been more than a month but my dad info is not showing up on NVC? Is he supposed to be part of same NVC package as my mom or separate? Please advise. I sent two emails to NVC asking them if my father should be added in same application or should I expect a new package for him? No reply and its been 3+ weeks.


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