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Typological error question on I-129F
12:50 am May 27, 2022


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Hi guys,

I would appreciate your guidance. I petitioned for a fianc visa application, aka I-129F, on July 18, 2021. So I probably will get a notification on her approval status soon.

I noticed a typo in the employment history section of my application. Instead of 2020, I inserted 2021 as an end date. Do I need to correct that minor error, or do not matter at this point (since it might delay the process)

Thank you so much for your help


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I registered to vote by mistake
8:20 am November 29, 2021



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I have citizenship interview on December 9th 2021 and I m so worried!

On November 20 I got verification of registration issued by the board of election commission to my house mailing address, After hours of searching on google to see what this card for and I went to https://ova.elections.il.gov/RegistrationLookup.aspx . And I put my name and my birth of date and my house address and said you have been registered to vote back on October 22 2016 I got really shocked how this happened so next day on November 23th 2021 I went to the election office on 69 w Washington, Chicago, Il 60602 to see how I have been registered and remove my name from the registration list, I told the lady who she work at the election registration I m green card holder and I m green card holder and I found out that I have been registered to vote and I m not sure how this happened and the lady at the office told me, if you didn t vote you will be ok, anyone can register but you can t Vote and I asked her to be removed, and then she asked for my ID and she checked on her computer and then she told me you have never voted to any federal election and you may been registered to Vote at the DMV or online I m not sure, so she gave approve of paperwork that s I have been removed from the registration list and approve that s I have never voted in any federal election.

Can you give me any advice for what should I do or say to the office at the citizenship interview?

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Why US based employers does not sponsor H1B visas?
1:24 pm August 16, 2021

Armen Zatikyan

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I'm Software Engineer and I'm trying to migrate to USA by some work visa, but no one company (even giants) sponsors H1B visa?

There is always a row in the job posting that says, that company unable to sponsor work visa, and I also got a rejection from Google with that content (see attached screenshot).

So, what is wrong with this type of visa? I know a couple of software engineers who migrated to the USA by this visa, but now it's impossible to find a sponsor.


Armen Zatikyan


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What to do?
12:07 am May 7, 2021



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Today we received the receipts for my I765 and I485. Can I use these to work legally in the USA? What am I supposed to do with my I765 now?


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How long for the first letter?
3:05 am May 4, 2021



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Hello all, my wife arrived to the USA in Jan as my fiancee and we got married in 2 weeks after that. On April 6th we sent all the docs to USCIS and on the 8th I saw that FedEx has delivered it to the Chicago office. I was wondering how long it takes them to send you a notification letter?


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