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Rejected AOS for K2 (child)
2:42 pm June 26, 2020


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Greetings to All,

I mailed out the AOS for my K1(Wife) and K2(Child) sometime in May and That of my Wife was accepted and that of My child was rejected due to no Affidavit of support. I had one copy of the affidavit of Support for both. So that of my child was rejected.

I resubmitted the k2(child) AOS in june and i had every piece of paper work to the best of my knowledge. Unfortunately i just received a rejection again. The Notice states Provide forms I-130,I-140,I-360, Copy of I-797.

I did include a copy o NOA2 I-797 from the K1 Approval.

At this point i dont know if they need the I797 from the accepted AOS from my wife or the I797 from the k1&k2

Also incase i get the actual document , can i resend the package as received with the additional document or reprint the whole package all over.

I will appreciate any help at this point.


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Question about stimulus check and dependents (Split)
10:19 pm May 5, 2020


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Could you please answer the following question? I have GC and SSN, in 2018 and 2019 did not live in the US, i applied for stimulus check without mentioning my dependants, as my wife and son does not have their SSN number yet because of the SSA office closure. I got my .1200 $ 2 weeks ago. Do you think I did it right not mentioning my dependants as on their fields they ask for SSN, and you cannot go forward without that? They came to US on march 16 as LPRs. Do I need any steps to do?

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Missing Police Certificate from a country I lived only 3 months
3:33 am April 23, 2020



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Hello. IR1 case is here. I am in the stage of uploading documents on NVC website.

I have been living in Italy for 3 months a few years ago, and now the website says that Police certificate from Italy is missing.

According to the rules I have to provide with PCC only if I have lived in any other country that mine for more than 12 months.

Please advise whether you have had such an issue and how did you solve.

If I leave that part missing on the website, will the NVC officer consider that my documents are full and my case will be reviewed?

I was also thinking of providing a letter of explanation that based on their rules I am not obliged to provide a PCC from Italy. Do you think this will help?

Thank you.

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12:00 pm April 15, 2020


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Hello All, for couple of days i have been going crazy trying to figure out how to get this paper work together after Notice of Rejection.

My question is For k1 and k2 AOS can i use one set of i 864 affidavit for both petitions or 1 for k1 and 1 for k2? Did anyone notice the change in EAD form? the dates are seems to be confusing.

Thanks and Lets All Stay Safe.

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Rejection Notice for AOS
5:02 am April 13, 2020


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I recently mailed out AOS for my Wife and Daughter after marriage to K1. 2weeks down i just received the whole package with a rejection notice. "Stating i filed the wrong I-485."I did download the most recent I-485 07/31/2021 from the uscis website a week before mailing it out but it turns out they rolled in an updated version which expires 10/31/2021 same week i when i mailed it out. Long story i got my whole package back which really hurts...

1) My question is has anyone been through this before?

2) Did get the most updated form and mail back the same copies? or printout all new copies? Reason being they have a green form on the package asking me to place it on the package when am resubmitting the the package. And on the bottom of the page they have codes running on the bottom?

3) Also i signed my daughter's i485 as the preparer. i dont know if thats another error right there.

I will be glad to get any information to help us through this process.

Wishing everyone the Best.

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