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K fiance petition returned back to USCIS
8:52 pm


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Our NOA1 is November 14, 2017

We had a RFE, sent the document needed, got approved and the case was sent to NVC, NVC issued us a number, however two days later the case was sent back to USCIS.

The website states The department of stste sent it back to USCIS for further review. I never had any mail from embassy, our lawyaer has even contacted the embassy and they said they have not received our case. And now we receive such a letter.

What can I do? Any advice?


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AOS, Advance Parol filling fee
6:31 am


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Hello VJ family. So I got my NOA for AOS ( together with EAD and AP) and to my surprise I got a rejection notice for my travel document (I-131) saying that the payment amount is incorrect or has not been provided. Other forms ( AOS and EAD) have been accepted . I was sure that the only payment I should have made was 1225$ for all the documents. EAD and AP were supposed to be free if I was applying together with AOS. Has anyone had the same issue? I'm going to call USCIS tomorrow to see what's going on. I just came home late and didn't manage to call today.

Thank you!

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One family member rejected at DV Lottery interview
7:27 pm


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My friend's family won DV Lottery 2019. The interview went smooth, but today in the website we saw that one family member (the husband) got rejected. They haven't collected the passports yet, so they are unaware if the wife's and child's visa is also annulled. Question

1. Is it possible that only certain family members get DV visa (wife and the child)?

2. If yes, will she be able to file for the family bonding once she is naturalized?

Thank you in advance

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Israeli Criminal Information Certificate...any insight?
4:41 am


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My fiance lived for a time in Israel (he no longer lives there and he is not Israeli) and so of course he will need a police report from there. It has become complicated getting this document from outside of Israel.

A friend currently living in Israel helped my fiance request the report, but after looking more closely at the receipt documenting the request, it seems there has been a mistake: the receipt seems to indicate that the report will be sent to the WRONG agency, not the US Embassy in my fiance's home country, where his case is being handled.

My understanding is that the police report is to be requested through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that the report will be sent directly to the US Embassy. I've been looking at this page:


The complicating factor is that there is no Israeli consulate in my fiance's home country, though he is able to travel to the nearest consulate in a neighboring country (six hours by car).

If anyone has dealt with acquiring this document from Israel, I would be happy to hear your experience of getting it...how you requested it, how the document was received, etc.

Thank you so much. I've received great help from the forum, and I really appreciate it.

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Second interview at US Embassy
8:30 pm

Moyra Torres

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Anyone with a second interview experience for K1 Visa? What was the result? Our Case has been under AP status for additional documents. Yerevan Consulate received the documents 2 weeks ago and my Fiance received today an email from them for a second interview. They have his passport. We don't understand because the first interview was so Good, the officer was so friendly with him, but he just asked him for additionals documents that were not included in the Embassy instructions. He asked him to send the documents with his passport.



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