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canadian idiot

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Has anyone heard Weird Al's parody of *American Idiot* (Green Day)???? it is on his new cd...made me laugh out loud :lol:

AOS, EAD, AP, filed on Feb 8, 2006

NOA received Feb 18, 2006

Biometrics done on Apr 21, at St. Paul office..wait some more......

Touched on April 24 and 28

email aproval for AP on May 1

email approval for EAD on May 3

received AP on May 3

received EAD in mail on May 8

start work of June 1

AOS interview in Bloomington on July 19 8am

AOS approved,passport stamped on July 19

as of Dec 10, 2006 still no greencard....waiting and waiting....USCIS says we are approved, and check back in 60 days...no idea what is happening

Dec 18, email stating welcome letter is in the mail

Dec 20, 5 emails saying they ordered production of my new card......

Dec 24...welcome to America letter in the snail mail

Dec 26...GC in hand and all is correct...

NOTE TO SELF..file to lift conditions 04/19/08

04/22/08 filed to lift conditions

05/01/08 package returned wrong form

05/05/08 re-submitted right form to california

05/09/08 cheque cashed

05/13/08 NOA

05/19/08 appointment letter for biometrics received..appointment on 05/28/08 at 11 am at USCIS St. Paul

05/28/08 took my two appointment letters and had my fingerprints done

11/13/08 touched and email stating card production ordered and will be sent to me in 30 days

11/21/08 GC in hand no mistakes expires 11/13/18

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Canada

Weird Al sucks :P

~My AOS (K1)

Jan 19/07 NOA1

Feb 05/07 Transfered to CSC

Feb 08/07 Biometrics

Mar 30/07 Welcome notice sent

April 10/07 Card production ordered

April 13/07 Approval notice sent

April 16/07 Green card in hand

~My Sons AOS (K2) Age 11

Jan 19/07 NOA1

Feb 05/07 Transfered to CSC

Feb 08/07 Biometrics

Mar 30/07 Welcome notice sent

April 10/07 Card production ordered

April 13/07 Approval notice sent

April 16/07 Green card in hand

~My Daughters AOS (K2) Age 9

Jan 19/07 NOA1

Feb 07/07 RFE Snail mail

Feb 08/07 Biometrics

Feb 14/07 sent back RFE ~ Feb 21/07 email resp. RFE

Feb 29/07 Transfered to CSC !!

April 03/07 Card production ordered

April 04/07 Welcome notice sent

April 07/07 Welcome notice & Green card arrived

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Filed: K-3 Visa Country: Canada

Someone wrote down the lyrics for Weird Al's Canadian Idiot.

Don't want to be a Canadian idiot

Dont want to be some beer swillin' hockey nut

and do I look like some frost bitten hosehead

I never learned my alphabet from A to zed

They all live on donuts and moose meat

and they leave the house without packin' heat

never even bring their guns to the mall

and you know what else is too funny

their stupid monopoly money

can't take 'em seriously at all

Well maple syrup and snow's what they export

they treat curling just like it's a real sport

they think their silly accent is so cute

can't understand a thing they're talking aboot

sure they got their national health care

cheaper meds low crime rates and clean air

then again well they got celine dion

eat their weight in kraft macaroni

and dream of driving a zamboni

all over saskatchewan

Don't want to be a Canadian idiot

We'll figure out their temperature in Celcius

see the map they're hovering right over us

tell you the truth it makes me kinda nervous

always hear the same kind of story

break your nose and they'll just say sorry

tell me what kind of freaks are that polite

It's gotta mean they're all up to something

so quick before they see it coming

time for a pre-emptive strike

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Canada

that is frikkin hilarious


just what my husband needed to pick on me more *eye rolling*

12/25/2001 : Met on telephone thanks to mutual friend

03/02/2001 : Met face to face at a concert in Sault Ste Marie Michigan

07/06/2004 : I-129F Sent

07/19/2004 : I-129F NOA1 (Receipt)

10/20/2004 : I-129F NOA2 (Approved)

11/01/2004 : Package Received By NVC

11/04/2004 : Rec'd Instructions (Pkt 3)

07/01/2005 : Completed Instructions (Pkt 3)

09/01/2005 : Rec'd Appointment Letter (Pkt 4)

11/07/2005 : Interview!!!

11/20/2005 : Visa Received

12/03/2005 : US Entry, finally home

02/04/2006 : Wedding !!!

02/13/2006 : AOS, AP & EAD filed

02/16/2006 : AOS, EAD & AP rec'd

02/24/2006 : NOA for AP rejected (I ticked wrong box duh0

02/27/2006 : NOA for AOS, EAD

03/13/2006 : Biometrics appt

03/05/2006 : amended AP application rec'd

03/09/2006 : NOA for AP

04/06/2006 : RFE for AOS (co-sponsor affidavit)

04/07/2006 : AP approved

04/13/2006 : AP recieved

05/25/2006 : EAD approved

05/29/2006 : used AP for the first time

06/01/2006 : EAD rec'd

07/04/2006 : AP used again to pick up my son, activated his visa (he was a follow to join)

07/13/2006 : AP touched ??? (possibly because I used it july 4th?)

08/01/2006 : Interview date

08/12/2006 : AOS touched

08/14/2006 : Gerrys biometrics

10/10/2006 : AOS interview for Gerry

10/28/2006, 11/11/2006, 11/18/2006, my AOS touched ; 10/12/2006,12/04/2006 : Gerry's AOS touched

12/07/2006 : AOS APPROVED !!!!!!!

12/16/2006 : GREEN CARDS IN HAND!

09/24/2008 : Apply for Removal of Conditions

09/26/2008 : 1 Yr Conditional Resident Extention

11/01/2008 : Biometrics for both of us

01/??/2009 : 10 Year Green Cards!!!

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That made me lol


Apr. 24 2007: AOS/EAD/AP Sent to Chicago Lockbox

Apr. 25 2007: AOS/EAD/AP Arrived at Chicago

Apr. 30 2007: NOA1 for AOS/EAD/AP

May 02 2007: AOS/EAD/AP Cheques cashed

May 03 2007: AOS/EAD/AP Touched

May 22 2007: RFE

May 25 2007: Biometrics for EAD

May 29 2007: EAD Touched

Jun. 06 2007: Biometrics for AOS Completed at the same time as EAD

Jun. 08 2007: RFE sent back

Jun. 11 2007: RFE Rec'd

Jun. 13 2007: AOS Touched

Jun. 14 2007: AOS Touched

Jun. 18 2007: AOS Touched

Jul. 10 2007: EAD and AP Touched and approved!

Aug. 17 2007: AOS Interview! APPROVED!!!!

Lifting Conditions:

Jun. 15 2009: Mailed I-751 to CSC

Aug. 14 2009: Biometrics

Sep. 17 2009: Approved!

Pillowcased: Diary of a Madwoman. Full timeline coming soon!

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Canada

That was awesome. I watched this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYecaFLYWLg

*January 24 2006 - mailed in I129-F petition

*January 25 2006 - I129-F received at CSC

*January 30 2006 - packet returned.....arggggggggg we forgot one signature!!

*January 31 2006 - sent I129-F back to the CSC, hope we did not forget anything else

*February 1 2006 - I129-F received at CSC again

*February 3 2006 - NOA1

*April 20 2006 - NOA2!!!!!

*April 24 2006 - Touched!

*May 15 2006 - NVC received petition today!

*May 17 2006 - Case left NVC today!!

*May 30 2006 - Received Packet 3 from Vancouver!

*May 30 2006 - Faxed back Packet 3!!

*June 6 2006 - Received packet 4!

*June 20 2006 - Medical in Saskatoon

*June 28 2006 - Interview in Vancouver!!

*June 28 2006 - GOT THE VISA!!!*June 30 2006 - Moving day!

*July 3 2006 - Home at last!!

*July 28 2006 - married!

*September 13 2006 - Mailed AOS/EAD package

*September 25 2006 - Received NOA for AOS/EAD

*October 6 2006 - Biometrics appointments

*October 10 2006 - Touched!

*October 19 2006 - Transferred to CSC!

*October 26 2006 - Received by CSC

*October 27 2006 - Touched

*October 28 2006 - Touched again

*October 31 2006 - Touched again

*November 2 2006 - Touched again

*November 3 2006- and another touch

*November 7 2006- touched

*November 7 2006 - My case approved, still waiting for kids!

*November 8 2006 - Touched my case again

*November 13 2006 - Greencard arrived...yeah I can work!

*November 14 2006 - Touched my case again

*January 2007 - RFE for kids Greencard.

*February 2007 - kids medical and sent in RFE

*February 2007 - Received kids greencards

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Canada

that is so hilarious.

makes me so proud to be canadian.


our timeline:


sent 3/30/2006

noa1 4/6/2006

touched 4/8/2006

APPROVED!!! - noa2 7/10/2006


sent 4/25/2006

noa1 5/2/2006

touched 5/13/2006

touched 7/3/2006 - IMBRA RFE

APPROVED!!! - noa2 7/31/2006

received package 3 - 8/31/2006

faxed package 3 to vancouver - 9/5/2006

received package 4 - 9/12/2006 with an interview date of 9/25/2006

called for a specific interview date and got it!

INTERVIEW!!!!! - 10/16/2006

GOT K-3 VISA - 10/16/2006



sent 11/3/2006

noa1 11/13/2006

biometrics appt 11/28/2006

touched 11/29/2006

touched 11/30/2006

touched 1/20/2007

touched 1/23/2007

touched 1/24/2007

approved 2/12/2007

card received 2/17/2007


applied 2/20/2007

card received 3/5/2007


sent 04/08/2008

check cashed 04/17/2008

noa1 04/19/2008

biometrics appt 05/02/2008

case status appears online 05/02/2008

touched 05/05/2008

touched 05/06/2008

touched 05/16/2008

received interview letter 06/20/2008

interview 09/04/2008 - APPROVED!!!

card received 09/29/2008

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Filed: K-3 Visa Country: Canada

weird al is great and you gotta love being canadian eh! my husband thinks its cute when i type eh in conversations. And apparently roof, and garage are funny also. hmmm! lets get some more canadian approvals soon . terry

wedding 2006-06-03





09-20.......rfe sent

09-25.......rfe mailed back

10-02.......rfe email received uscis








06-10-20...touched ...sent to csc


06-11-15...APPROVED 07-03-08 interview and visa approved

  1. EAD.... sent may 13
  2. biometrics.....june 13
  3. ead transfer to csc.....july 13

4. EAD card in production

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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: Canada

funny stuff

I-130 sent Mar 30, 06

approved Aug 15, 06

I-129f sent April 24, 06

approved July 27, 06

Montreal interview Jan 18, 07

POE Toronto Jan 28, 07

EAD sent Jan. 30, 07

transferred to Vermont Feb 12

biometrics Feb 22

approved March 13

card returned undeliverable! March 27

called after 6 weeks to have EAD re-sent

AOS sent Jan. 30, 07

biometrics Feb 22

RFE for complete medical (!) Feb 23

Called Senator from NJ - never returned call

Infopass March 19 (no help)

Replied to RFE with duplicate medical March 19

Sent additional evidence (I-693A) March 26

NBC received supplement March 30

touched April 4

Interview July 16

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Thats funny!

and my fiance always laughing at me for the Zed.......i mean, come on you know what I mean when I say Zed now! lol

I cant say much about the accent though...im french from Quebec so my accent is probably more messed up than any english canadian lol

Edited by Mephys


Removal of Conditions: GC received on 09/17/2009

Application to replace permanent resident cards filed 3/30/2019 (I-90)

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