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Approved in Montreal! My interview experience & tips!

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Well we did it!

My visa was approved on April 19th in Montreal. I thought I would share my experience. (Sorry for the delay - I've been busy finishing up exams =) )

The consulate itself is located on the corner of Rue St-Alexandre and Blvd. Rene Levesque. The actual entrance is on Rue St-Alexandre (for the consular office only). I have attached photos at the bottom of this post to help so you can recognize the building and know exactly where to go =).

If you chose to stay at the Hotel La-Tour (I would highly recommend staying here - at least for the first night), you only have to walk outside the front door and across the street to reach the consulate. Cab rides from the airport to the city centre are capped at $35 minus tip (Hotel La-Tour is located in the city centre). Also - two blocks up the street (Blvd. Rene Levesque) is a Tim Hortens, so you can easily get a decent cup of coffee and a bagel before the interview.

The Consulate has its own entrance to the building, directly inside this first entrance is security. It resembles that of a small airport - x-ray machine, metal detector, and numerous guards. No guns that I could see - and not very intimidating at all. Make sure you bring your letter requesting an interview and present it to the guards. The first set of doors open at 7:30 am. However, after clearing security you must wait in an area in the lower part of the building with an elevator. The guards will not take you to the 19th floor where all the action is until 8:00am. Make sure you have your letter requesting an interview as well as your passport ready to present to the guards.

I decided to wait until 7:50 and it worked out well. I was the only one clearing security at that time and was able to get a seat at the FRONT of the waiting room. This is important as you want to be the FIRST person on the large elevator. It opens from the back, and therefore you will be the first person out. Many people wait for you to enter presuming the doors will open from the front.

A few notes about the initial waiting room:

-There is no bathroom.

-There is a photo booth in case you don't have passport pictures ($4 in change).

-Remember to wait at the FRONT of the waiting room, and when the guard says you may enter the elevator, get near the back doors (it is a very large elevator).

When you get off the elevator on the 19th floor, turn left around the corner and look for WINDOW 14. When I went through, the majority of those on the elevator ran towards a back window. In the panic, I got a bit confused and almost followed but then the officer came out and clarified. People wishing to obtain travel visas are to wait at another window around the corner, so just wait at window 14 and don’t get panicked that others are lining up in front of another window.

The blind will remain down on window 14 for a little while, they start processing the travel visas first. When it opens, you will be asked for your letter requesting an interview. After inspecting the letter, you will be issued a number. Mine was C1. The people getting travel visas were issued numbers starting with A (i.e. A1, A2...). After getting your number, go and wait in the waiting area in front of the screen hanging from the ceiling. The numbers will appear here.

If you have to use the bathroom, you probably have about 10-20 minutes before they will start calling the "C" numbers. When they call your number there will also be a window number which you are to go to. You will have to go to the opposite side of the building from window 14. It’s down a small hallway. When you arrive there they will begin requesting paperwork.

I bought a small, plastic file-folder to organize all of the paperwork. Bring copies of everything. They requested my DS156 and DS156K forms, Affidavit of support, letter from my fiancé saying she was still willing to marry me (signed) – to this I stapled pictures of us together as well as receipts from the engagement ring and our wedding rings (as proof of engagement), passport, medical envelope, and birth certificate. I was fairly nervous at this point because there were complications getting my long form birth certificate (I just had the short form). I brought along a baptismal certificate and my parents wedding certificate just in case, but the guy said it shouldn’t be a problem as my application was very well put together and everything else was in order. He also saw that I had a Canada Post X-Press envelope and requested it.

After taking all of my paperwork, I was given a slip of paper and told to run back to window 14 and pay my 100$ visa issuance fee, and then return with the receipt and leave it in the window slot. I paid and returned and left the receipt and went back to the waiting room. About 5-10 minutes later I was called again into the “interview room”. You’re still separated by glass and speak through speakers, however it is closed door.

The officer took my fingerprints, and as they were being scanned I immediately noticed a yellow post-it note marking a page in my application. I was a bit worried at first, but when he turned to it I saw it was just the pictures I had provided as “evidence of engagement”. The picture he had marked was one of my fiancé and I at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC. He said it looked really familiar and he and a co-worker wanted to know the name. We had a brief chat about the Southern States, and I cracked a few jokes. He was very good natured. The only other question he asked me was how we met. He seemed very interested in my story and was always smiling. It felt more like a conversation that an interview! Then he got me to sign my DS150 forms, asked if I had any questions and thanked me for my patience and for having a well organized application. He said that he would try to get my visa printed later that afternoon and mailed out in the morning.

I was out within an hour and a half and spent the rest of the day exploring Old Montreal and the downtown core. =)

I hope this guide helps some of you!

Best of luck,

-Andrew & Cammie



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:dance: Congratularions! :dance:

Thanks for sharing your experience.


09/16/2005 Mailed I-130 (CSC)

09/21/2005 NOA 1

02/07/2006 NOA 2 (Day 143)

02/25/2006 Petitioner receives AOS Bill in U.S. (Day 161)

02/27/2006 AOS Bill (regular USPS) and DS-3032 (Canada Post regular) are mailed out

03/21/2006 Petitioner receives I-864 package (Day 185)

03/22/2006 Beneficiary receives IV Bill and sends payment - regular mail (Day 186)

03/24/2006 Petitioner sends back I-864 (Day 188)

04/13/2006 Beneficiary receives DS-230 (Day 208)

05/10/2006 Beneficiary sends back DS-230 and docs to NVC via Fedex (Day 235)

05/19/2006 NVC issues RFE on Question # 20 on the DS-230. (Day 244)

05/29/2006 Beneficiary receives RFE and sends it off (Day 254)

06/02/2006 NVC receives RFE (Day 258)

06/16/2006 Case Complete! (Day 272)

07/07/2006 Case forwarded to Consulate in Montreal (Day 293)


08/14/2006 Picked up visa and crossed the border.

08/25/2006 SS card arrives in the mail

09/07/2006 GC arrives in the mail.


02/01/2006 Mailed I-129F

02/07/2006 NOA1

04/14/2006 I-129F is approved!

04/24/2006 NVC forwards the application to the consulate in Montreal

05/01/2006 Packet 3 is received from consulate & is sent of 3 days later

07/07/2006 Medical

08/08/2006 INTERVIEW- cancelled bec. of CR-1

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congratulations! it must have been nice to have that all finished with before your exams. i do hope they went well too.

and thank you very much for sharing and the pictures were a great idea and will surely be a help in the future to the current members of the 'montreal waitlist club' :thumbs:


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Thanks for the photo's, and congrats on your experience.

K-1 journey, AOS/EAD and ROC in my timeline

2011 March 31 - Sent off Naturalization pkg overnight to Texas

2011 April 1 - Arrived in Texas at 10:21 am

2011 April 1 - NOA (rec'd via snail mail April 8)

2011 April 7 - Cheque cashed

2011 May 5 - Biometrics (letter rec'd via snail mail April 15)

2011 May 9 - Placed in line for interview scheduling

2011 June 13 - Rec'd yellow letter (no change in status online)

2011 June 23 - Rec'd text that my case has been scheduled for interview

2011 August 1 - Interview (rec'd via snail mail June 27) PASSED

2011 August 3 - Rec'd email that my case has been scheduled for Oath

2011 September 1 - Oath ceremony (rec'd snail mail Aug 5)

2011 September 1 - All done, yeah.

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Thank you for describing your experience and giving us an idea of what to expect. Congratulations!

I-130 sent Mar 30, 06

approved Aug 15, 06

I-129f sent April 24, 06

approved July 27, 06

Montreal interview Jan 18, 07

POE Toronto Jan 28, 07

EAD sent Jan. 30, 07

transferred to Vermont Feb 12

biometrics Feb 22

approved March 13

card returned undeliverable! March 27

called after 6 weeks to have EAD re-sent

AOS sent Jan. 30, 07

biometrics Feb 22

RFE for complete medical (!) Feb 23

Called Senator from NJ - never returned call

Infopass March 19 (no help)

Replied to RFE with duplicate medical March 19

Sent additional evidence (I-693A) March 26

NBC received supplement March 30

touched April 4

Interview July 16

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:dance: CONGRATS, ANDRU!!! :dance:

I know how much of a relief it all is for you. :yes:

Oh my, does your story ever bring back memories for me...lol. I went thru exactly what you did 3 years ago.

I'm originally from Montreal and I miss my hometown so much. Are you from there too?

I'll be there from June 24th to July 2nd tho! :D

Congrats again! :thumbs:


"Life is not measured by how many breaths we take but rather by the moments that take our breath away"

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Fantastic and congratulations! :)

*Cheryl -- Nova Scotia ....... Jerry -- Oklahoma*

Jan 17, 2014 N-400 submitted

Jan 27, 2014 NOA received and cheque cashed

Feb 13, 2014 Biometrics scheduled

Nov 7, 2014 NOA received and interview scheduled

Educate Yourself on the Warning Signs of Stroke -- talk to me, I am a survivor!

"Life is as the little shadow that runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset" ---Crowfoot

The true measure of a society is how those who have treat those who don't.

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Congrats on your visa! Thanks for all the info. :)

Our timeline

Vermont Service Center

( Feb 16, 2005) I- 30 sent

( March 24, 2005 )130 approved


( April 22, 2005) Case # assigned

(May 2, 2005 ) 3032 and I-864 generated/ mailed

(May 9, 2005) received 3032

(May 11, 2005) mailed back 3032 to NVC

(May 16, 2005 ) 3032 at NVC

(May 16, 2005) I-864 fee sent to NVC

(May 23, 2005) IVF generated and mailed to beneficiary

(May 31, 2005) IVF received

(June 15, 2005) IVF sent back to NVC

( June 15, 2005) I-864 received by petitioner

( June 27, 2005)230 generated/mailed to me

( July 04, 2005) receive 230

( Dec 27, 2005) 230 sent back to NVC

( Jan, 03, 2006) NVC receives 230 part 1 and 2

( Feb, 08, 2006) I-864 sent back to NVC

( Feb, 15, 2006) NVC receives I-864

( Feb, 16, 2006) RFE sent to Petitioner regarding I-864

( Feb, 28, 2006) petioner receives RFE for I-864

( April 13, 2006) NVC mails out new I-864 checklist letter

(April19, 2006) Petitioner receives I-864 checklist letter

(April, 20, 2006) I-864 checklist sent back to NVC

(April, 24, 2006 NVC receives I-864 checklist

(April, 28, 2006) Case completed!

(July, 05, 2006) Medical exam

(July, 07, 2006) Case sent to Montreal

(July, 14, 2006) received interview letter

(Aug, 04, 2006) interview in Montreal- successful

(Aug, 09, 2006) received visa in mail!

(Jan, 12, 2007) I finally entered the USA! New Jersey here I am!

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congrats and thanks for posting your experiences! :D

K-1 Visa (176 days)

18 Apr 2006 - NOA1

Lost case file, congressman intervention...

4 Oct 2006 - Interview Day! Approved!


23 Jan 2007 - NOA for EAD & AOS

2 Feb 2007 - NOA for AP

Wrong A# printed on my visa, find out I have 2 A#s (both different from # on visa), case sent to storage before green card was made...

29 Dec 2007 - Green Card Received!

K-1 Visa Part II (uh oh)

30 Aug 2008 - Second Packet 3 received (umm?)

12 Feb 2009 - Montreal requests copy of green card to close file (sent)

24 Apr 2009 - CRIS notice saying my case is being reviewed. (eek!?)

I-751 (141 days)

4 Sep 2009 - Documents mailed to VSC

9 Sep 2009 - Documents stamped received at VSC

14 Sep 2009 - NOA received

23 Sep 2009 - Biometrics letter received

15 Oct 2009 - Biometrics appointment

13 Jan 2010 - Card Production Ordered!

22 Jan 2010 - New Green Card Received!

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congrats on your approval !!

WOW !! Your very lucky to have been able to take pictures of the Embassy becuz I was told that they don't allow that for terrorist reasons. ( I guess thats why they also don't have a huge sign on it saying US Embassy ! LOL ! ) I know someone in Vancouver tried to take a picture of herself in front of the US Embassy and the guards came running over and wanted to seize her camera ! Luckily she didn't take the picture so they didn't take her camera. whew !

A Lily & A Rose...Together Forever !


June 30th Arrived in my Sweeties Arms !!

August 4th.2005 Our Wedding

Sept. 19th Sent AOS

Sept 28th recieved NOA for AOS

Nov.05/05 recieved Biometrics letter

Nov.17th Biometrics Appt.

Nov. 22nd. AP Approved

Nov. 25th/05 recieved EAD card

Nov.30th. recieved AP Papers in mail

Dec. 08th/05 Recieved Snail mail letter for AOS Interview Feb 15th 7:40 AM.

Feb. 15th. /06 AOS Interview SUCCESS !!!! no more to deal with for another 2 yrs!

Feb. 27th./06 Recieved Greencard in the mail

August 4th/06 Our First Wedding Anniversary !!

Feb. 8th 08 Sent in Packet to remove conditions

Feb 23rd 08 Recieve NOA letter stating they are extending my Greencard for another year.

March 11th 08 biometrics appt.

May 29th 08 recieved email stating Card production ordered

June 7th 2008 10 yr card recieved.



My lil Alfie boy

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