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  1. azblk

    New September 11 rules for RFE

    How does the uscis decide which petition/application is a placeholder and should be denied and which should get an RFE? How do they decide what amount of evidence is enough? After all they have not published a list of required evidence or how much to send. Is the intent to get everyone to front load their evidence? .
  2. every thing together. Chicago lock box
  3. You are correct. There is no public charge test when naturalizing. The only affects people that are either AOSing or DCF. The problem with this proposal is that it penalizes intending immigrants even benefits that they were legally entitled to and those that were not used by them. Hypothetically if your sponsor at anyone time used a means tested benefit or your USC child used WIC, then you can be denied. on the uscis site. there is a link to the public comment instructions.
  4. Yes you/they have to terminate SEVIS for you to be considered a resident for tution purposes.
  5. yes you can continue going to school. Depending on your school/state it may even be cheaper for you to change your residency if your school considers AOS pending as instate.
  6. 1. Yes , she will have to show she can support you and all her children. 2. Yes , file i-130 together. Waiting will not help in anyway.
  7. This will only affect people getting green cards if it is implemented. It will not affect anyone naturalizing as they are no public charge bars to naturalization.
  8. you don't have to inform uscis of anything. She has asylum and can adjust on her own. It has nothing to do with you anymore.
  9. And how do you or the officer know that someone "DELIBERATELY" omitted something important? What does that even mean? everything is IMPORTANT in a AOS package. The new policy gives the officers the power to be trigger happy and deny a case if they so chose - will they do it? i dont know but I dont want to wait and see. USCIS also makes mistakes and wrongly requests RFE's or does not follow its own guidelines. If you are going to hold the applicants to s standard of zero errors then you should hold the USCIS to that same standard.
  10. I am no fan of this new policy but a few months wait and a new filing fee is small potatoes compared to what could hypothetically happen to AOS filers under this policy.
  11. i-29f is beneficiary is still outside the US so it doesn't affect them in any practicality. If denied you simply reapply. Its the AOS cases that will get brunt of this policy.
  12. are you using your or his income or joint income? He still needs to file taxes albeit late.
  13. The are way too many "unintended" consequences of these two policies that I find it very hard to believe that the USCIS/TRUMP/SESSIONs have not issued deliberately to make AOS a scary adventure. Their mission statement should be decrease the number of legal immigrants to this country by half or die trying. Sessions has been anti immigrant since the times of Bush 43 and he has had a lot of time to think of how he reduced it if he ever got a chance and now here he is.
  14. Nothing you can do now but wait. Alternatively you can search for a job and if you get a job offer you can try and expedite the EAD with your job offer.
  15. I believe I have already looked at those numbers. They show nothing about so called placeholder applications. Only approvals and denials.