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  1. Thank you so much for your help. You saved my life! hehe
  2. one of the form i need to send back to them is this one. in part C what should i write is the best?
  3. Oh that make sense. It kinda scares me with this thing i thought im in trouble or something. So i will just fill out 1,2,3 & 8. Sign and have it mailed back to them. But I will mail the doc to them from the US address that will be fine right?
  4. @MarriedAndDivorce And i think I can fill in and send them this http://www.fatca.hsbc.com/~/media/fatca/pdfs/asia-pacific/hong kong/fatca-explanation-of-address-hong-kong.pdf?la=en with the marriage certificate? So that they know I'm in process of the immigration and will report tax and stuff after I got my green card / tax number...etc.?
  5. So even now i'm living in the USA i should fill in my address in HK too? My bank in Hong Kong asking for the S4, guess they will file that to the FATCA with that. i found this on the internet: Documentary Evidence of Non-US Status (S4) We need one item of documentary evidence that states your permanent residence address or indicates your country of residency or citizenship/nationality. We require valid identification which is issued and authorised by a government body that is used for identification purposes and includes your full name. For example: Current Passport Current National Identity Card
  6. Oh perfect! So you defo can help me on this. So, i'm looking at the W8Ben now... for Part 1, #3, which address i should fill in? My address in Hong Kong or the address i'm living in now? for Part 1 - 5 & 6, since I don't have any tax number, what should I fill in there? for the S4 (supporting doc), what doc i should send? Hong Kong passport/HK ID? Do i need to send a copy of my marriage certificate as well? Thank you so much @MarriedAndDivorce !
  7. So, my home country (Hong Kong) said FATCA require me to report to tax status. ((I just file my immigrations doc this morning)) They asked me to either fill in W8Ben or W9. Anyone know which one I need to fill in?
  8. I live in Montana, I also looking for a bank which can let me and my husband open a joint bank account in the situation of i don't have a green card / social security number yet. Cos many of the banks must need you to provide your SSN.
  9. what about no.50 the "the expiration date for Passport or Travel Document"? Should i put in the expiration date of my passport or the B1 Visa? (My passport expiration on May 2019 and my B1 Visa expiration on July 2019)
  10. okay. so that means I don't have to put my Tourist visa number anywhere, i will just put my Hong Kong passport number. Thanks!
  11. I'm ready to file all the doc to USCIS, I'm just double checking if i fill in everything correctly. for the form I-130 Part 4 (Page 7) No. 47-50 Should I fill in both passport number and travel document number (i assume that means my US B2 Visa number?)? And for no.50 the expiration date should i input my passport expiration date or my US Visa expiration date?
  12. same amount as 2017 sounds good! I might just do that. just in case what if end up he earn less then 2017? are we going to get in trouble?
  13. Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support), Part 6 - (7) My current individual annual income How to calculate the current income? As now is May its kinda tricky. Cos my husband working as road construction, the income is not very stable as his job based on the weather (if snowing or raining he might no need to work). His income for the last 3 years - Year 2015 - $33K, year 2016 - $37K, year 2017 - $45K. So for the current income, I think maybe get the average from the year 2015-2017? Any suggestion?