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  1. I am from Clearwater! I sent my package on April 2! Some cases are longer than others. I don't know why mine went so fast... the update for the interview changed August 14 and yesterday I received the interview letter!
  2. Perfect! We'll do it then! Let's hope it works! Thank you for your help!
  3. Wow, that's a good news. Did you went to a Notary? Or sign it is enough?
  4. We pay them every month since we live there, but the names on the bills are my in-laws. I'll try to get a State ID. Thank you very much!
  5. Unfortunately I don't have the driver license... When I used to live in Italy I never had the necessity to drive and now I'm learning so it will take a while. Can I ask for a State ID?
  6. Hello, My husband and I have a green card interview soon. We started to collect evidence of our relationship, the problem is that we still live with my in laws, so I don't know how to show proof of residency. It could help if my father in law write a letter, and get it notorized? Somebody had the same problem for the interview?
  7. Paola Phillips

    Visa Appointment in Naples

    Hey, I was wondering how it went the interview??
  8. Paola Phillips

    Visa Appointment in Naples

    Hey good luck!!! Let us know!!!
  9. This is crazy. Many people who comes here in the US they don't know all these details. I didn't know that I had to apply for a SSN BEFORE the marriage. Anyway, the bottom of line is that I have to wait until I have my green card? Can I have my SSN just with my EAD?
  10. Hello, This morning I went to the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION with my husband trying to change my last name and get my Social Security Card and the lady said that she can't do it until I have my green card. Is that true? I heard about people who changed their names right after the marriage without any problems... It could depends on the State I live? I don't understand how this is possible. Without my SSN I can't even open a bank account with my husband to prove that we live together. This is sucks... Did anybody had the same problem?
  11. I don't think its gonna be a problem since you have the stamp in the passport. Plus you have the pictures together so that proves enough. Try go to to the airline website if you created an account when you booked the flight, maybe you can still see the history of your trips. It's just an idea. Otherwise you'll be fine.
  12. Paola Phillips

    How quickly did you marry?

    We got married after a month I arrived in the US. I wanted something fast but nice. It was a really small ceremony at the courthouse just with his parents. It tooked like 5 minutes and then we went to the restaurant to celebrate. Everything was pretty simple and I'm glad.... I didn't wanted anything big without my family and friends. I'm happy we did it so fast because at least we had all the time to start to prepare the AOS right away. Maybe we gonna have another ceremony with my family in Italy next year.
  13. Hello, I am about to send my AOS packet next week, although I have a doubt.. Is that really necessary change my family name now that I am married? I've heard that it could be a problem for USCIS if I don't change my name but I spoke with people who didn't had any problem, so I really don't know what to do. Can you give me some advice? Please! Thank you!!!
  14. Paola Phillips

    Worried about being denied entry with valid ESTA

    I travelled with my ESTA three times in 2017, each time for two months and a half and I never had any problem. Change the passport is useless because they can check her name and they can see how many times she travel in the US. If you have your return tickets I don't think it will be a problem. Of course you never know with CBP, they can be pretty fussy about it.