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  1. Thanks for the reply, and that makes sense. Just seems odd that they would provide a status update on the old site and not the new one.
  2. Sorry if this has been asked before. But does anyone know the difference between the two USCIS sites? When we did K1, all we used was the egov USCIS site. Now for AOS we have an account on both the egov and DHS sites. On the egov site, it shows our status as 'Case is ready to schedule for interview' Yay! However, on the DHS site it still says they are reviewing your biotmetrics and still processing the case. I thought maybe it would take a day or so to update, but the egov site updated to case is ready on May 21. Anyone else have a similar situation? Thanks!
  3. Anyone else experiencing the two sites saying two different things? The DHS site says my biometrics are complete and they will continue reviewing my case. USCIS site says the case is ready to be scheduled for interview. The ready to schedule status has been there since May 21 on USCIS, and DHS site has not updated. Wonder why the difference?
  4. We have the Sapphire Preferred - so should be good to go. Thank you!
  5. How did you add his SSN to the Chase card? I had had my wife as an authorized user for over a year and would like to do the same. Thanks!
  6. I feel ya....We are NOA2 11/15, and after calling NVC for weeks I was informed that they finally received the case today. However, the agent told me it would be another two weeks to get it in the system and generate a case number. That seems ludicrous and something they are told to say. Generally, I wonder how long should it be from received to case #?