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  1. Hi All! Anyone else from July Still having issues tracking your case online? Anyone from early July that WAS having issues and now is able to see their case online? At what point in the process did the tracker work? I am trying to determine if USCIS just has a backlog of cases to input into the tracker or if they have given up entering them all together. Thanks for sharing any insight! We are: AOS package (from K1) received in Chicago: 7/18 NOA 1: 7/24
  2. Thanks! Apparently I missed it... wait...I am now seeing it is not required for k-1 but may be required for other visa types.
  3. Phew. Thanks. Maybe I should have just sent all of the documents from the I-129F to be safe. It would make logical sense that the files would connect but this process defies logic...
  4. Hi @JSWH where did you see that DDs needed to be included in AOS package? I did not see that on any checklist I found or in any of the forms' instructions. I'm in the same boat if that's the case!
  5. Thanks Matt! I think we have the correct copy now. I was trying to expedite the process by sending the regular copy but we got the certified copy so I'm glad we waited. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi Matt! Maybe you can help me with a question (being a Floridian). When you received your "certified" copy of marriage cert in FL, did yours have a state file number up at the top? I am trying to figure out if the one I pulled from the (Monroe) county records site will suffice for USCIS. Do you have a pic perhaps with personal information blurred? Any help appreciated! Thank you! @MattyUK Ashley
  7. Yeah we are not quite sure yet. One option is to travel back to Shanghai with your passport and mail it back to the consulate for processing. I read that on the Consulate website. However, I'm thinking that might take even more time to get it back or it might get lost or delayed like all of the mail we've been dealing with in China. So, we are going to see if there are ANY other options such as waiting in Guangzhou for a few days if they can guarantee a timeframe. I'm betting they say they can't so my fiancé will probably have to get some sort of notarized passport copy and use it in conjunction with his US Driver's License to get back on a plane. I'd call the Consulate and ask but whoever answers their phones seem to consistently provide misinformation. Thank god this is almost over! Good luck and let me know if you find out any options before I do!
  8. Thank you so much for the update! Rob has his interview next Tuesday! We are a little confused as to what he will do without his passport for 10-22 days considering he is a foreigner and is required to have a passport on him to be in the country. Hopefully the officer can figure something out for him. Thank you again for your help during this process. Congratulations and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!!! Ashley
  9. Hi again @ShanghaiSurfer and @dmatosin! Have either of your partners received the passport back with their visa yet? We are waiting on packet 4 and I'm wondering how long from approval to visa in hand (in the last few weeks)? Thanks for your help!
  10. Hi there! How long did it end up taking from the interview date to when her passport was returned? How did she travel without a passport or did she live near the consulate? Any help appreciated Ashley
  11. Congratulations! And thank you again for the tips. We will try to get an early appointment! Best of Luck Ashley
  12. @ShanghaiSurfer How did the interview go? I hope it's good news We FINALLY got someone at the Consulate who could help and it appears they are now sending packet 3. The status is in AP. Any tips/tricks about going to Guangzhou for the interview? Thanks for your feedback Ashley 11-20-2016 - I-129F Sent 11-25-2016 - I-129 Received 11-30-2016 - NOA1 2-22-2016 - NOA2 4-20-2017 - NVC sent to Consulate 4-25-2017 - READY at Guangzhou 5-16-2017 - Administrative Processing
  13. My fiancé finally got a call from Guangzhou and they will be sending packet 3! The funny thing is he has gotten at least 3 COMPLETELY different answers on next steps every time he called saying the packet would be emailed, mailed, and that he didn't even need it. I am so grateful for you guys sharing your experience. Hopefully packet 3 comes soon! From there, he will send back the info and receive packet 4 by email. @sancarlos12345 did you finally get your passport back? How long did it take? Any other tips/tricks that you can share? THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  14. Great news, congratulations! You're one step farther than we are Strangely, the Guangzhou consulate keeps telling me and my fiance that the packet does not come by mail but rather by email. I had a woman tell me that last week when I tried to update his address and he heard the same from another person yesterday saying it would come to him by email. Not sure what to trust since you all had it come by mail. I am so confused!
  15. Hi sancarlos12345, Did they attempt to deliver packet 3 by courier? Did you have to be present to receive it? Do they call you about the packet before sending? Thanks for any help. I emailed Guangzhou inquiring about the address they had on file for my fiance, so hopefully they respond.