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  1. I recently got a mortgage and my husband (from Australia) had no issues and we were waiting for his AOS (we were approved but no card so really, we couldn't claim that he was a PR). If your AOS hasnt been approved yet, they may question your current working rights and if you will be able to work into the unseen future. It seems like if you have the EAD and can prove you can renew/are waiting for your AOS, then its not an issue. There may just be additional questions asked.
  2. well 2 1/2 months after our interview, we FINALLY have our card coming in the mail! We finally contacted our local senator for help.. our case had to be resent back to the local field office, reapproved, and then sent to production. Been a crazy ride, but cant wait to be done for 2 yrs!
  3. Unfortunately I'm having a similar experience - Interview on 1/30, approved on 1/31, case reopened for reconsideration on 2/15 and no changes since. Tier 1's say my case is still pending and Tier 2's say we are still approved but its a card production issue. I just contacted my local senator for help and she has helped a fair bit (still no changes yet though). I'd recommend trying that route to get some answers. Seems like some cases are updating incorrectly....
  4. Yeah likely! If infopass appointments are still available in their field office, Id highly recommend going. The Officer told us that there are constantly production issue, generally due to production putting an incorrect expiration date. Seems to be some disconnect between the two different groups though so they can't reach out to them? Its all very odd... After 3 weeks without the card, you can also put in a Service Request. We did that a few weeks ago but originally weren't sure if we could since we didn't know if we were still technically "approved", but the officer encouraged us to.
  5. Yeah, thankful we have been on top of things so that we aren't so time crunched.. but at the same time 3 months is like nothing for USCIS when processing times are like 6! Ha! Just sucks to be in this weird limbo land that seems uncommon.. One officer said the GC printer was broken and thats why we are delayed - like I'm sure there is more than one printer in the US!
  6. Pretty much. 3 officers have told us he is still approved, however, without any formal document I'm not sure it really matters. We have asked if there is something they can provide while we are in limbo and they keep saying no. One officer we met with took our phone numbers and said he would request an expedite for the card, but still nothing from him. Thankfully we made an infopass appt a few weeks ago RIGHT BEFORE they stopped taking appointments, so I'll ask for the I-551 stamp. Hopefully that helps!! Thank you!
  7. Our EAD expired Dec 2018, however, we have the 180 extension based on our renewal filed in September 2018. In June 2019, the extension would officially terminate.
  8. Hi all, I'm curious if anyone is in a similar situation.. On 1/31 my husband and I had our AOS interview and were approved the next day (we received the approval letter in the mail as well). However, a few weeks later we received a notice saying that our case had been "Reopened for reconsideration of the previous decision". We made an infopass appointment and they said the immigration officer who interviewed us didnt reopened the case, but it was due to a production error for the card itself. Its been over a month since our status changed and they have given us no timeline and it seems like we are stuck between status'... they also canceled our EAD renewal because they said we are still technically approved.... Has anyone else heard/is in the same situation??
  9. I'm in a semi similar boat... Had my interview on 1/31 and was approved. But then 3 weeks later the case "reopened for reconsideration" and havent heard back for 2 months. Id recommend an Infopass appt if you can. We went and got some answers (but no action) but the piece of mind of nice. Apparently they are slowly phasing out infopass appts though so I'd go while they are still available
  10. Thought I'd provide an update - Apparently there was an issue with the Green Card printer, thus delaying our card production but our approval status is no effected! We dont have any timeline though.. but have an infopass appointment on March 5th as a back up in case the card isnt produced by then. So happy and relieved to hear the news!!
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