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  1. No worries, thank you for the information. I would have gone with online processing for sure. Driving to Montreal tomorrow for interview on Tuesday morning, wish me luck
  2. Hmmm. Below is the link for "Step 6: Submit Documents to the NVC" https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/collect-and-submit-forms-and-documents-to-the-nvc/step-6-submit-documents-to-the-nvc.html Method 2 for electronic processing has three conditions : 1. If your NVC case begins with following : ADD, ANK, BGH, BNS, FRN, GTM, HNK, ISL, KBL, KEV, KHT, MRV, MTL, PHP, RDJ, SEO, SYD, TGG, THT AND 2. Your visa category is : IR1, IR2, IR5, CR1, CR2, F1, F2A, F2B, F3, F4 AND 3. You received : A letter from NVC saying “You May Begin Online Processing” (See sample letter below) I was good with 1 and 2 but the letter I didn't receive that letter from NVC about online processing. If it is actually true what you say then they seriously need to rephrase that website
  3. Electronic processing is not available for everyone. I did check if I can do that that the letter that I received only had instructions on mailing the documents. I will take photocopy with me
  4. Yes, I did mail the original. Is it wise to get another copy signed by my wife or just bring in the photocopy that I have ?
  5. Hmmm. I will see if I can find a folder then.
  6. I am planning to take my documents in one of those recyclable shopping bags made of cloth. Do you think they will let that through?
  7. Thank you for the detailed reply I am kind of confused on the signed i864 ... we mailed them the original signed i864 and kept photocopy of that. Am I supposed to bring that photocopy OR print a new one and get my wife to sign it? I am going to take originals and copies of marriage certificate, birth certificate and police certificate and rest of the requested documents. Also I will bring everything that we submitted in NVC stage in AOS and IV package and possibly the i-130 package just in case. Yes, I will only take documents in plastic bag and a cell phone. Weather doesn't look too bad but I will dress warm. I am still undecided between the Hotel Faubourg (closer to US Consulate) or Hotel Brossard (further away). I am extending the visit for 1 more day to check out Montreal.
  8. Thanks buddy. I did call NVC as US Consulate in Montreal does not take telephone calls. They told me that I am supposed to go through the ink provided in the Interview letter to grab the document list. In this case it was the 2nd link that I posted in my original post so I will go by that.
  9. Hello All, My wife is sponsoring me in the USA under IR-1 category and I have my visa interview coming up next week at US Consulate in Montreal so I am putting together the documents required during the interview. I am kind of confused on which list to go with. There are 2 documents/list available for US Consulate in Montreal. 1. Document available at the link below and labeled as "Packet 4": https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Supplemental/MTL - Montreal.pdf 2. Document available at the link below: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/MTL - Montreal.pdf Can someone please let me know which list should I go by? Basically I want to know if it's ok to bring photocopies of IRS Tax Transcripts or do they need originals.
  10. Great! Thanks gents. This puts my mind at ease to submit the PC. Good luck all.
  11. Thanks man. That is exactly the two additional cover sheets I am talking about. For what it's worth, I called NVC today to clarify this with them. The rep advised that pretty much all barcode sheets are the same and they are all used to quickly identify your case. She advised that so long the Document coversheet/Checklist (barcoded) is attached on top, the other 2 coversheets are not really required. I will attach them to be safe. One more thing I asked what about adding 2 separate envelopes for AOS and IV and she advised against it. She advised to simply put all documents together in one bundle. I am thinking of doing that and use tabs to divide the sections.
  12. Hello Guys, I have a question regarding validity/expiration on the Police Certificates. I am a Canadian citizen living in Canada and my wife who is a US Citizen and living in US has sponsored me in IR1 category. Now we are putting together the Affidavit of Support and Immigrant Visa package. I obtained the Police Certificate from RCMP in April 2017 and due to some complications I wasn't able to send the package until now. My question is that is it ok that I send this Police Certificate from April 2017 (around 7 months old) or do you guys recommend that I obtain a new one ? I just don't want to risk RFE of any other unnecessary delays. Apprecaited
  13. My bad, in my questions I am referring AOS to as "Affidavit of Support" and not "Adjustment of Status" Sorry for the confusion.
  14. Hello guys, We are in the NVC stage and we are having hard time understanding how to put together the AOS and IV package as according to instructions it has be sent as ONE package. A little background, my wife who is a US citizen living in USA has sponsored me under IR1 category and I am a Canadian citizen living in Canada. We have already gotten the petition approved. Now we are in NVC stage and we have already made payments for AOS and IV and I have already submitted DS-260 online and DS-261 has been completed. Now, I have the Document cover sheet/checklist that I received from NVC and also I have the barcode sheet for AOS as well as barcode sheet for IV. I am having a hard time figuring out in which order to assemble the package. Below is how I am thinking of putting together the package. Can somebody please have a look at it and provide feedback ? Main Envelope: The whole package will be sent to following address: National Visa CenterAttn: DR31 Rochester Ave. Suite 100Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914 Contents 1. Document Coversheet/Checklist from NVC on top. 2. A cover letter explaining what is in IV package and AOS package. 3. IV Package/Envelope. 4. AOS Package/Envelope. IV Package/Envelope: This package will contain principal applicant’s (myself) documents and have following address on it: National Visa Center Attn. CMR 31 Rochester Avenue Suite 100 Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914 Contents 1. IV Barcode sheet on top 2. Cover letter explaining documents enclosed in the IV package? 3. Doc1 4. Doc2 5. Doc3 6. And so on … AOS Package/Envelope: This package will contain petitioner’s (my wife) documents and have following address on it: National Visa Center Attn. CMR AOS 31 Rochester Avenue Suite 100 Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914 Contents 1. AOS Barcode sheet on top 2. Cover letter explaining documents enclosed in the AOS package? 3. I-864 form. 4. Doc1 5. Doc2 6. Doc3 7. And so on ….