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  1. So I recently got approved for my cr-1 visa and I have the passport back. I am making plans to move to the US, however it looks like tying up my affairs in Canada is going to take longer then I expected. However I want to go and spend sometime with my wife. So I was thinking of entering the US (activating my visa) spending the month with her. Then come back to Canada and spend about 2-3 months here to end all my commitments in Canada and head back to the US. However my friend was telling if I spend about 3 months outside the US, I risk losing my green cards. Is there any validity to it and anyone had any experience in a situation like this? Thank you
  2. Good luck with your I-130. It has felt like a long journey for us. The only advice is be patient, and don't get to anxious about it. I dont know, if they are easy on Canadian during the interviews. But it was straight forward, no trick questions. It almost felt like they just want to talk to you to just make sure you are not insane, and are curious about basic facts of how you met. Any real couple will have no issues.
  3. Thank you for all the responses. Maybe just to wait it out.
  4. Thank you very much! In fact my anniversiy is so close that it gives me enough time to tie up my affairs in canada and then head out. My only concern is, am I the mercy of IO to know this rule. Because if they dont know it, am I stuck to CR-1, or is this sort of a "hard" rule that even if the CBP officer does not know USCIS will know and correct it later?
  5. Hello All! So I recently had my interview, and was approved. I got my passport back with my visa printed in it. At the time of my interview I was married less then 2 years, hence my visa says CR-1. However our 2 year anniversary is coming up soon. I read online if I enter the US after our 2 year anniversary the green card will be issued as IR-1 and we can skip the whole process of removing conditions (even if the visa was issued under CR-1). Is this correct? If so is there any steps we have to take during the entry to the US or even after to ensure it is IR-1? Thank you!
  6. Ahoy01

    Urgent: New police certificate requirement!!!

    For me they just accepted the name check. All though I was prepared with the privacy act one and the border and visa version as well.
  7. Ahoy01

    Urgent: New police certificate requirement!!!

    Just to let everyone on here know. The old police clearance I submited (just the name check), was accepted by the embassy. So I think if you submitted the old check at the embassy. They still accept it.
  8. Ahoy01

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    Hey guys! I had my interview recently and I was told I was approved after that the status on CEAC first said "Issued"- with the a note on the bottom saying it was going through some administrative process. Now the status still says "Issued", but it says final processing and I should expect my passport in 5 Business days. I am assuming everything is over and is ready to ship out (correct me if I am wrong). I paid extra to have them delivered to me at home and I just noticed that if you choose the home delivery they use a courier service and not post Canada. Hence I am assuming I will not be effected by the strike. Or am I wrong? Thank you!
  9. Yeah I tried that. It is redirecting me to the main page of the US Embassy in Ottawa, Canada. When I went to the Montreal Consulate website it gave me out dated information. It says it will ship through DHL, which is no longer the case.
  10. Thank you! My only concern is it said Issued way to quickly like 2 hours after my interview, and below issued it said, it was under administrative process. Now it is says issued and final processing. Was wondering what is the difference? And is there way to track my passport if and when shipped?
  11. Hello there, I recently had my Interview and the officer told me I was approved. When I checked on CEAC it said "Issued", but under that it said, my visa was going through some administrative process and it could take a few weeks. I checked my status not to long ago and it says "Issued", followed by " Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received it in more than five (5) working days, please go to http://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/us_courrier_information to track your courier waybill." I went to link that showed up and it said the page was not found. What does it mean? Does it mean they have printed my visa and sent it out? If not will the message say that my passport has been shipped? Also is there anyway to track my passport with Canada post? I was not given any tracking number or anything? A little concerned with the strike going on and everything. Thank you!
  12. My interview is approaching and I am checking and double checking all documents to make sure I have everything. I was looking at the Consulate specific check list for the interview and it says "Your original birth certificate and that of your petitioner if applicable". It does not say in what instances is the petitioners Birth Certificate is required. I am wondering do I need her Original Birth Certificate for the interview. I have a copy of her Birth Certificate. I am the beneficiary and she is the USC. I am referring to what was written in this PDF (https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/MTL-Montreal.pdf) on page 4.
  13. In retrospect I do recognize that it was probably something not worth mentioning about. But I am a little worried it now, and worried that I have opened myself up to further scrutiny.
  14. Hello All, So I have my interview coming up in a few weeks and I was going through everything I have submitted. I came across something which has got me a little worried. So when we submitted our I-130 we wrote a little story about how we met, and in the story there was mention about how on of our date and how we got drunk. Never thought much about it at the time or since. Anyway I know drinking is not legal or a disqualification, but alcohol abuse is. I am not someone who struggles with alcoholism, however I do drink socially and I have been drunk. I don't have any citation for drunken disorderly or drinking and driving. When I was reading over the story we wrote about us, I was a little worried that we mention of my wife and I getting drunk on a date and was worried if it would raise any flags and delay our process. Maybe I am paranoid, but it does worry me a little now. Is this something I should worry about in our up coming interview? Thank you!