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  1. Just so you know you can get tested to see if you have been vaccinated. Also if you were raised in Canada, I would contact the city where you went to high school and the city should have your vaccination, or they did for me at least.
  2. So this might be a pretty stupid question. But when I went in for my interview at montreal they stuck a sticker on the backside of my passport (as soon as I walked in), which had my name, DOB, and maybe something else. I got my passport back with visa in it and the white sticker they stuck on the back of my passport was still on it. So I have entered the US and everything printed on the sticker wore off over time, and the sticker peeled off. I am assuming it is okay to not have that little white sticker on the back as the main document is the visa in my passport. Just want to sure, that it wont cause me any hassle while traveling, because the white sticker in the back is no longer on my passport. Specially because I plan on traveling in a few weeks. Thank you!
  3. Its good to know that they are still producing the greencards, during the shutdown.
  4. They will start deportation process against you................................jk. I think a simple traffic infraction is one of the few offences that should not have any impact on your immigration. However if you don't pay the ticket in time I think there could be consequences.
  5. This might be slightly off topic. But is normal to get an email from USCIS, with tracking information when the greencard is sent out? Thank you!
  6. So I just moved to the US a few days ago and today I was talking to someone and they said that all men should register for selective service. I thought it was only for men under the age of 25. I am 27 years old, and enterd the the US after I turned 27. Am I required to register for selective service? Thank you!
  7. I am worried that I will apply for an ssn and it will be sent to me and then they will issue another one based on the information provided by DHS. If that were to happen could it lead to any issues?
  8. Thank you! On a side question, will the government shutdown effect the issuance of SSN?
  9. So I entered the US 2 days ago under IR-1, and in my ds-260, I requested for my SSN to be issued. My wife and I were talking today and we need to apply for a business loan and the bank required my SSN, and it is time sensitive. I went to https://save.uscis.gov/CaseCheck/SearchResultList.aspx and entered the information and it said there was "No cases found that match the search criteria". I was wondering is there anyway we can track the status of my SSN, or if there was anything we can do to speed it along. Thank you!
  10. Hello there, I just got on the USCIS website to pay my immigrant fees before entering the US. But when I was trying to pay it was asking for an Alien number. I can't seem to find an Alien number on my visa. I tried using the Registration number on my visa, but it does not start with an "A" (I was told all alien numbers start with an A). Also when I entered the registation number where my Alie number should be entered. I noticed it add some additional digits. Can someone guide to where I can find my Alien number? Thank you!
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