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  1. Yeap It is 18 months extension letter, Notice date 8/11/2018. I filled ROC on 8/11/2017.
  2. CSC Filler...guess my new extension letter is comming today.
  3. POE Denver....no issues at all with extension letter. Don't stand in line for USC kiosks, just pass them and go directly downstairs. Also Frankfurt np at all
  4. That case transfer is one big BS This morning I received an email telling me that they're still reviewing my case and that they last took action on my case on August 12 (a day after my case was delivered to USCIS). On the other hand, my case supposed to be transferred to local office on February 27. Edited: hmmm Email could be for CRI-89...Their system sux!
  5. Flying internationally in a week and my POE will be Denver too. Thanks for providing this info
  6. Btw....creating an account on https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov you can see a little bit more history for your case. After you login, go to "My Account" - "Add a paper filed case"
  7. Ehmmm yep,using NOA1# my case was transferred to local office on March 4th, too.
  8. Nope, passport is stamped if you don't get approved in a year from NOA1. Your NOA1 is also an extension letter, valid for 1 year
  9. Call again and have him next to you. Maybe they will tell you date&time.
  10. Nope, this time, petitioner is your husband:) He can petition for ROC by himself (in case that you would be divorced,divorce waiver)
  11. Oh:) well will se what’s gona happen...I included only paperwork from the time we both came to US, bank acc, travel itineraries, rent agreements, mortgage paper, title deed,etc. some photos, health insurance cards, etc
  12. One questions if someone knows the answer.....Does USCIS have initial I130 package scans? Forms, proofs of relationship etc? Back then we sent a lot of evidence (bank statements, IRS transcripts, etc... )and I don't see a point of sending same stuff again (from beginning of marriage) if they can access to those with just one click.....well they should be able to Just thinking out loud:)
  13. CSC processing date for i751 is currently July 5th 2016 ...so https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processTimesDisplayInit.do
  14. Don't count on that ..I bet you mixed July 2016 and 2017:)