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  1. Hello there. I think there are multiple places where you can apply for jobs. I was working for an e-commerce company. My degree is in Computer Science, I basically have started working in the call center but then I moved up to the IT department which is where I really wanted to be and then after that I got the position of QA Tester. This company located in NC and they have a large Merchandising department. If you would like to check their jobs check www.sportsendeavors.com. I know you may not want to relocate here but you can look at what they are looking for and have an idea of what to expect. By the way they sell sporting goods for Soccer, Rugby and Lacrosse
  2. Well in my experience, I had been deciding to apply for the US passport later. So I went ahead and went to the SSA just with my Citizenship Certificate. So I applied for a new SSN card with my new name. It only took 4 bussines days for me to receive the new card in the mail. I become a US citizenship 2 months ago. So I would say if you want to just wait the 10 days and go ahead to apply with just your Naturalization Certificate. There is not need to wait. In my case SSA was pretty efficient. After this I went to the DMV and updated my drivers license. By the way I am based in North Carolina...
  3. Hello everybody. I just recently became naturalized but I have been thinking that I would like to move back to my home county. Over the past year I generated debt from 2 credit cards. I am just wanting to ask if anybody know if you can payments outside the USA. Thank you in advance for any input related to this topic. By the way I am considering moving back to Mexico.