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St. Luke’s Medical Exam Walkthrough

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Hi there.

The fees are paid in Philippine Peso equivalent. Right now it's about Php 10,500.

Thanks so much for the info. You put alot of effort into that!


Did you pay the fee in US dollars?

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My fiancee will be taking the medical soon and I will share this with her. Wow!!!! THIS IS GREAT INFORMATION!!!!

This post should be pinned!


perhaps a St. Lukes & Manila Embassy Interview Experience thread could be created and pinned. there members could post their experiences, or post a link to a thread they created in the forum. otherwise, info which could be of help to other members will get lost in the back pages of the forum.

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Most comprehensive details ever about ST. Lukes...definitly should be pinned..,very good job! Unfortunatly, my wife will arive this day @ 1pm at St. Lukes and she didn't get to see this...hang on wife..your in for an interesting day..of waiting.. :mellow:

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Hello all! I want to share this walkthrough I made regarding the medical exam I just took at St. Lukes. I hope this will help anybody in anyway.

I thought of creating this during my 2-day medical appointment, taking notes every step of the way and sketching floor plans in between waiting time. I know that there had been a few written about one's medical experience at SLMCEC and as much as it helped me prepare and be aware of the whole scenario, I wanted to share something more comprehensive.

But please be reminded that everything here is based on my own experience and someone else's procedures may vary. All went well on my medical so I assume this is within the typical flow of the whole process.

Ok, to start with:

The Fees:

US$213.35 for 15 y.o. and older

US$185.35 for 14 y.o. and below

Hotels Near SLMCEC



What to Bring:

- If you don't have your appointment letter yet, you may bring a photocopy of your NOA2 letter and NVC letter showing your MNL case no.

- Valid Passport (have it photocopied as well)

- Appointment letter – Bring original and have the first 2 pages photo copied.

- 4 pcs. 2x2 photos – white background, with both ears uncovered and without earrings.

- Black ballpen

- jacket (it's cold inside)


- Bottled water. Foods are not allowed, but you can slip through hiding your crackers somewhere in your bag.

- Play Station Portable, Nintendo DS, Ipod Touch, books/pocket books – well, I mean, something you can play/read while waiting in between check-ups and procedures.

The 1st Day

:: Arriving at St. Lukes ::


W/ appointment letter:

I handed over my appointment letter but then the security guard told me to have the 1st two pages photocopied, so I did (just right across the street) and then went back to hand him both the original and the duplicate, he stamped it both with "SLMCEC---something" .. and handed me a queue number. I arrived at 4:45am and got no. 32.

He gave me a form - the Patient Data Sheet (PDS) and the guard will check specific boxes you should fill in. Upon filling out your PDS, you'll see an 'Alien Case No.' – that would be you MNL Case no.

He also handed me an Evaluation sheet to be returned upon release of your medical result – well, it's just a Rate-Our-Clinic thing, with Excellent-Good-Poor check boxes

and questions on how to improve their service blah-blah.

Without appointment letter – well I guess, it'll be the same as above as long as you have your NOA2 letter and NVC letter with MNL Case no.

- After you completed filling out your PDS, there's really nothing more to do but sit down and wait for your number to be called.

- When the guard started to call in the numbers, he called batch by batch, 10 nos. in a batch.

- He guided us to fall in line in front of 'Digital Photo Room' to have our --- well, digital photo taken :P

- Have your PDS, Passport and photos ready. I handed those to the guy who takes the photos, everything was returned to me shortly after that.

- I went straight ahead in front of the releasing counters and fell in line.

- When it's my turn, the screener asked me a few questions about my medical history … basically, you just have to answer everything he/she asks.. She stapled two(2) 2x2 photos on the PDS and inserted the other two(2) on a resealable plastic and stapled it once again on the lower part of the PDS.

- After it, the screener told me to pay the medical fees at the cashier located at the 5th floor.

- I then took the elevators to 5th floor and found the cashier at the corner, right beside the elevator. Paid the fees and told me to go to 4th floor.

:: 4th Floor ::


- I gave my PDS, Receipt, Passport and the photocopied appointment letter (keep the original, I believe that will be the one you'll show at the interview) to the nurse at the reception. She gave me an "HIV Consent form" to fill out – I returned it to her afterwards and she then told me to sit down and wait for my name to be called.

- When my name was called, the nurse asked me of the last day of my last period (always remember your 1st and last day of period, they will keep on asking it till you bleed again … kidding)

- After she jotted down some notes on my papers, she gave it back to me and pointed me to go at the blood extraction room.

- Before the nurse started to collect blood sample from my arm, she asked me my name, my age and again, my first and last day of period… This procedure is to assess you of any drug use and of course, HIV.

- After the blood extraction, the nurse told me to go straight to the urine collection area, just right across the other side of the reception, a nurse is assigned there at the ladies C.R. – she'll give you a plastic container to put your urine sample in. Hand it back to her when you're done. This procedure is for pregnancy test and probably for other kidney-related illnesses. She told me to sit back down and wait for my name to be called.

- My name was called and they gave me back my papers and passport and told me to proceed to 3rd floor for the X-Ray.

:: 3rd Floor ::


- I gave my set of papers to the nurse at the reception. If you have previous x-rays, be sure to bring the film (if it's still available) so they can compare (and God knows if that would actually help alter their decision against their own x-ray results at any rate ~_~)

- Anyhoo, since I don't have an x-ray film with me, they simply gave me a paper to fill out, stating the reason why I don't have one – I checked the box that reads "No X-ray has ever been taken". Gave it back to them.

- Somewhere on my PDS, they made me write my first day of my last menstrual period.

- Told me to sit down and wait for my name to be called (well, isn't it always?)

- So my name is called and another nurse wrote down additional notes on my papers before he allowed me to enter the X-ray room. He returned to me my set of papers.

- Inside the X-ray room (a little room before the actual X-ray room) is a little area with some chairs so we can sit as we wait for our turn. Another small area is a changing room with hospital gowns provided where we should disrobe our upper garments (bra and shirt) .. any necklace should be removed as well. I sat down and waited for my name to be called.

- Upon calling my name, I then gave my set of papers to the nurse inside…. and it's X-ray time! (I've been very anxious about this part ever since coz this is where they would find out if you have something strange in your lungs – hence, they'll have you undergo the dreadful Sputum test) .. the nurse inside would assist you on how to properly execute the X-ray procedure.

- After I finished the X-ray, the nurse gave me back my papers and told me to proceed to 5th floor.

:: 5th Floor ::


- I walked towards the U.S. counter and handed over my set of papers to the personnel assigned there .. he wrote something on my papers and then a different nurse picked up my papers, he assisted me to follow him to have my body weight and height measured.

- Right after the nurse wrote down the weight record on my PDS, another nurse told me to proceed to the 'Visual Exam Room'.

- Inside the Visual Exam Room, the nurse conducted a visual activity test where you would have to read a Snellen Chart opposite a mirror. (more like a 'give me a headache' test) The nurse will ask if you're using contact lens or eye glasses prior to the exam.

- After the eye test, he told me to go sit and wait for my name to be called. (I'm starting to have the feeling of omitting all these sit-and-wait-for-my-name-to-be-called in this entire entry)

- The next thing done is they measured my Vital Signs - Blood Pressure and pulse rate.

- I handed over to the U.S. Counter my set of PDS after completing the Vital Signs procedure.

- Guess what happens here ………………… Correct!! Sit down and wait for my name to be called.

- My name is called, went to the U.S. counter and they handed me a number. That would be my number for the physical exam.

- It's been the most agonizing 15 minutes of my whole medical process … waiting while thinking of getting all naked – NOT in front of your fiancé/husband … LOL!

- My turn for the physical exam .. the doctor/physician will ask you all sorts of questions starting from your name to all your past operations/hospitalizations to inhaling mosquito coils to having contact with an alien from the outer space positive with HIV……

- After all the seemingly non-stop questioning, the doctor ordered me to sign papers (kinda like a contract) attesting that I am telling nothing but the truth. She made me sign twice – one for saying that I gave birth 2 times, and the other one for stating that I've never had TB nor had contact with people who are infected of Tuberculosis.

- Then she made me disrobe completely, but thank goodness, I still had to wear a hospital gown – at least. I laid down on the bed and she checks certain parts of my body. Doctors will specifically check slash marks for suicidal attempts, needle marks for drug use, tattoos for positive contamination from use of needles…

…. and then the private parts … :blush: She'll make you spread your legs (or make you lie on your left side and bend your knees towards your chest). The physician checked the ####### and the ####### .. I believe they check it for possible signs of Sexually Transmitted Diseases or any abnormalities whatsoever. Don't worry, if you're a female, you'll also have a female physician that will attend to you.

- She told me to go straight to U.S. Counter. I handed my PDS and they attached a slip where it reads, "You must personally claim your results....dah dah dah" in 3 different languages .. what the! … The nurse handed back my papers shortly right after that and told me to go to 2nd floor for immunization interview.

:: 2nd Floor ::


- I gave my set of PDS to the guy on the reception right in front of the Immunization rooms.

- loooooooong wait here ..

- Called for Immunization interview (doctors area). The physician simply asked me a few questions like previous vaccines (don't worry if you don't have a record or can't remember any, just tell the physician about it), sexual contact, pregnancies, if you've had chicken pox before, if it left any visible scars, etc … She told me of the available vaccines that I would take if all goes well with my medical results.

- It's a wrap! The day is done! … and the last thing to do is to check out on the 2nd floor check out counter. There they will tell you to return the next day for the results. They will tell you what time. The only things left in your hands now would be your passport, the receipt, the evaluation letter and your original appointment letter/NOA2/NVC letter.

- Robinson's place is not far from SLMCEC .. You'll be as hungry as **** so I suggest you go there and treat yourself ;)

The 2nd Day

- Upon arriving at SLMCEC, the guard pointed me to another guard inside, standing behind some kind of podium, I handed him my receipt and he entered the control no. on a computer database, so this guy sort of has the 'master's list' for all results of med exams.


There are two things I know by far regarding the results:

If the guard stamped your receipt with "IMMUNIZATION" – then congratulations! You passed the medical exam and if you have anything scheduled after that, like for example - your visa interview in two days (like me), then there should be no worries.

If the guard stamped your receipt with "SPUTUM --- something" then unfortunately, you have to have a Sputum Collection and a 2-month long delay.


…….. Okay, so I have mine stamped with "Immunization" and this made me proceed to 2nd floor for my vaccines.

- I gave my receipt to the guy at the reception (just the receipt, keep your passport) … and like always, I sat down and waited for my name to be called.

- ZZZZzzzzzzZzZzzz

- The intercom may sound vague most of the times, so you must listen attentively all the time.

- My name was called and they made us fall in line in front of the check out counter on the same floor (2nd floor). The guy behind the counter collected our passports.

- Go back to sleep. I mean, get back to your seat.

- My name is called and it's time for my immunization. The attending nurse first asked me some few questions about allergies I might have, date of first and last day of my last menstrual period, my name, age and birth. Vaccines may vary for every applicant, I had 4 shots, 2 on each arm (TDAP, MMR, Anti-Cervical and HPV).

- *phew* .. thanks goodness, everything's done … I was told to wait at the ground floor for the results.


- Zzz

- Waited like 3 hours

- My name is finally called but it's not for the result yet … I went to window 1, the personnel made me sign my PDS and then I surrendered my passport .. told to me waaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiit until I die … kidding … waited for another 2 hours or so.

(You made me laugh in this part)

- RESULTS!! Oh the Wonderful Result!! … I was called to window 6 with a female staff – she asked a lot of questions like a pre-screener at the interview, she seems to ask a lot about what you've written on your PDS and a few from the physician comments written on it .. she's kind of like verifying.

- She finally handed down a CD containing the X-ray details and a Vaccine sheet (these 2 are the only things they'll give you). She also told me that they would be the one to forward the results of my Medical Exam to the U.S. Embassy. They would keep everything including your passport.

- I went out. Took a pedicab to Taft Avenue and bought myself a Baconator (what is that?) for all my day's worth.

Albeit these applies for women I had the urge to read it, thanks for sharing and the effort, Wow!!!

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