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Found 19 results

  1. Before I upset anyone who actually claims VAWA isnt a scam and they used it for real reasons (not reasons they instigated by being complete jerks), I would like to say that this is the only reason I have not yet divorced my fake wife of only 5 months. She has not yet received her green card or anything yet and the i485 is still pending. So basically, I married her and have evidence that she only came to the US to get legalization as she clearly texted me this and there is so much evidence for this. Furthermore, I was pressured to marry because of abortion and because they harrased me including her crazy Ukrainian divorced best friend that she lives with and they didn't even let me confer with my parents or talk about marriage and didn't allow any family members or friends of mine to attend the wedding. We have nothing together, no banks or joint accounts or anything, and dont even live together. Furthermore, I never assault her, nor am I rude to her and I don't mistreat her. I do argue with her sometime because I want her to be normal and not annoy me and drill me everyday on how I should live, behave, or call me names or insult me or my mom. She made it clear right after marriage she dont love me and wants me for papers only. She once told me if I divorced her (and she said it in a joking yet evil way) that she'd claim I "abused" her if I did divorce. This really threw red flags and I also realized she wants to control me and ensure I dont divorce her. I am now considering annulment but some part of me just wants to find a common ground and get a divorce so she doesnt waste my time and piss me off and falsely claim a VAWA case. I know some of you here are very familiar with it and I don't want to deal with that. I need help on exiting this bullcrap "marriage" without her claiming VAWA. She doesn't have approved i485 yet, and we have nothing together, never even lived together for 5 months as she lives with her roommate a few blocks down, and I also am not abusive and as a matter of fact provide everything for her, take her on vacations, etc.... Furthermore she is 29 and I'm 23. And because of her I have started and even during the marriage, was on a crazy opiate/painkiller + cocaine binge just to avoid the ridiculous nonsense of her emotional insanity about the whole "abortion" story and her annoying roommate all drilling me to marry and not letting me confer with my family. In essence they pressured me, forced me, and brainwashed me to marry then flipped the script and instead of being like a flower, and appreciating all what I did, she (the wife) demands more and lives life as if I owe her everything and as if she is the one taking care of me or married me. I'm sick of this and sick of this VAWA which is clearly a scam 99% of the time not just by women but also by men. Should I get out of this with annulment or can I do a simple divorce where she agrees to divorce and also states that there was no fault, no abuse, except just that we do not belong together. And can she claim VAWA after it and get approved, or is it at least difficult enough to get approved especially if she completely agrees with divorce and especially that I have never even laid a hand on her, lived with her, abused her, or hit her in any way except that I tell her time to time I want to divorce because Im young and just want to be free again and cant deal with the emotional stress of marriage (which is not even close to abuse). Can someone please help and explain if its best to compromise together with a proper divorce where she doesnt try to f*k me and backstab me with VAWA or should I just completely get rid of her with an annulment and feel myself blessed and completely freed and rid of this annoying woman.
  2. Hi, I would really appreciate your time and help regarding my case and bless you for helping me out in such a terrible situation I am stuck into. I came to the United States in 2015 on a K-1 fiancé visa and got married to my husband on December 12 2015. Soon after a few months I have been issued a conditional greencard that expires next year (April 8th 2018). It took me a long while to recognize that he has been emotionally and physically abusing me. He constantly made comments on getting me deported. I have had no access to any of his finances. In the beginning of our marriage he gave me an authorized credit card to do groceries but I have no accounts, bills or receipts in my direct name though he has added me on his joint insurance. After er a few months of our marriage he started accusing me that I married him to get citizenship. When he stopped with that he started physically hurting me by pushing, biting, slapping and pulling my hair. His emotional abuse started way before but I failed to recognize. He would constantly swear at me, lock himself in a room, won't sleep in the same room with me, eat with me and things like that. I let go of all those. It got worse and when I couldn't take his beating I pushed him only (he is a giant guy) he called the cops saying that I'm abusing him and his life is in danger. When the cops came and saw my marks and all the situation they arrested him and filed second degree assault charges on him along with a protective order for three months. I moved to his his mothers house during that time and I was scared that he will leave me and I've no family of my own here in Maryland and so I am solely dependent on him. To remove the charges the state filed, I wrote a written statement saying that I don't believe he is an abusive person and all that. When we we got back together, things have been worse than I would have really imagined. He doesn't communicate or come near me at all. He has cameras and recorders all over the house and I am under constant surveillance. He tells me everyday to go to the lawyer with him and file for a no fault divorce and go back to my country. Now, since I am on conditional green card I desperately need to know if someone has been in the similar situation how did they handle their legal status or what am I supposed to do? Divorce is a big taboo in my country and me being so young, even the thought of going back and facing the society gives me absolute fear and anxiety. 1.How can I protect my legal status in the United States lawfully and under what brackets? 2.When can I apply for to remove the conditions from my greencard on my own? 3. How long does it take and honestly what are the chances I can get it? 4. Do I need to be divorced before I apply for the waiver, during or after? Any other advice, suggestions or guidance would really help me. I am new in the United States and I've been here a fullbright scholar here before I got married. I've always maintained a healthy record of my character and I don't want it to get ruined because of somebody else. Many regards & thankyou.
  3. Hi everyone, I filed i360 and submitted it on March 31 2017 through a charity lawyer. I haven't heard from her since then, still waiting for news on my receipt number. Anyone else going through anxiety of waiting?
  4. Hey everyone here , I'm new to this forum . I apply vawa oct2016 and get my EAD dec2016 . My question is can I file no fault divorce even I apply for vawa under mental abuse
  5. Hello Everyone, The beginning of my green cad journey start under another thread named CONCURRENT FILING OF I-130, I-485, I-765, I-131. I am going through a long process to be a resident. My story is a little complicated as I was on a F-1 visa when I met my boyfriend. We got married a year after dating. When we were just boyfriend and girlfriend, He got physical 2 times as he is an extreme jealous and possessive type guy. He broke my first computer during one of those fight I had with him at that time. Since I was madly in love with him and I am still in love with him even if we are separated right now but not legally yet, I would always forgive him when he come back to me apologizing. I thought I could help him manage his temper overtime but ladies, that is a huge mistake, you can never change a person who is violent in nature .After our marriage he kept abusing me physically until the day I had enough and had to call the police to report the abuse. He tried to choke me with a baseball bat and punched me several time, I ran outside and ask borrow a phone from a stranger to call the cops. He fled the house when the police came otherwise they would arrest his ###. I got a restraining order against him but did not press criminal charges. As my husband is a USC, I am eligible to file the I-485 and I-765 simultaneously with I-360 application under C09 category. However I chose to do it after I received a Prima Facie as I need to redo my physical since the first I-485 I filed under my husband sponsorship was revoked. For those who can relate, I did not need a lawyer and here is my VAWA experience: Useful VAWA step by step guidelines I used are attached to this thread: - Document gathering for_self-petitioning under the violence against women_ act.pdf - VAWA frequently asked questions - Applications for immigration status under the violence against women act - What to expect once the Vawa Case is filed ( file too big not attached , google it) - USCIS Website downloads forms along with their instruction. I-360 PACKAGE SENT ON 08/27/2015 REGULAR MAIL: 09/03/2015: USCIS received package and sent I-797C Contents:  Form I-360, Self-Petition for Battered Spouse: - A declaration in support of I-360 ( see example in attached document) Good Faith Marriage and residence with the abuser - A collage of photographs of our wedding and others picture - Marriage Certificate - My Husband Birth Certificate - A Copy of joint lease - Joint Bank account statement and utility bills - Health insurance statement to show that my husband is my dependant - Join Income Tax Return Prove of Abuse - Court Retraining order - Police report of abuse Good Moral of Character - Local police clearance $10.00 - Self affidavit letter for Good Moral of Character 09-15/ 2015: Establishment of PRIMA FACIE CASE valid for 180 days VAWA BASED ADJUSTEMENT OF STATUS: I-485 and I-765 sent on 11/18/2015 EXPRESS DELIVERY 11/24/2015: USCIS received package and sent I-797C Contents:  I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status - I-485: Application to adjust status C09 category - Letter to request USCIS to join this application with the pending I-360 - Copy of my passport (biographical page) - Copy of my Electronic I-94 - My birth certificate with English translation - G-325A: signed by principal beneficiary - I-693 (original document in a sealed envelope) - 2 passport-type photos  I-912: Request for Fee Waiver – Evidence of financial hardship - Copy of joint Lease - Monthly utility / Phone bills and payments - Statement of loss of employment as of 10/16/2015 from my employer - Earning statement of loss wages - Statement for credit card debts - Payment receipts for medical expenses - Miscellaneous expenses  I-765 Application to renew Employment authorization - Copy of previous EAD card - G-1145 E-notification of application 11/29/2015: I received I-797C that I-912 is approved and fees were waived for I-485 and I-765. 12/05/2015: Received Biometrics letter 12/22/2015: Biometrics done 12/31/2016: Sent a letter to request to withdraw I-290B motion to reopen a denied previously filed I-485 under my husband sponsorship. 01/28/2016: Received approval notice for Employment Authorization 01/28/2016: Went back on work as I was on leave of absence without pay 02/03/2016: Received EAD CARD 02/11/2016: RFE for a criminal clearance from France and a self affidavit letter for Good Moral of Character as I was living within the 3 years prior of me filing I-360. 02/29/2016: Received letter stating that Request to withdraw I290B was processed 03/08/2016: Sent over to USCIS: - Original copy of national criminal history clearance from France - A Certified copy translated in English 03/16/2016: Received a text and email notification that response to Request for Evidence for your Form I360 was received 03/17/2016: Sent a letter requesting extension of Prima Facie Establishment case (See template in what to expect once the VAWA case is filed) I will keep you posted . VAWA Frequently Asked Questions 2010 11 - Copy.pdf Applications for Immigration Status under the Violence Against Women Act-ilovepdf-compressed.pdf document_gathering_for_self-petitioning_under_the_violence_against_women_act-ilovepdf-compressed.pdf
  6. Good morning everyone. I’m applying for citizenship using the three year rule based on VAWA. In 3 weeks I will be able to submit the n-400 I’m doing everything myself and wanted some feedback from you guys. I’m currently working on the cover letter. I know in the cover letter I need to explain the three year rule and attach the 89 Memo . I have a record, do i need to explain in a separate letter? Do i have to submit evidence of the marriage? Could anyone share their timeline? Or maybe their cover letter? I can’t afford a lawyer and I’m nervous I’m going to miss something.
  7. Good luck everyone, hope we all get green . apply my vawa on 25th sep , Did my bio metric 22th oct recieved my EAD 17th dec 2016.
  8. Hi team I sumbmitted vawa on february 13 2017 and receive noticed of action february 27 2017 up till now i have not heard from the uscis. What is the next step. Thanks
  9. 2016/04/20 Submit my I-360 but put the wrong address. Never received Notice of Action. Don't have the receipt number 2016/05/19 Departed from US to Hongkong 2016/06/02 Entered US 2016/06/14 Submitted the request of receipt number and the request of changing address letter to USCIS. No reply. 2016/12/20 Submitted my I-485, I-131, I-765 My daughter (19 years old)’s I-485, I-131 Request to put these forms to my former I-360 form packages. 2017/01/07 departed US 2017/02/15 Got the Notice of Action of I-485, I-131, I-765 (all fee waived) 2017/03/03 Entered US using B2 visa I knew I shouldnt depart, but my situation was very emergent cuz I did not have money. Now I have several questions: I never receive any notification about my I-360 case. Is that possible that USCIS never review my case? My daughter and I submitted I-485, I-131, I-765 to USCIS and ask them If these forms can join in the i-360 former case. and they got the Notice of Action. Is that mean USCIS successful find my i-360 case and put the forms together? I departed and entered US without advance parole but my daughter did not. I need to resubmit I485 but does my daughter need to? Thank you!!!!!!
  10. -Filed i-360 in December 2014. Petition is marriage based -Received an RFE in June 2015 which i Responded to . -I checked the website they stated that they received my documents and will be processed soon. -It is now 2017, and i haven't received any decision from them. THINGS TO NOTE: -i am using an attorney -We only filed the i-360 petition nothing else. The reasoning behind was that once we get a decision on the i-360 we can proceed to file everything else like the 1-485 and i-130 - I haven't worked in those 2 years since i don't have a work permit and my drivers' licence has long expired. I just wanted to know if this is normal or if someone has experienced such a lengthy wait time?
  11. enter usa 2 time got visit visa for 6 months apllied for green card on basis of marriage got ead card for 1 year total i have satayed is 10 months never lived illegally i am planning to file vawa from out side usa. can i do it ? the prof i have is wedding album,marriage certificate, water bill on joint name,my doctors s prescription,and its bill from medical store,for 1 year,her pictures with her boy friends, how likely i would get vawa approved ? out of 100%, i wanted check if she did filed for divorce. i orderd on vital records and got no refrance to divorce.
  12. Hi All , Filed i 360, i485, i 765 (c 31)category by mistake ,together October 2016 received prima facie after that now 3 months no updates. should i again file in new category of (c 9) as AOS is pending but others say it will again start from day 1 ,, Is there anyone who can update me on this.Help me
  13. Hi everyone I still get emails from the forum and read them when I can. I don't know what number vawa thread I'm in since I wrote back in 2013. We'll my case took approximately 6 months to process from first filing to getting my GC. I enlisted in the military and became a citizen a year later 2014. Anyway I'm just here to tell you guys to keep your hopes alive and all will be well. My daughter's dad physically abused me while I was pregnant. My daughter and I living great. We are doing very well. I heard he is homeless now and has never been current on his child support. Ladies and gentlemen anything is possible. I cried so hard when I was swearing in for my citizenship because I did know that day would come when my once undocumented butt would get a GC let alone became a citizen but I did everything right except marrying the wrong guy. Hope everyone get some good news soon ?
  14. I have a green card based on vawa and i will be eligible for citizenship in a couple of months. what kind of documents do I need to provide with my application?
  15. Hello all, i have been a member of this group for a while, though i have not been participating actively, but i do follow most topics every now and then. I moved here in 2012, after being married to my USC spouse for almost 2 years. We had a baby 2 years later, but we later separated , when baby was barely 6 weeks old. This was her decision, all efforts too get her to reconcile with me was unsuccessful and she filed for divorce a few months later. I really dont want to go into to much details here, but due to the nature of our separation and also because our divorce was not final , when it was time to remove my conditional 2 year GC, i ticked the 3 options, including VAWA. i did not get an interview until Feb 2016 and till today i have no heard a word from USCIS. Just to let you know, though my ex has since remarried, our separation was very messy, as i mentioned before, i really don want to bog you all with too many details, but she attempted to remove me from the country, by filing several bogus criminal charges and calling ICE and DHS several times. Her communication was revealed to me during the interview. During our numerous court appearances , she also accused me of marriage fraud. Well fast forward 2017, i have been cleared of all criminal charges, i have since expunged all traces of criminal complicity in order to enable me get a job, We have joint custody of our child , whom i see 2 times a week,including biweekly weekend visits, though i pay child support and have never defaulted. When my divorce was final, i sent in my divorce certificate and i thought my application will be taken away from vawa and moved to separation due to divorce, but i was wrong. Since my ex was in touch with USCIS and wrote bogus letters accusing me of every thing in living day light, from theft, to rape to fraud, though i am an accomplished professional, i am of the opinion that my 10 year GC is being delayed because i am currently under investigation. I have written , called and tried all efforts to communicate with USCIS, but i keep being told that due to nature of my case, they cannot respond to me directly. Its been more than 2 years and by the end of this year, i will be due to file my citizenship. I will like to request advice from learned members on what my next steps and options are. I cant afford an attorney at the moment and i cherish the bond between me and my daughter, so leaving the country may not be an option. Thanks.
  16. Hi, I know someone who is in an abusive marriage and needs help, and I need to know the best way to help her out. She is an orphan from Pakistan and her relatives had her married to a man in the United States. They had a wedding in Pakistan, and then her in-laws had her file a Fiance Visa to come to the US (I know the Fiance Visa is not the right visa here - getting the other person on the wrong visa and making them lie to immigration is something abusers commonly do to have control over the person.) Her husband and his whole family were very abusive towards her, both physically and emotionally. Her Fiance Visa's 90 days have expired and they did not file for her. We can't call or message her because they keep a tab on her 24/7 and she is not allowed to leave the house. She does not even know the address she is at. She reached out to me and called me on Facebook because I have been involved in such cases before, but asked me to not message her back because she would be in trouble if her in-laws found out. Currently, her in-laws are planning to send her back to Pakistan. We want to help her get out of the situation and get her legal representation or into a domestic violence shelter. Based on your knowledge and experience, what are our options to get her out of this situation and get her legal help? I know she can get a lot of help and adjustment of status through VAWA, but the problem one is getting her out of the situation first. Following are a few suggestions I have: - What happens if we find out her address and involve the police? Does the fact that she doesn't have legal status anymore affect the police's ability to help her out? - What if we book her a flight to our city (Dallas) on the same day her in-laws plan to send her back? She can simply board the local flight instead of the international one and we can find her help, domestic violence shelter and legal representation here. Would she have any problem getting the flight given that her visa has expired? - What if she straight up goes to the authorities when she enters the airport to depart for Paksitan and simply tells them all that has happened and that she wishes to stay and get legal help? Given your knowledge of the immigration law, process for people who overstayed visas (even though not deliberately), and Adjustment of Status through VAWA, what would you suggest?
  17. Hello I need assistance with the recent passing away of my abusive husband while I was abroad and how to exercise my legal rights regarding the whereabouts of his belongings and ashes. Also how to go about obtaining his death certificate to start my VAWA case. My case goes like this: We got together while I was visiting friends in the midwest back in 2012. We started a romance and serious relationship and eventually I went back on my tourist visa before it expired. So we decided to meet again at my country of origin and live there and travel together during six months before his tourist visa expired. He (born citizen) eventually went back to the U.S. and waited for me to meet with him there a few months later. We got married on a whim even though we didn't plan out on me immigrating but he thought it was fine to do so. Later on that day I found out it was rather risky to do that since it meant I could lose my tourist visa privileges and would most definitely need a sponsor apart from my husband from then on. Basically after the impromptu wedding he became mentally and physically aggressive and erratic due his mental illness and many things triggered him that I had no idea about. It was very hard for me to get away from him as he and his family were controlling/manipulative and it came to a point where I had no money since I couldn't work without a work permit, etc. Two years and a half went by and I managed to escape him; fully knowing that it would make it very hard for me to sort my visa due to my overstaying more than 2 years. I brought as many pertaining documents of his and our relationship (marriage certificate included) as I could and have many witnesses on my side. So recently I heard the news of his passing away. Heavy grieving aside, it's increasingly clear that his family and friends do not think I have any rights over his belongings and his ashes. I've been trying to contact them but they just ignore me, outright tell me I have no say over any matter or feed me lies to get me out of the way. I want to know if I can exercise my rights as a widow of a U.S. citizen even as no paperwork has been filed due to 'extreme cruelty' on their part. Can they overpower my rights being as I'm not able to be physically there? Thank you for your time, -Olivia
  18. Hello, My sister-in-law is in an emotionally abusive relationship. She and her daughter are O-3 Visa holders while the husband of course is O-1. I believe they filed for I-485 as they already received their EAD and are waiting for the—what I assume is—the AOS approval. I read the information on this FAQ page but it only talks about K-1 visa holders. In any case, sister-in-law wants to divorce (they were already separated once for a few months) and is not only worried about the child custody but also her residency. Would a divorce affect the pending AOS decision at all? Also, if the AOS is rejected (for any reason, related or unrelated to divorce) are they immediately out of status or is their I-94 what determines this? Thanks.
  19. Greetings Everyone! I am a non-immigrant male, that came here to the United States, on a F1 Student Visa. Upon completing my OPT, I was sponsored for an H1b work visa. Met my wife in 2011. Were friends for 3 years as she was dating someone else at the time. When she broke up with her ex, we started dating in 2014, and after 1 year, we got married on Oct 1st, 2015. After she moved in with me, came to realize she was taking anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax and Valium because she said she suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. I thought nothing of it since I am not knowledgeable on mental health and anti-anxiety medication. Long story short, she is apparently addicted to the pills, to the point where she has threatened me that if I don't help her to gain access to more pills, she will not show up to my green card interview. She has attempted to inflict pain on herself by cutting her wrists so as to make me afraid and make me feel guilty that she is suicidal because I as a husband have not met to her demands of helping gain pills illegally (buying them on the streets from a dealer). She has drawn money out of our bank account to go get the pills herself. I have suffered PTSD and depression from this whole ordeal as I did not realize that I married someone who became a drug addict to the point where they were affecting my well-being. I have seen a psychologist and sought therapy sessions because I am going through a rough time. Meanwhile, I discussed this issue with my lawyer and he said to file a VAWA petition. And given that the lawyer represents the petitioner, my wife, he said he could not represent me because of "conflict of interest". Thus, I consulted with another immigration attorney, who happened to be a woman, and she said I had a weak case simply because I am male, and immigration officers tend to attend to more women-based acts of cruelty than men. She also said that my wife is simply a victim of drug addiction, and she does intentionally mean to harm me, but more so, she just takes it out on me. I argued, the same can be said of an alcoholic man who abuses his wife while drunk. No one says he's a victim of alcohol abuse, and thus, he didn't intentionally mean to harm his wife. So the lawyer says to fix my marriage, and just go to the marriage interview and suck it up. Well, I want to go to the interview, as my wife and I did have a "bonafide marriage", but how do I know she's not going to go through her mood swings, or decide not to show up last minute to the interview? How do I know she won't stumble on simple questions asked of her? I am living in fear and torment right now as I don't know what I should do. My friends said that the female lawyer was being sexist, and seems like she is just holding a bias opinion. I am open to thoughts from the public here on what your opinions and advice are. I appreciate some feedback. My VAWA file so far: 1. Proof of bonafide marriage: marriage certificate, wedding photos, dating photos, photos from trips, joint auto-insurance, driver's license under same address, joint bank account, joint tax return, joint Roth IRA, joint COSTCO membership, affadavit letters from her dad, friends, my brother. 2. Proof of living together: letter from landlord, lease agreement, and joint renter's insurance with our address listed. 3. Good Moral Character: Police report from department that clears me. 4. Personal declaration letter: I outline how our relationship developed, why we married, how was living together, how the abuse started, what were the forms of abuse, and how I felt. Discussed my good moral character (volunteer work with children after-school tutoring). 5. Witness affadavits: my brother, friend. 6. Psychologist report outlining my emotional abuse and that I am diagnosed with PTSD and depression. Therapist sessions transcripts.