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  1. I want to ask if I can apply for vawa outside the U.S. I am married to U.S. citizen. I never travel to U.S. But my hasband work for one of the States (IL). He is State employee (not Federal). If I meet other requirements of vawa, do I meet requirement of hasband must be U.S. government employee for applying vawa outside the U.S.? He works in U.S. He visit me often. Please help.
  2. I am a US citizen living in California. I have a history of sponsoring a spousal CR1 Visa. Marriage in 2016, divorce finalized early 2023. In 2021, due a history of bipolar disorder I had a severe psychotic break that led to criminal charges (nothing involving a minor of course). There was no conviction history for these charges as they went through a mental health pretrial diversion with records sealed and expunged. There was no plea or anything. This situation led to spouse filing for divorce and likely a VAWA. I'm currently in a good relationship with someone else. We would likely be getting married next year. Would there be any estimated significant issues to sponsor someone again with this history? I plan on consulting with an immigration lawyer when the time comes to file the initial packet of course, but this has me a bit stressed thinking of complications.
  3. Hi everyone, I came to the US with a K-1 visa after 2 years of processing, got married to a USC, then my spouse showed their true self and started being abusive towards me (sexual coercion, threats of deportation, lots of gaslighting, cut me off of all of our credit cards and removed me from our joint bank accounts, as well as an extensive abuse of drugs and alcohol.) Anyways, I have been informing myself about VAWA and have started gathering as much evidence as possible to try to get out of this situation. My regular AOS process is going by rather fast (March '22 filer) and was wondering whether I should submit VAWA prior to my i485 interview and go to interview without my spouse, or hold off and go to the interview with my spouse and then file for VAWA? Is it possible to apply for VAWA and still go to the AOS interview with my spouse? Timeline: App (i485, i130, i131, i765) submitted - Feb 15 2022 PD - Mar 04 2022 Biometrics notice - Mar 25 2022 Biometrics appointment - Apr 19 2022 Thank you all for your help.
  4. Hi VJ Fam, So I did submit my VAWA Application and I received a Prima Facie, and AP. Only my EAD was sent back for RFE. It states that I didn't submit sufficient evidence. My previous EAD was approved based on marriage with my ex-wife. We are currently divorced and she withdrew the last i-485. I applied for a new i-485 and also got a receipt for that petition. My question now is, what evidences do I need to send back to USCIS in response to my RFE for EAD. Thanks
  5. Hi, I am very confused and i dont know what to do. i filed with help of attorney my Vawa application together with i-485 in 2019 Augustus. In 2020 October i got an update on my case that my case approval was certified by USCIS and sent to appropriate appellate office. My lawyer told me it was an approval, I doubt about it cause I didn’t receive any c09 category work and neither approval notice. In few days my case will be outside the process time. I no longer have lawyer and i am looking for new one who can help me out with my case . Whats the next steps i can do?
  6. Hi My attorney is asking me to pay 5000 to submit form i824 and go through consular processing. Can I use my foreign address with USCIS and NVC so I can work on my application myself instead of depending on my attorney that is depleting me financially with no real help. How can I receive my USCIS and NVC mail on my address outside the US instead of my attorney U.S address?
  7. Hi everyone sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong section. I need to submit the form i824 on approved petition so my file gets transferred to the NVC and then start the process of the immigration visa and consular processing. since my i360 vawa petition fees were waived, can I also request the fee for i824 to be waived as well? I also just read that I have to submit a fee for an immigration visa application to NVC and another fee to USCIS before departing to the US for green card to be issued and mailed? Can these be waived as well? I don’t mind paying the immigration visa fees, but I honestly hope I can at least get the I824 fee to be waived. if anyone has any information regarding these fees or can direct me to the correct discussion section, your help is highly appreciated 🙏 thank you
  8. please don’t close this topic till I get the proper help or at least I get a chance to respond referring to the old topic that was closed members replied that you cannot apply for vawa from abroad which is not correct. Actually you can submit i360 through the US embassy and go through consular processing. Some history, I’m married to an abusive USC and submitted a form of i360 with all required documents and have received a prima facie back in 2020. no i485 my attorney told me that I cannot get an advance parole till the i360 is approved so waiting till 2021 I had to leave the States and go back to home country to see my dying parents without an AP because it wasn’t easy just staying in the US knowing you might lose both your parents before seeing them forever. Many people leave the states and apply for vawa through consular processing at the US embassy, so if you don’t have the knowledge please to response with false information. my question is just about the legal residency being on a student\work visa Not really looking for help with vawa illegibility because I am illegible and I have already applied 2 years ago and still pending. so again my question Regarding “legal residency” is: Plz help if you have any info, it’s urgent, I read that a petitioner can submit the vawa petition or do the interview and immigration visa through the U.S embassy in the home country or the U.S embassy in the country where the petitioner have a “legal residency” Is being on a visa (such as a student/work visa) in a third country that isn’t the home country considered a legal residencywhere I can do my interview at or receive my vawa based immigration visa? if anyone can advise with any helpful info or knows who I can ask such questions or if there’s another thread to help me answer this question because I might need to move outta the original country Thanks in advance
  9. Hi everyone I am truly the saddest I have ever been in my life. I found all the notes my husband has been writing about me and our marriage. How he plans on getting a divorce soon How he plans to upgrade from me soon. How he’s using me for only sex. This is not the marriage I signed up for. I love this man to pieces and have been so sad after I saw all these. There no love from him in my marriage. The thing he filed both my AOS and I-130, but I want to let those go and file for vawa instead. Do I qualify for that? I am not sure what to do?
  10. I start this thread for n400 june 2021 filers . my timeline, june 8th 2021 - file for n400 vawa based 3 years rule. june20th 2021 - biometric reuse notice waiting for interview ☺️
  11. VAWA Topic about ALL the evidence needed. Feel free to share what you have, don't have or you're missing and trying to obtain.
  12. Good morning , can somebody tell me the address to send the i 765 form for renewing my EAD under vawa case ? I live in new york . My other question : should i put C9 or C31 ?
  13. Hi , i am really worried about my case , i switched my I 130 case to I 360 vawa December 2020 , i sent rfe on MAY and i got the notice they received. After that i dont have any update from uscis . I am still waiting for my case be approved. Now my questions are Can i renew my EAD because it expired since march and i need to work? What is the best solution ? Thank you
  14. Hello, I am trying to find some information. I don't mean to put down anyone, I am just looking for unbiased visa information. I came to the United States with a tourist visa in 2019 and my visa was extended due to Covid-19. During that time I met my now wife and we got married in September 2020. My marriage was in good faith but unfortunately my wife has issues with alcohol. It has taken a toll on us both emotionally, psychologically, and economically. I have collected all of the necessary documents to apply for my green card but sometimes she's not in the right mind set. I am not confident in actually filing for the green card in her situation. We have tried working on it but as I have mentioned her abuse of alcohol has taken a toll on our lives. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a similar situation. What step can I take, am I able to apply by myself? Divorce is not certain at this point but if it does come to that how will that affect my visa situation? Will I be able to apply for a green card? Any information is much appreciated. I am open to messages if you need more information.
  15. Hello folks, I have got a quick question, I have filed Vawa on 11 February 2020, still didn’t get response yet , anyone who have filed I 360 application February 2020 and got approved their case ?? Plz respond thank you
  16. Hi, I currently have a i485 pending. however, my spouse (usc) and I been fighting. She has been emotionally abusive, uncontrolled angry toward me and my family. She got physical last time. Cops were called. We have a 18 month old daughter as well. I’m trying to evaluate my options. Should I apply for VAWA? Do I qualify? What else do I need to show as proof? How long does it take and please share ur experience if you don’t mind. thanks
  17. Hi VJ, I have been lurking on this forum for a long time, in hopes of finding answers to my questions. I’m in a very difficult situation, hope you guys could maybe shed some light in my situation, or give a reality check if needed. This is going to be long, please bear with me. I entered the US as F-1 student, fell out of status because my father fell ill and I could not continue my study anymore. By that time, I have already met my USC husband, so I made a mistake to stay here. During the time I’m out of status, we got into fights multiple times which resulted both of us being arrested for DV. I myself were arrested twice, but both cases was dismissed. I remember receiving NTA(s) following the arrest while I was being detained. But I have lost the copies. Never went to immigration court, because I was ignorant about immigration law and did not know what to do. We got married eventually. I filed FOIAs with multiple agency, by myself and with help of lawyer. But nothing comes back because I do not have an A number on hand. Best case scenario, I don’t have deportation order and I could file for green card through my husband. Worst case scenario I have been removed, twice maybe, and there is no chance for me to adjust my status. Consulted with multiple immigration lawyers, and they all give me different answers. One lawyer thinks I do not have deportation orders, so I could go ahead and file AOS. Adviced that I might need a 601 waiver. Another lawyer thinks I have a solid case for VAWA, so I should do that and adjust my status in court, if I have been administratively deported. If not, file with USCIS. But I believe I would have to deal with issue of overstaying F1 visa? The lawyer did not elaborate on that. What should I do if I cannot find info on my immigration case? I don’t even know if I have deportation order(s) or not. Filing AOS could just lend me in another removal proceeding. I understand that I need a very good reason to reopen deportation case because I did not attend the removal proceedings. If I file VAWA would there be a possibility to reopen/cancel the deportation? All of the lawyers I have consulted with sounded very promising, but then again they are for profit. I am willing to pay but what if those are just empty promises. I have been stuck in limbo for so long, depressed and anxious about my whole situation. Worse case scenario I have no hope in adjusting and I’ll just go home and cannot enter US for 10-20 years or more. I’m about to give up so maybe I should just do that. Thank you so much for reading this long article of mine. I appreciate all opinion and advice. Even if you do not have a solution to my case, I appreciate you for reading my rent. Hope that I did not stress you with my situation though. To everyone who is filing for immigration benefits, I wish you the best of luck. And to all the immigration experts on this forum, you guys have been amazing and super helpful in giving advice to people on here, thank you. MM
  18. Hi everyone 🙂 I am glad this forum exists to help guide people like me on steps to take towards finding a solution to my situation. I am in the process of filing the VAWA , but I do not know what documents to provide as evidence to support my case. I have lived in US for 5 years and I have been married for a little over a year. We got married in 2019 and filed the I-485 in 2019. My marriage has been difficult and in shambles for the longest time. My Green Card interview is on Monday. But things have been so bad between us... I do not know where my husband is and I am homeless at the moment. I made up my mind this week to file the VAWA, but I do not know how to go about initiating the process and the documentation to provide as evidence. Also, my husband and I have limited documentation together. The only documents with both our names on it is our Marriage License and the 2019 tax document. Is there anyone who can guide me in regards to documents to provide in support of my application? Also, what should I expect if I do not show up for the I-485 interview? In addition to that, can I possibly use a P.O. Box to get my letters pending when I have an address? Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
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