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  1. If a question in the I-129f does not relate to me, should I leave in blank or put n/a???
  2. sorry they are boarding passes. also with the passport pages should we copy every page in the book or just the ones with stamps
  3. My fiancé and I are putting together a I-129f form and documents to get the k-1 visa, I was wondering if anyone could tell me, can I fill it out partly on the computer and partly in ink? In the package will be cover letter signed statements of intent to marry, one from each of us 7 photos of us together passport style photos of each of us copies of our plane tickets that have not faded yet copy of my birth certificate I-129f form emails stating we booked a hotel from several visits payment (check) is this enough? should I include more proof? those of you that have been approved, what all forms did you include?