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  1. If any of us here did this later. Let's share our experience here, please
  2. Awesome!! El7amdulellah inshaALLAH it is true and we ll say mabrook to you soon I am so happy for you
  3. I heard about that before but when we called along time ago we could get nothing. What did they tell you about your case?
  4. Who is CR1 marriage visa here and how long have u been on AP? I noticed the majority are fiancee visa. Prayers for all. I just want to know similar cases that should follow up together for a little support and insight into the future.
  5. I am really sorry for all of you and wish u best .... I wanted to know what is the support team and what is the number to call them? And what means by escalating the case?
  6. Hello guys Happy Eid and may we all get free soon inshaALLAH from this **** Don't forget to try to enjoy ur life anyways because every day is counted from our limited lives anyways. I have been on AP for 5 and a half months, interview was short and smooth on 11/1
  7. I was looking that up yesterday Good coincidence. It just means u r the main beneficiary. In some cases if you have any derivatives like kids or someone applying with u in the same case they would have the same number but with 02 CRO for example while u the main person still get that 01 CRO . I hope it makes sense now
  8. Nope.. I am just waiting 11 business days with about 6 or 7 date updates ... But those r the two weeks after the interview so this is the usual I know I hope life is going smoothly for u
  9. Hello people, I have been following this thread for a bit silently. How are you doing? Any update for anyone? Either still on AP or moving to the states..
  10. Post Bugs here!

    Yes it is working now Thank you for your concern, captain
  11. Post Bugs here!

    Just did, captain, as many times as could and from mobile and desktop, cognito or normal unfortunately it still does not work...
  12. Post Bugs here!

    Did before and did again now and still does not work. By the way I saw another guy having the same problem few days ago. Anything else I can do?
  13. Post Bugs here!

    Hi admins and thanks for your efforts and time I have been trying to submit a review for the consulate interview but the site tells me repeatedly to register despite that I m already registered and signed in. Thanks in advance