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    I am bringing my fiance a Dr. from Nepal to Utah so that we can get married. We are both Mormon and want to get married in the temple of our faith.

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  1. Is there a link showing how to submit a service request? Thanks! Randall
  2. So other than they are lazy and can't read a tax return there is nothing to worry about with only 4 months into this.. I am not sure why I thought the AOS was faster than 9 months to a year.. Would seem that the advance parole would be quicker though..?
  3. So we put in the adjustment of status in September 1st I think with tons of documentation. Bank Accounts 1 year, Property with appraisals for our home and 7 rentals, tax returns from 2012 forward etc. Then in November after we did our biometrics we get a request that basically states I don't make enough money and can I send in another copy of birth certificate and translation. And tax records and bank accounts.. Now the threshold is about $20,000 in Utah under the poverty guidelines, I sent in taxes from 2012 and never was under $175,000 and much much higher in subsequent years. I have waited almost two months hearing nothing from them and am getting a little concerned about it all. At this point I am ready to call a senator again ( he got the K-1 done) and see if we can get some information. Looks like low paid government employees who don't care and are too lazy to look at the information/transcripts ( which I resent) and can't add numbers very well.. ( I know its a rant).. Time I can understand, but 4 months and a request for birth cert and more financials? I thought this was a two month process typically? Had planned on going back to Nepal in January/February and filed the advance parole at the same time and have heard nothing there either.. For anyone else going through this I am praying for you too.. On pins and needles waiting...