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    I am bringing my fiance a Dr. from Nepal to Utah so that we can get married. We are both Mormon and want to get married in the temple of our faith.

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  1. So this has been a long process of about 7 months and I finally got her green card in the mail on Thursday.. She is in Nepal currently and I will go next week to be with her for a month and then we both return to the US. They required about 5 copies of my taxes(OK only 4 after telling me I didn't make enough despite showing 8 houses with appraisals, more than 100K in the bank and income in top 5% They really don't know what they are doing it seems.), 3 of my birth certificates, 3 of hers ( seems like they might be losing them??) and then last an updated 325A form with our current residence listed there. Advance parole came about a month ago.. and then she went to Nepal for a project there. We did the biometrics ( fingerprints) but never had an interview, had to prove a relationship or anything else. The GC was just in the mail when I got home. Maybe that interview happens after the 2 year mark? On a side note I keep trying to update my timeline here but it says that I shouldn't be there on that page each time...:( Things I have learned through this process... 1- Patience, it takes what it takes. 2- Be very thorough as they are going to lose paperwork a lot so make copies of everything.3- Calling a senator does help.. For those who say it doesn't sorry, I have had him (Senator Hatch) on the line with the embassy office and my stuff got processed as we were speaking instead of waiting for who knows how long. ( this was after they sat on my paperwork for a month). With his help we picked it up in an hour. 4- Being married to a foreigner is a beautiful thing! I love the differences as much as the similarities and things we have in common. Life is great and hopefully one more child at least is in God's plans.. Good luck to all of you!
  2. Is there a link showing how to submit a service request? Thanks! Randall
  3. So other than they are lazy and can't read a tax return there is nothing to worry about with only 4 months into this.. I am not sure why I thought the AOS was faster than 9 months to a year.. Would seem that the advance parole would be quicker though..?
  4. So we put in the adjustment of status in September 1st I think with tons of documentation. Bank Accounts 1 year, Property with appraisals for our home and 7 rentals, tax returns from 2012 forward etc. Then in November after we did our biometrics we get a request that basically states I don't make enough money and can I send in another copy of birth certificate and translation. And tax records and bank accounts.. Now the threshold is about $20,000 in Utah under the poverty guidelines, I sent in taxes from 2012 and never was under $175,000 and much much higher in subsequent years. I have waited almost two months hearing nothing from them and am getting a little concerned about it all. At this point I am ready to call a senator again ( he got the K-1 done) and see if we can get some information. Looks like low paid government employees who don't care and are too lazy to look at the information/transcripts ( which I resent) and can't add numbers very well.. ( I know its a rant).. Time I can understand, but 4 months and a request for birth cert and more financials? I thought this was a two month process typically? Had planned on going back to Nepal in January/February and filed the advance parole at the same time and have heard nothing there either.. For anyone else going through this I am praying for you too.. On pins and needles waiting...
  5. May need to send in another updated letter from my Real Estate company that states my earnings and projected earnings.. I did that for the K-1 Have sent them full tax returns from 2012 on and they all show more than sufficient earnings. I just don't want them to close the case, have you tried calling in to check on it before?
  6. So we got all the paperwork including 3 years taxes together and sent it in. Then we get a request for more information. The information requested was: Birth Certificate 2015 Taxes bank accounts etc. Now to get the K-1 you needed to have Birth Certificate & financials. I am not Trump by any means and feel like I am getting by barely at times but have 8 rentals 1099 income over $200,000 from one of my three businesses and show in the top 5% of incomes on line 22 of 1040 for overall personal income. Which in Manhattan is only enough to get you fries and a coke with your burger. On the request it said that I didn't have enough income to support her and needed more documents and this is troubling as only about 20K is required and in the 4th quarter here I paid $60,000 in taxes alone. I am not behind on taxes either. This may be silly but it seems like they are sleeping there and not looking at anything. So I sent them the 2015 taxes ( again) personal and business. The Birth Cert Bank Accounts Statement from Appraiser on property values and locations as well as them showing on tax records. Hoping that we can get this resolved and take a trip out of the country soon as well as get a drivers license which is waiting on this too. Have you experienced this yourself in the past?
  7. From what I can see it looks like from the tax standpoint it would mean an increase of about $5,000 a year in taxes. It becomes more pronounced apparently as you have higher incomes.. I need to check with a competent attorney as I am more concerned about the ramifications going forward as we leave the US and work in "her" business abroad. She is currently an MD but we will mount a business in Nepal in the next couple of years. Citizenship for her is not important to us at this time at all (until Nepal recognizes dual citizenship) but an ability to travel to and from the US at will is. I suppose we will pass each hurdle as we come to it. I am blessed beyond measure and give thanks to God every day for my good fortune in finding a wonderful wife and having her here with me..!
  8. Sukie, very helpful as you are actually going through this. She has assets currently in Nepal and we are looking to mount a business there hopefully next year or two in her name legally and fully compliant with all US and Nepali tax laws. I am all for paying my legal taxes but when we move overseas as I have done before I prefer to have her separate from myself (unless I can see a benefit) as her earnings will be far less and taxed at less than 20% in Nepal and if it is in both our names etc. then she could end up with a 40%+ hit on those earnings.. Taxes are insanely high in the US with corporate taxes the highest in the world.. If you are a EU W2 type employee then they are very high there too but if you are a business owner then they are much much lower. I regularly do business with foreigners who say do anything to avoid (avoidance is legal) the US tax system as it amounts to financial rape and red tape beyond imagining where you can hardly open an account overseas anymore ( post FATCA). Not sure what the next five years will bring but as for now the plan is to move in five to Asia, do charity work and work with slum children. Rental income here and passive assets and her business there can amply support us The insanity of the US system and all the paperwork, regulations and other misc stress is killing me.. Read a Huff post that tens of thousands of business people in the US in my shoes are giving up citizenship mainly for tax issues.. Romney and other associates have moved their corporations outside the US. Not sure I am there yet but could be after a few more years if things don't change and my business grows. One creative CPA suggested buying property there or abroad, exchanging up via 1031 exchanges and then after renting it out for a couple of years moving into it for at least 2 in five years where we could then sell it for a $500,000 profit paying no taxes and no recouping of depreciation. Will have to look into that. My friend Richard and his wife Marie have gone through this as she is from the UK and they say it is a nightmare filing and so hard to find competent tax advisers that it is insane if you aren't Trump's size and status. Co-mingling only makes it harder according to them as he supports her here ( and she has to claim his income for some reason by UK law). I am not like most people here from the pictures I am much older and at a different life stage, in the end game as it were so I think I will look at it all differently than most. Love this country, have been in her army, and am 3rd generation on dad's side and 7th on mom's.. But I love my wife even more and would follow her to the ends of the earth to be together and I really just want to live a life in service abroad where I feel I can do the most good. Without the stress killing me wondering if the taxes are done correctly back home while I am living the dream.. Fortunately she feels the same.
  9. Married filing separately though she doesn't need to file currently as she has no income herself as her work is pro-bono for a charity. Tax avoidance is legal... tax evasion isn't.. and yes to the first on avoidance as we could easily live abroad even now.
  10. Yes, US residents are taxed on worldwide income but only US residents are taxed on foreign earned income while living abroad ( well Eritrea too). So if we move to Nepal in 5-10 years as would seem likely I don't want to have anything tying me to a business there as whatever is in her name in Nepal would not be taxed in the US if she is no longer a resident. I have lived abroad for better part of 10 years and see this as a major issue from my friends who have done similar things in Europe etc. My friends that just returned from Switzerland said that with FATCA they couldn't get even a bank account there or in Germany if anyone of US citizenship was part of the account. Mine in Germany and Spain were cancelled thanks to Fatca. The US tax system scares the ####### out of me and filing separately for a lesser tax burden seems to be smart. ( she volunteers for a charity so currently not an issue) Additionally we don't really care about getting citizenship for her and she is against it so just a green card for 5-10 years and then out to live abroad and work for a charity is our mutual plan. The US has some wonderful infrastructure, ease of income, security, and other things about it but I/we are not sold on permanently staying here especially when you money goes so far elsewhere.. SHe never wants to give up her citizenship and Nepal will not recognize dual citizenship. With the new exit tax seems like it might be good to have assets building in the name of the foreign national abroad? Real estate for example in Kathmandu is roughly on par with Utah in the USA and her building is about 600-700K usd. And the prices are going up each year. I feel blessed to have this option available to us to live here and then move and have economic options abroad (while I know I will pay taxes in the US for life).. We have lots of pictures ( facebook) and insurance is in both our names on vehicles etc. and CC I guess would seem to be what we will go with. I will also put her name on a house as well with me and the utilities. It's just that at 53 I have to start looking for the end game if I ever want to retire and pursue a life of charitable service abroad as has been my dream for many years. Usha is a Dr. and 35 and shares that same focus fortunately. Best Wishes to all in this sometimes confusing process. I have helped several friends through it in the past and now I get to feel the pain first hand I guess
  11. And that is why I don't want her taxed with me here in the US...
  12. Several months ago there were a number of people who had filed for AOS after 2-5 years without issue so I would assume that you won't be deported but just need to get your filing done.. When my baby came they didn't say anything about filing for AOS by a certain date but they did mention multiple times being married before the 90 days was up.. Good Luck!
  13. I have a good faith marriage but am looking ahead.. Things I don't want to do.. 1- Co-mingle assets 2- Joint Taxes 3- Joint bank accounts.. She has access to the accounts via debit and visa cards etc. but for liability and tax reasons I prefer to have her not on my taxes and not sharing all accounts.. I could put her on title to one of my houses with me but again this is for liability and tax reasons. We will be starting a business in her name in Nepal and I don't want her to have US tax liability (especially at my 40% rate) on it.. Thoughts?
  14. Except I think I am filing for a re-entry permit?? She wants to leave the US and return prior to being granted a green card..? So confusing to me I just put and addendum there explaining my rationale and sent it in. We'll see how that works.
  15. I have gone through the checklist and prepared the following documents and am ready to submit it all.. That said I must be blind or illiterate because I can't see where the fee amounts are listed and or where to send this AOS packet to? I have the following documents: g-1145 I-864 I-485 I-131 I-94 I-765 And all supporting documents etc. I have heard that it was $1050 but can't seem to find that on any of the paperwork I am submitting... sigh... I am seeing double now and truth to be told need to get some reading glasses for the small print With luck a kind soul will reply and I can send this off via fedex tonight! Best Wishes and thanks! Randall