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  1. Thank you everyone for all of your suggestions. Finally after being in AP for 11 Months, the visa for my wife is finally issued. Thank you again.
  2. Hi everyone, we have a case in AP since December 5, 2018. Every month i inquire with embassy about the case status. Every time i would get the same automated message. However, this time found they reopened DS260. I am pretty sure i didn't missed anything the first time. I'm curious why they opened it. Is it normal ? or i have to upload anything? i have not been notified about anything. if anyone has any experience with this , please share. Thank you.
  3. AP is a black hole... you never know when you get the decision. i have the same case as yours. the case has been in AP since Dec 2018 and still on. Best of luck for you.
  4. i have a similar situation, and i have been waiting for 7 months now. you never know, when they finish evaluating the case. Best of luck !
  5. I never mentioned, we are married religiously. when we were married i Was a LPR and got married as a citizen of Nepal in the registrar office and got my marriage registered in the municipality office. The staff at the embassy is well aware about the ceremony or the religious marriage. they asked about the religious marriage.
  6. As i mentioned above i'm from Nepal. we practice religious marriage more than the legal marriage. we were married in 2016 legally at registrar office. The local staff asked the question to my wife about religious marriage to my wife in the presence of CO and my wife told we will hold the ceremony in later year. The people in the embassy is well aware of the ceremony and that's where we failed to provide the proof of ceremony.
  7. yes we are married. As i mentioned above, we are married legally but in our country religious marriage is a normal rather than going to the registrar for the marriage. And the staff asked my wife why didn't we had a religious marriage.
  8. 221(G) was for additional photos and we gave them a lot with friends and family. Thanks for the suggestion !!
  9. i think yes. we got married in 2016 and they asked why there is no photos of your marriage. she told the 1st year my grand father passed away the 2nd year her uncle passed away and 3rd year i was finishing my school so didnot had a time to go back. which is true in every year. she might have said we'll get married soon. if my wife told we are getting married soon and the Co took a note for it. so it seems the only way to get out of AP is getting married traditionally. but how do we let them know we got married? lot of things going on my head.. Thanks Arken for the reply and do share me more if you could think of anything.
  10. At the time of submission, we sent our marriage certificate, marriage registration at the local municipality, pics when we were together, with friends and family, text messages to my friends informing about my marriage, our chat logs and the bank statement to show the financial support I’m providing.
  11. thank you!! It's the result of reading people's blog. Don't have concrete evidence or source.
  12. Hi fellow members, My apologies if it has been answered before. I’m USC and I filled i130 for my wife and it was approved in Dec 2018. She went for an interview and got 221(g) white. We submitted the needed documents after 2 days and the case has been in Ap from Dec 2018. I’m from Nepal and we haven’t married religiously. Couple of months ago, the embassy called my parents as well as my in-laws to verify the marriage. Since, it is a bonafide marriage, they gave the same reply. Whenever I inquire the embassy, I always get the same generic reply but last one said, your case has been placed for “mandatory administrative processing”. What does this mean. The last update was made in June 5th. Does this have anything to do with her stay in Bangladesh for 5years? We did provide the police clearance certificate from Bangladesh. I heard when it is mandatory, they have something to do with FBI, is it true? All of your answers and feedback are welcome. Thank you!!
  13. Hi, AS i'm aware, Nepal does not allow dual citizenship, however to be a Canadian you do not need to give up your prior country citizenship. so i believe as the person gets another country citizenship, the person may not be a citizen of Nepal. I might be wrong though..
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