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  1. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    Lucky!!!!!!!! Gosh this wait is agonizing!!! I was hoping to get an interview scheduled already sometime this month but it looks like it's not happening
  2. It's been almost 7 months since I filed and still no interview letter Should I be worried? Seems like the whole process for Santa Ana local office only took about 6-7 months on average.
  3. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    Happy new year everyone! Hopefully we'll get some action this month. Crossing my fingers!! I am looking into booking a diving trip in Cozumel in February over Presidents Day Holiday Weekend and found really cheap airfare from LA to Cancun with United. I wonder if I should pay a lot more with Southwest Airlines since they don't have any change fees? Ugh. I wish I knew when my interview would be already...
  4. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    still waiting none of them are probably working on any files this week, no?
  5. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    Another month down and still nothing Crooooo! Hopefully December will bring in more interview letters!
  6. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    Congrats!!! Lucky, you are done with the whole process now! i wonder when June would finally pick up after Thanksgiving, hopefully? It's taking forever
  7. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    congrats!!!! I AGREE
  8. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    Wow!!! Lucky you!! Congrats!!! Did you receive any notifications in your phone or your online USCIS case status account?
  9. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    looking at July, August and September 2017 filers' threads...it seems like June is moving at a much slower pace, no??
  10. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    congrats! can you please add your info to the list? thank you!
  11. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    congrats!!! all that patience paid off
  12. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    amazing!!! your entire process took about ~3 months especially for LA! WOW! congrats!!!!!!
  13. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    Congrats @JimJane!!!! The process is going so fast for you despite Dallas being your local office! Congrats!!!! Jealous of your timeline hahaha
  14. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    I think that's the "in line for interview" status and not the actual interview notice. You will get another notice saying they have scheduled you for an interview and have sent it through the mail.
  15. N-400 June 2017 Filers

    hang in there bud!