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  1. best wishes for you too. i will watch your timeline for your interview date.
  2. Thank you for replying. to my understanding they do put Males visa applicants on AP/AR but hoping they will not do that for my parents because they are 65+
  3. Thank you for replying. that is official posted time on NVC website. i was trying to get an idea by timelines and recent experiences of users here
  4. Submitted my parents documents last week with cover sheets(AOS and civil documents) just trying to get an idea on how long it is currently taking them to review documents. thanks
  5. i am preparing the affidavit of support and supporting documents package and noticed there is no where it asked for 2x2 sized photos of applicants. will they just take them to embassy at the time of interview? or i missed something?
  6. i know this may be a stupid question to ask, can i submit my parent's documents through email? there interview embassy will be in Islamabad, Pakistan
  7. Thank you very much Dee elle, can any one else 2nd that.
  8. thank you for replying guys. i am really grateful for you guys for your help. so that means i fill 2 i864 forms(1 for Dad and 1 for Mom) and my wife does same 2 i864 forms + I864A? and all this with just one fee?
  9. Both of my parents i-130 is approved and now both files are in NVC. Me and my wife will be joint sponsoring my parents. i have couple of questions about form i864...: -Who is going to be Principal immigrant in part 2? -what options do i select in part 3 ? if i select option 2 which clearly says (Do not include any relative listed on seperate visa ptetion)? where do i put my other parent then? will we need to fill 2nd i864 for my other parent?
  10. so me i-864 + my wife will i-864 and i-864a? ok Thanks
  11. Both of my parents I-30 were approved and send to NVC last week from Nebraska Service Center. i have started filling i-864 form(assuming i need one for both of my parents) -Question is ... me and my wife file taxes together from last 3 years. we both work. My income alone can sponsor my parents but i guess combining our both income will not hurt. that being said what forms we are filling? me i-864 and my wife i-864? Right? am i missing any thing? Thanks in Advance
  12. No Dear. Case have not cleared/Approved by USCIS yet. its RFE from Nebraska Service Center.
  13. you mean to USCIS National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-800-375-5283?
  14. I was born in our home by a Mid-wife who now is Dead.