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Consulate Phone Number: 876-702-6000 Main Number. Consulate prefers E-mail

1-888-243-4840 (Calling from US only) US Visa Information Service in Jamaica Can answer questions about Visa and schedule a visa appointment. 8 am - 6 pm M-F
Consulate E-Mail: Non-Immigrant Visas E-mail:; Immigrant Visas E-mail:; Scheudule Appointments or Issues with Appointments E-mail:;;
Address: U.S. Embassy Kingston, Jamaica,
Consular Services
142 Old Hope Road,
Kingston 6,
Working Hours: American citizen services office hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 to 11:00am
Best Way to Contact Consulate: -- for general information about the immigrant visa process, questions about specific cases (always include 2ND INQUIRY and your case number in the subject line)

-- to make a follow up appointment as a “blue sheet” applicant

-- for an expedited appointment due to a qualifying medical, family or business emergency
Approx Waiting Time for interview date from when the Consulate receives the package from the NVC: Approx. 60-90 days for K-1 Approx. 150-190 days for CR1/IR1
Issues a Packet 3?
Packet 3 Contains: For CR1/IR1 - Packet 3 is issued by the NVC
Submit: Letter w/ case number, DS-260, Original birth and marriage certificates, original police certificate (beneficiary); affidavit of support application and supporting documents (Tax returns, W2) and two passport pictures(updated 02/05/08)

FOR K-1: Letter w/case number, 3pg instruction sheet (with all the info and forms you will need), Photo Specifications, Instructions for ON-LINE Completion of DS-160, Evidence Which May Be Presented To Meet The Public Charge Provisions Of The Law (DS-2000), I-134, Vaccination Requirements, Information Sheet for your Medical Examination (2 pages), Medical History Form, copy of I-129f, and criminal background information.


To pay and register your appoitment:

Issues a Packet 4? Yes
Packet 4 contents (if known): FOR K1: A letter containing your scheduled interview date. You MUST bring this letter with you to your interview. They WILL NOT let you in the Embassy without it.

FOR CR1/IR1: A letter containing your scheduled interview date. You MUST bring this letter with you to your interview. They WILL NOT let you in the Embassy without it. Once you receive your interview date you must register your appointment here:
What forms should be send back to the Consulate? FOR K1: DS-160 Application Form is available online at The system will automatically generate receipt after you submit the form.

Send a copy of the confirmation receipt and a photocopy of the biographic information page of the applicant’s passport to with the following Subject line format, “CASE NUMBER-DS 160 CEAC# BARCODE”. E.g. “KNG 2013100000-DS-160 CEAC #AA003GUI60”

For IR1/CR1 - all the documents sent to the NVC will be forwarded to the Embassy. Take copies of your documents with you to your interview in case anything is misplaced (original birth certificates, original marriage certificates, tax returns, W2, pictures). (updated 11/25/07)

BE SURE THE BENEFICIARY FOLLOWS THE INSTRUCTIONS AND HAS A MEDICAL DONE BEFORE THE INTERVIEW. See the web-site to find the panel physician contact information.
Other Forms (if any)? K-1: Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage; Original Birth Certificate; Original Police Certificate; I-134 along with the petitioner’s most current year’s 1040 and W2, current checkstubs, and an employment letter.

Consulate offers Direct Consular Filing? Yes
If so, for all or only for US citizen who is lawfully resident in your country? Residents_Only
Can fiance(e)/spouse attend the interview? No
Visa fee payment "same day" or "in advance"? Same_Day
Did the embassy schedule your interview or could you walk-in? Embassy Scheduled
Visa issued same day? No
If not whats the waiting period? Average is 2-4 weeks; everyone goes through an Additional Processing (AP)period after the interview.
Is the Medical exam same day as interview? Prior to Interview
Cost of Medical Exam? Actual exam costs $15240(JAD) for applicants 15yrs and Older, $8040(JAD) for applicants under 15yrs. Recommended you take and additional $15000(JAD) for shots. On average each individual needs approximately 3 shots which can range in cost. (Average cost can be $250.00 USD for the entire process.) Depending on the physician, will they accept shot records recently completed at a local clinic prior to medical exam. Must schedule 7-10 days prior to interview.
List of doctors? Info on Medical can be located here:

You must schedule your medical examination at least 10 days prior to the date of your visa interview. The date of your visa interview appears on your appointment letter. Failure to complete your medical examination by the 10 days prior to your visa interview may result in delays with your visa application, so you should be sure to make arrangements to take your exam at the earliest opportunity.


Email us for an appointment:

Your email must include:

Names of all persons to see the doctor
Local address
Two local contact numbers
Interview date at the US Embassy

There are two locations authorized to perform examinations for immigrant visas, and you may have your exam done at the most convenient location for you.

*Note* Medical exam no longer offered in Montego Bay

Andrews Memorial
27 Hope Road
Kingston 10
(876) 926-7401-3

You must call ahead to schedule a specific appointment time with the doctor of your choice.


• Completed medical history form (on reverse) • Your appointment letter
• Any relevant medical reports • Passport
• Exam and vaccination fees • Four (4) passport size pictures
• Any immunization records showing prior vaccinations • Reading glasses (if used)
• All medication containers and/or most recent prescriptions • Parent/guardian (for minor applicants)

***Please remove all necklaces and neck chains prior to the exam.

YOU MUST bring the following to your medical: 4 Passport Photos, Completed Medical History Form, Passport, Any Immunization Records Showing Prior Vaccinations and Your Appointment Letter (from the Embassy - "Packet #4")
How many Passport Photo's Required for the medical? 4
How many Passport Photo's Required at the interview? 4
Estimated waiting time at the consulate on the day of interview? There are three stages to the interview process. The initial stage is when you get fingerprinted and provide the officer your paperwork (avg. wait time is 1 hour) The second stage is while the officer reviews your paperwork prior to your interview. (avg. wait time 2-3 hours). Final stage is the actual interview (Avg interview time is 5-15 mins.)
Vaccination requirements? Yes see website (

Vaccination Guide (page 15 - per CDC):
Cheap and good hotels near the Consulate? Hilton: 876.926.5430 -- Good, not cheap
Four Seasons Hotel. You can book through Hotels.Com only $85.00 a night US dollars.

Sandhurst (also known as The Prestige)
Additional Info? All visitors to the Consular section must enter the facilities via a dedicated consular entrance on Old Hope Road. All visitors to the Embassy are required to undergo a security check. Electronic items, including cell phones, cameras, beepers, and pagers, are prohibited on the Embassy compound and should be secured elsewhere before entering the Embassy. In addition, you are not allowed to bring in lotions, gels, or anything like that as well. The Embassy reserves the right to limit the entry of possessions and does not have the means to store these items.
If you bring prohibited items, there are people outside who hold them for you for a small fee.

DHL Registration:(updated 08/25/13)
Go to
to set up the DHL process and register immigrant's passport.  You'll need the case #, passport number, TRN, and standard bio information. You'll create an account with this information.  Once the account is set up you'll then have to go to  "Immigrant Visa" and click on the link in the 2nd bullet point and continue on. Remember fee for DHL is now included in $265.00 embassy fee so you don't pay anything online. You'll have the option to choose between DHL's Kingston or Montego Bay pick-up points. Once you have completed this step you'll take a screenshot or copy the entire page and pasted it into a Word doc, scan and email it to with proper email format to communicate with embassy.

**DHL information updated (1/21/15). The above link doesn't take you to a landing page. Instead try using the following:

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