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  • United Kingdom US Family & Marriage Visa Approvals by Month

    Each month, VisaJourney dives into the official US State Department data and captures the latest Family & US visa approval trends for K1, CR1, IR1 and IR5 visas. This page is updated monthly.


    • K1 Visa processing is way up in May/June/July.  Almost to pre-Covid levels.  There is likely to be a significant backlog after not approving cases for 10-12 months!  Clearing the backlog could take 18 months at this rate.
    • IR1 Visa processing is below to pre-Covid rates.  Maybe trending down since K-1's may be taking resources away.  There is likely a backlog that will take several months to clear given the slow down last year.
    • CR1 Visa processing (couples married less than 2 years) is mirroring IR1 Visa trends.


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