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  • IR1/CR1 Visa Historical Processing Times

    The following graphs indicate the historical processing times for various key steps along the way to obtaining a IR1/CR1 Visa. This is useful so you can judge historic and current trends in processing times. The x-axis of the graphs indicates the date for the data with the most recent dates being on the far right (the far left is the oldest dates). The y-axis represents the actual processing time for that historical period.

    > The statistics below are generated from the member supported timeline section and reflect actual data provided by members just like you! Remember to add or update your timeline here.

    nav.gif Step 1: I-130 NOA1 Issue Time --> Filing date to I-130 NOA1 Date

    i130tsc-sent-noa1-history.gif i130nsc-sent-noa1-history.gif
    i130nbc-sent-noa1-history.gif i130ysc-sent-noa1-history.gif

    nav.gif Step 2: I-130 Processing Time at Service Centers (Filing date to I-130 Approval (NOA2)

    130tschistory.gif 130nschistory.gif
    130nbchistory.gif 130yschistory.gif


    nav.gif Step 3: I-130 Processing Time at the NVC


    nav.gif Step 4: Embassy IR1/CR1 Visa Processing Time (receives petition until issues visa)
    NOTE: This is an average of all consulates (see IR1/CR1 stats page for more information)




    icon13.gif For more detailed additional information please the the IR1/CR1 Visa Statistics page.

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