Kevbev09's US Immigration Timeline

  Petitioner's Name: Kevin
Beneficiary's Name: Beverley
VJ Member: Kevbev09
Country: Canada

Last Updated: 2013-05-04
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Immigration Checklist for Kevin & Beverley:

USCIS I-129F Petition:      
Dept of State K1 Visa:    
USCIS I-485 Petition:  
USCIS I-765 Petition:      
USCIS I-131 Petition:      
USCIS I-751 Petition:  
USCIS N-400 Petition:  

K1 Visa
Event Date
Service Center : Vermont Service Center
Transferred? No
Consulate : Montreal, Canada
I-129F Sent : 2009-08-10
I-129F NOA1 : 2009-08-17
I-129F RFE(s) :
RFE Reply(s) :
I-129F NOA2 : 2009-11-02
NVC Received : 2009-11-06
Date Case #, IIN, and BIN assigned :
NVC Left : 2009-11-17
Consulate Received : 2009-11-25
Packet 3 Received : 2009-12-02
Packet 3 Sent : 2010-01-14
Packet 4 Received : 2010-03-29
Interview Date : 2010-05-12
Interview Result : Administrative Review
Second Interview
(If Required):
Second Interview Result:
Visa Received : 2010-08-26
US Entry : 2010-08-27
Marriage : 2010-09-10
Comments :
Estimates/Stats :
Your I-129f was approved in 77 days from your NOA1 date.

Your interview took 268 days from your I-129F NOA1 date.

Port of Entry Review
Event Date
Port of Entry : CDN-USA Border
POE Date : 2010-08-27
Got EAD Stamp : No
Biometrics Taken : Yes
Harassment Level : 5
Comments : So I finally got my visa on Thursday, wasted no time at all to get to Kevin had my PoE the very next day since my stuff was mostly packed and my mom had the day off work.

She picked gate lucky 13, she apparently didn't even notice but I did . The CO there was giving everyone a hard time as far as we could tell, line was hella slow and the guy ahead of us had his trunk searched and at one point, we thought the CO was taking away his car keys, but after what looked like a long lecture he got everything back and it was our turn. My mom said straight away "I'm driving my daughter and she's entering on a visa". He looked at my passport, and obviously had no idea how a K-1 visa worked, he asked me "how long are you staying, when are you getting married, why are you in such a rush to get here if you don't even have a wedding date?!" The date will happen whenever we get the rings and license made up, both things we are doing TOGETHER obviously, but that wasn't good enough for him. I'm sure he asked a couple more ridiculous questions that I don't recall, also he said "you have THIRTY days to get married on this visa, you know" I wasn't gonna bother arguing with him so I just said yes. Also asked if I had the advance parole papers with me yet, I said no and showed him the orange envelope from the consulate, he said "okay you take that upstairs." He took our passports away, wrote us out a little slip of paper with our license plate number on it and number of occupants in the car, told us where to park and to walk along the white lines to get into the building and to go to the second floor.

We went up and sat down, there were about 20 other people in there and officers coming in and out. Waited maybe about 15 minutes before my name was called, and my mom came with me to the inner room. I was bracing myself for another interrogation like the interview, but the guy who dealt with us was REALLY nice and friendly, thankfully. He also had no idea how to deal with a K-1 though. He had a printed list of instructions of what to do, opened my orange package and tried to match up the papers there with his instructions, but he had a hard time with it and kept asking other people for help. Ironically enough the guy who helped him most was the officer who denied me at my first visit! Don't think he recognized me though.. lol. While we were waiting for him to come over, my CO asked just casually how long the visa had taken to process, I said "from the first application? over a year" and explained to him that I had just finished over 3 months of AP, he seemed pretty sympathetic that I hadn't been able to see Kevin the entire time!

At one point he asked if I had a driver's license or any other ID with me, but I hadn't brought anything in except the envelope and my x-ray (which he had no interest in). So he got my mom's car keys and I told him where he could find my wallet. He was down there for probably a good 20 minutes. As we found out later he searched through my boxes and bags since he left them all open, seemed especially interested in the folder I had containing copies of our entire file from start to finish, he left it on my seat lol. At any rate we saw him come back upstairs and photocopy my visa and my health card since I don't have a driver's license, but then he disappeared for probably another half hour. We got to stay in the inner room where people were being questioned though, lots of entertainment from people getting denied entry or trying to enter with improper ID.. I was thankful we were there for a GOOD reason.

Finally he came back, said everything had been approved and we just had to pay $6 USD for the I-94. We went around to the cashier, my mom had forgetten to bring any American money so she ended up paying $6 on credit lol, a little embarrassed and the cashier laughed at her. She gave our passports back and my ID, then my mom realized she hadn't gotten her car keys back, so the cashier went and found them.. then asked what kind of car she had and how she liked it, they had quite a long conversation about cars while I was eager to get going and call Kevin (we were in there nearly 2 hours total). Finally got away, we ran into the mean CO from the booth downstairs, he actually stopped and asked how it went for us.

Partway to Kevin's, my mom asked where I put the I-94. I was so confused, expecting it to be a bigger sheet like every other document we've had and I didn't remember the cashier actually giving it to us, so I panicked and dug through everything we'd been carrying, then I called the number that was on the receipt the cashier gave us. Got forwarded to different numbers probably 4-5 times, I said we paid for the I-94 but didn't receive it, so whoever answered the phone at customs took my name and cell number and said he'd figure out what happened. 5 minutes later he called me back and said "um, we have a photocopy of the I-94 in your passport, you have it with you." I looked and sure enough it said I-94 on it... Okay I had a blonde moment, but glad we didn't have to go back and try to sort THAT out.

Adjustment of Status
Event Date
CIS Office : Buffalo NY
Date Filed : 2010-10-14
NOA Date : 2010-10-26
RFE(s) : 2010-11-24
Bio. Appt. : 2010-11-16
AOS Transfer** :
Interview Date : 2011-02-03
Approval / Denial Date : 2011-02-03
Approved : Yes
Got I551 Stamp : No
Greencard Received: 2011-02-12
Comments : RFE 11/24/10, missing tax forms

We arrived at the office about 8:50 (our appointment was at 9, we were running a little later than planned). Got through security okay other than beeping the metal detector off our watches. We checked in downstairs then went upstairs, we were supposed to sign in there since there wasn't a receptionist but we didn't have a pen so just waited until someone came to the window. Only one other couple was in there with us, they had their lawyer with him and he went off to the washroom just before they were called in, so the officer told him "USCIS doesn't allow you to use your lawyer if he goes to the bathroom". Everyone in the room looked at him in shock including us, until he started laughing and waved them in.

We were sent in only a minute later. We showed our ID, were sworn in, then sat down and he asked us a few brief questions verifying our full names and birthdays and checking them off as he went, also asked my parents' names, and do we have any kids (nope). Asked our address and if anyone else lived with us (I said our cats.. lol). He asked if Kevin still had the same job and pay, Kevin said "no I recently had a promotion and raise" and he congratulated him. He asked a few simple questions about how we met and how frequently we had been visiting before our marriage, Kevin answered most of it. Then he pretty much said "since you've been married less than 2 years, you only get a conditional card, but I'll go ahead and approve it right now." Asked if we had any questions, I said no, we have done our homework and we know to apply to remove conditions in 2 years. Then he asked if we would like to add anything else to our file.. lol.. so we pulled out the folder full of papers and said, "well we brought a lot of stuff, may as well add some of it." Gave him copies of our lease, my SSN, wedding ring receipt, our insurance and bank statements and some emails we printed out. He said they already had copies of everything they needed but after we made such a fuss gathering everything up we had to practically force it on him. Also offered him some wedding photos but he didn't even want to see them. Escorted us out, said congrats and have a good day.

Entire thing took probably less than 5 mins.. Kevin was pretty disappointed lol.

Employment Authorization Document
Event Date
CIS Office : Chicago National Office
Filing Method : Mail
Filing Instance : First
Date Filed : 2010-10-14
NOA Date : 2010-10-26
RFE(s) :
Bio. Appt. : 2010-11-16
Approved Date :
Date Card Received :
Comments : RFE 11/24/10, missing tax forms

Never received EAD
Estimates/Stats :
Based on timeline data, your EAD may be adjudicated between May 24, 2011 and June 19, 2011*.

If this date range has passed or your application is past due per USCIS processing times then you should consider calling the USCIS to inquire on your petition. If you have been approved please update your timeline.

Advance Parole
Event Date
CIS Office : Chicago National Office
Filing Method :  
Filing Instance : First
Date Filed : 2010-10-14
NOA Date : 2010-10-26
RFE(s) :
Date Received :
Comments : Never received AP
Estimates/Stats :
Based on timeline data, your AP may be adjudicated between May 31, 2011 and June 21, 2011*.

If this date range has passed or your application is past due per USCIS processing times then you should consider calling the USCIS to inquire on your petition. If you have been approved please update your timeline.

Lifting Conditions
Event Date
CIS Office : Vermont Service Center
Date Filed : 2012-11-13
NOA Date : 2012-11-19
RFE(s) :
Bio. Appt. : 2012-12-18
Interview Date :
Approval / Denial Date : 2013-04-26
Approved : Yes
Got I551 Stamp : No
Green Card Received : 2013-05-04
Comments : FBI was unable to process original fingerprint card. Had to redo fingerprints for biometrics on 01/15/2013.

Approved with NO interview hurray, thank you USCIS for finally giving us a break :)

Member Reviews:

Consulate Review: Montreal, Canada
Review Topic: K1 Visa
Event Description
Review Date : August 29, 2010
Embassy Review : Got to the consulate at about 5-10 minutes before 7. I was first there but only just.. less than a minute later another guy wandered up. He kind of snuck ahead of me in line while I was saying goodbye to my mom, but I think he was just trying to get out of the wind, it was a bit chilly. A bunch more people showed up pretty quickly. The security guards opened the doors at about 7:30 or shortly after, the guy waved me up back in front of him thankfully. So the guard asked me what I was there for, I said \"a visa interview\" then he asked to see my application and I was like \"er what? which part of it? you mean the appointment letter?\" he said yes, the letter, so I gave it to him plus my passport. Got through security fine, got my \"brown card\" and my A, went and sat down in the waiting area.

About 7:50 the guard started taking the A-E folks, some of the others panicked because they had no letters but were assured they\'d get to come up next. There were 2 couples, another single (male) and a trio, I think a couple with their daughter. One of the couples was French and they got called ahead of me even though I had the A. Anyway my turn came at window 11, she pretty much emptied my first folder but gave me back most of the tax papers that I wasn\'t sure about. I didn\'t have my name written on the passport photos but she said that was fine, she was really nice and friendly as has been said before.

She sent me over to pay my fee \"before the crowd\" but I didn\'t beat the crowd. The cashier was not the regular lady I guess, she said she couldn\'t accept my payment unless I had exact change in US dollars or paid in credit (and the credit system is apparently not reliable either.) Said she would have to go downstairs to get change, and she was trying to get through a good bit of the line first, so I just paid in credit and it went through fine. She congratulated me afterwards.. sigh.

Went back to window 11, gave her the paper that said I paid and she took my fingerprints. I had to do it twice because I pressed too hard with my fingers I guess. Then went back to the main waiting area and ended up having a loooong wait which didn\'t help my nerves. The French couple got interviewed before me, but they were only in there for a few minutes.

Finally I got called to my interview, it was after 9 by this point. It was just the one guy asking questions but there was another man standing half in the doorway holding the door open, was kind of distracting. Here\'s what I remember being asked:

How did you meet your fiance?
When did you first meet in person?
Where did you meet?
Where does he live now, and where do you live?
Have you set a date for the wedding? (I said no, we are getting our rings first, and then asap after that)
What do you do for work?
Where does he work?
Have either of you been married before?
Do either of you have children?

Then he asked if I had any recent pictures to show him (he had the ones from our original app there) I said, he doesn\'t like having his picture taken but we did have a few. They were mostly taken by his parents the 2 times we went down there for Christmas. He grew a beard the second year and had lost about 40 pounds, but apparently that wasn\'t an obvious enough difference, the guy said \"these look like they\'re all from the same trip.\" I said \"no, they\'re not, they were taken 2 separate Christmases with his family\" then before I could explain further he said \"how often have you been down there?\" I thought he meant to see his family so I said \"just twice\" then he said \"why only twice?\" I said \"well it\'s an awfully long way, they live in Georgia\" He seemed a bit confused and said \"I meant, how often do you come to the US?\" and I said \"oh, every week or so\".

Then he moved on, asked if I had ever been denied entry, I said yes, the first time I tried to visit him, and explained that I had resumes with me and they thought I was planning to stay in the US and look for work, I tried to explain that it was an OVERSIGHT, not deliberate at all.. I had a folder of ID papers that I had been carrying around since I moved and I completely forgot that the resumes were in it, he didn\'t seem to accept that though, he said it looked bad. Good lord is that going to haunt me forever?

I don\'t remember any more questions, he had me put one of my fingers on the red square but it didn\'t accept the first one, so he changed to a different finger which worked (I hate fingerprint scanners).

Then he said, we are going to put your case in administrative processing, etc, I was so confused and asked if I was missing something, basically he said \"no, I have to do some homework on your case, it shouldn\'t take too long\" He asked if I needed to take my passport back for any reason that I would need to go to the US for something, so I asked him for a time frame, he basically said it shouldn\'t be longer than a week or so, not really any longer than if they had approved me and then my passport was slow going through the mail or something, but that he would contact me if he needed more information. He said I could email if it took too long, but he said \"give me a few days before you start panicking\". I asked if I would be contacted when it was approved and he just said \"no, you\'ll get the visa in the mail then\".

That was pretty much it, he handed me a couple papers \"explaining\" why I wasn\'t approved, circled the email address for me and the mailing address if they needed more information, and left the room. I walked out in a daze wondering what had just happened.

I kind of got the feeling today based on his questions that he wasn\'t satisfied that we have a real relationship, but I had plenty of other proof which he didn\'t ask for, including phone bills showing roaming charges with me in Kevin\'s town.

*Note, AP lasted 103 days before visa was issued, NOT COOL after he led me to believe it would be around a week. Both Kevin and I sent several emails to the consulate, NONE were answered, most requests for info from his senator and congressman went unanswered, a request for change of address took ~a month to be updated. DoS was not informed immediately when visa was issued...etc*

(updated on August 30, 2010)
Rating : Poor

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