F & J's US Immigration Timeline

  Petitioner's Name: J
Beneficiary's Name: F
VJ Member: F & J
Country: Philippines

Last Updated: 2016-01-25
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Immigration Checklist for J & F:

USCIS I-129F Petition:      
Dept of State K1 Visa:    
USCIS I-485 Petition:  
USCIS I-765 Petition:      
USCIS I-131 Petition:      
USCIS I-751 Petition:  
USCIS N-400 Petition:  

K1 Visa
Event Date
Service Center : California Service Center
Transferred? No
Consulate : Manila, Philippines
I-129F Sent : 2009-02-09
I-129F NOA1 : 2009-02-12
I-129F RFE(s) :
RFE Reply(s) :
I-129F NOA2 : 2009-03-31
NVC Received :
Date Case #, IIN, and BIN assigned :
NVC Left : 2009-04-23
Consulate Received :
Packet 3 Received : 2009-05-06
Packet 3 Sent :
Packet 4 Received : 2009-06-01
Interview Date : 2009-06-18
Interview Result : Approved
Second Interview
(If Required):
Second Interview Result:
Visa Received : 2009-06-23
US Entry : 2009-06-27
Marriage : 2009-08-31
Comments : 2009-02-17 = *touch*
2009-02-21 = I-797C (NOA1) hard copy
2009-04-06 = I-797 (NOA2) hard copy
2009-04-17 = NVC Letter received
2009-05-06 = Embassy Letter received
2009-06-01 = Scheduled Visa Interview
* Appointment set for 2009-06-18, 7 AM
2009-06-08 = Medical, 1st day
2009-06-09 = Medical, 2nd day
2009-08-20 = SSN Application
2009-08-27 = SSN Card received
2009-08-30 = Marriage License Application
*** MARRIED ***
2009-09-25 = I-94 expiration
Estimates/Stats :
Your I-129f was approved in 47 days from your NOA1 date.

Your interview took 126 days from your I-129F NOA1 date.

Port of Entry Review
Event Date
Port of Entry : Detroit
POE Date : 2009-06-27
Got EAD Stamp : No
Biometrics Taken : Yes
Harassment Level : 0
Comments : The POE interview was pretty quick. I was asked about my fiance and our relationship; how and when we met, how long we've been together. The CBP officer reminded me that we have 90 days to get married and that we should file for AOS right after marriage, within those 90 days - though he said technically we just need to fill the requirement of getting married, he said it would be better for me if we filed within 90 days. Then he asked me about stuff that I would be bringing in to the U.S. I only brought clothes and toys - for my fiance's nephew's birthday - which he said were ok. He stamped my passport and attached the I-94 Arrival-Departure Record and sent me on my way to baggage claim / my connecting flight.

Adjustment of Status
Event Date
CIS Office : Detroit MI
Date Filed : 2010-01-04
NOA Date : 2010-01-11
RFE(s) :
Bio. Appt. : 2010-02-03
AOS Transfer** :
Interview Date : 2010-04-01
Approval / Denial Date : 2010-04-01
Approved : Yes
Got I551 Stamp : No
Greencard Received: 2010-04-10
Comments : 2010-01-06 = Received Date on I-797C
2010-01-11 = MSC date on check
2010-01-12 = Check cashed
2010-01-12 = *touch*
2010-01-13 = I-797C (NOA) hard copy
2010-01-14 = I-797C ASC Notice Date
2010-01-21 = ASC Notice Postmark
2010-01-25 = ASC Notice hard copy
2010-02-03 = *touch*
2010-02-11 = USPS Return Receipt received
2010-02-16 = Interview Notice Date
* Priority Date: 2010-01-06
2010-02-17 = Interview Notice Postmark
2010-02-20 = Interview Notice hard copy
2010-04-01 = Card Production ordered
* I-797, Welcome Notice Date
2010-04-02 = *touch*
* I-797, Welcome Notice Postmark
2010-04-05 = *touch*
2010-04-06 = 2nd card production email; I-797D Date
2010-04-07 = *touch*
2010-04-08 = I-797, Welcome Notice rcvd
* Approval notice sent email
* I-551 Postmark
2010-04-09 = *touch*
* Conditional GC Expiration: 2012-04-01
* Lifting of Conditions: 2012-01-02

Employment Authorization Document
Event Date
CIS Office : Chicago National Office
Filing Method : Mail
Filing Instance : First
Date Filed : 2010-01-04
NOA Date : 2010-01-11
RFE(s) :
Bio. Appt. : 2010-02-03
Approved Date : 2010-03-09
Date Card Received : 2010-03-17
Comments : 2010-01-06 = Received Date on I-797C
2010-01-12 = *touch*
2010-01-13 = I-797C (NOA1) hard copy
2010-01-14 = I-797C ASC Notice Date
2010-01-21 = ASC Notice Postmark
2010-01-25 = ASC Notice hard copy
2010-02-03 = *touch*
2010-03-09 = 1st card production email
2010-03-10 = *touch*
2010-03-12 = 2nd card production email; I-797D Date
2010-03-15 = *touch*
* Approval notice sent; Postmark
2010-03-16 = Approval notice sent email
Estimates/Stats :
Your EAD was approved in 64 days.

Advance Parole
Event Date
CIS Office : Chicago National Office
Filing Method :  
Filing Instance : First
Date Filed : 2010-01-04
NOA Date : 2010-01-11
RFE(s) :
Date Received : 2010-03-13
Comments : 2010-01-06 = Received Date on I-797C
2010-01-12 = *touch*
2010-01-13 = I-797C (NOA) hard copy
2010-03-10 = Approval notice sent email
* Postmark
2010-03-11 = *touch*
Estimates/Stats :
Your AP was approved in 64 days.

Lifting Conditions
Event Date
CIS Office : California Service Center
Date Filed : 2012-01-04
NOA Date : 2012-01-05
RFE(s) : 2012-07-09
Bio. Appt. : 2012-02-09
Interview Date :
Approval / Denial Date : 2012-08-08
Approved : Yes
Got I551 Stamp : No
Green Card Received : 2012-08-17
Comments : 2011-12-05 = Postmark on Notice of Requirement to File Joint Petition to Remove the Conditional Basis of an Alien's Permanent Residence Status
2011-12-09 = Reminder Notice received at old address (forwarded by USPS to our new address)
2012-01-04 = I-751 packet mailed via USPS Express Mail
2012-01-05 = I-751 packet delivered at 10:40 am in Laguna Niguel, CA 92607 to INS Express Mail, signed for by M Guerrero
2012-01-09 = $590 ($505 I-751 filing fee + $85 biometrics fee) ACH transaction posted - check cashed
2012-01-09 = I-797 (NOA) Postmark
2012-01-12 = I-797 (NOA) hard copy
2012-01-12 = ASC Notice Date
2012-01-13 = ASC Notice Postmark
2012-01-17 = ASC Notice hard copy
2012-07-09 = RFE Notice Date
2012-07-10 = RFE Notice Postmark
2012-07-14 = RFE Notice hard copy
2012-08-01 = RFE Response packet mailed via USPS Express Mail
2012-08-02 = RFE Response packet delivered at 10:22 am in Laguna Niguel, CA 92607 to INS Express Mail, signed for by V Semegi
2012-08-09 = Approval Letter Postmark
2012-08-13 = Approval Letter received
2012-08-13 = Card Production ordered
2012-08-14 = Card Production text and email received
2012-08-15 = Card Mailed text and email received
* Eligible for Naturalization: 2013-01-01

Event Date
Service Center : Nebraska Service Center (Military Filing)
CIS Office : Fresno CA
Date Filed : 2015-11-07
NOA Date : 2015-11-18
Bio. Appt. : 2015-12-11
Interview Date : 2016-01-22
Approved : Yes
Oath Ceremony : 2016-01-22
Comments : 2015-11-07 = N-400 packet mailed via USPS Priority Mail Express 2-Day || 2015-11-10 = I-797C (NOA) Received Date and Priority Date; N-400 packet delivered at 11:00 am in LINCOLN, NE 68501 to INS EXPRESS, signed for by J JUAREZ || 2015-11-17 = Check ACH pending - NSC FIELD OFFICE PAYMENT || 2015-11-18 = I-797C Notice Date; Check ACH cleared || 2015-11-19 = I-797C Postmark || 2015-11-23 = I-797C hard copy received || 2015-11-25 = I-797C Biometrics Notification Postmark || 2015-11-28 = Biometrics Notification hard copy received || 2015-12-15 = Text/Email Alert, myUSCIS Status Update: Case Is In Line For An Interview || 2015-12-29 = Text/Email Alert, myUSCIS Status Update: Testing and Interview - Interview Was Scheduled || 2015-12-30 = Interview Notice Date || 2015-12-31 = Interview Descheduled Notice Date || 2016-01-04 = Interview Notice and Interview Descheduled Notice Postmark || 2016-01-07 = Interview Notice and Interview Descheduled Notice hard copies received || 2016-01-11 = Received call from USCIS, Interview Rescheduled to 2016/01/22 = New Interview Letter Notice Date || 2016-01-12 = New Interview Letter Postmark || 2016-01-15 = New Interview Letter hard copy received || 2016-01-22 = Interview (Rescheduled from 2016/02/02) || 2016-01-22 = Same day Oath Ceremony || 2016-02-02 = Interview (Descheduled) || I am a United States Citizen!!!

Member Reviews:

Consulate Review: Manila, Philippines
Review Topic: K1 Visa
Event Description
Review Date : June 20, 2009
Embassy Review : Interview Date: June 18, 2009 at 7:00 AM.

The consul who interviewed me was very nice He was very courteous and polite - no problems at all! He spoke Tagalog very well and that made me feel at ease (though I opted to answer all his questions in English). The interview was nice and short. He asked for my name, my birthday and the rest of the questions were about my fiance: what he does for a living, how we met, how many times he's been to the Philippines, when we plan to get married, if we've ever been married before, if we have kids...and then he apologized about the long and stressful process with the petition and visa (my heart stopped!) but then he said, "Your visa has been approved!" Oh, I was so happy!! I could've hugged him! I will be forever grateful - I will pray for him everyday for the rest of my life (may he find/have happiness, success, health!!!)!

Now we're just waiting for my passport/visa to be delivered. ^_^ I will get to see my best friend, the love of my life very soon <3 I can't wait!

(updated on April 1, 2010)
Rating : Very Good

Local US CIS Office Review: Detroit MI
Review Topic: cis_topic
Event Description
Review Date : April 1, 2010
Embassy Review : We got to the USCIS office about 10-15 minutes before our scheduled appointment (8 AM). We went through security check - had a bit of hold up because of my compact mirror (it was a birthday gift from my brother's fiancee - I guess it beeped because it was made of metal) - even the security personnel were wondering because I had nothing else in my purse; just our passports, my planner, wallet, pens, lip sunscreen and house key. I took out the mirror and they put my purse through the machine again and it cleared. After that we went to the reception desk and we were told to go through the automatic doors and drop our interview notice in the tray in Window 8 and wait for my name to be called. We waited for about 45 minutes. About 4 people who came after us were called before we were. One man was called but his wife wasn't allowed to come in with him. My hubby and I thought that they interviewed couples separately but when the IO called my name, my hubby went up to him and asked if he could come and the IO said, "The more the merrier!" I guess the other man was on a different visa? There was also a family of five who all went in together so I'm not sure. Or maybe it depends on the IO?

We went in to the IO's 'office' and my hubby asked, "Should I close the door, sir?" and the IO said that we could leave it open because he was a bit claustrophobic. He was really pleasant! The first thing he asked us was, "So, you got married in Vegas?" and we smiled and said yes. He asked if we had a nice time and we said for sure. He asked if we gambled - my hubby told him about how he placed a bet on the Steelers preseason game and won. The IO asked if my hubby grew up a Steelers fan and my hubby said it was hard to be a Lions fan (the Lions being the worst team in the NFL). I said we rooted for the Vikings all year and the IO laughed. My hubby added that we just didn't tell anyone about it. LOL. The IO asked us if we had any plans for Easter and my hubby answered that we'd probably go down to my mother-in-law's. I also added that my sister-in-law might have something planned. The IO said he was planning on just watching basketball. My husband asked about how his bracket was and the IO said it went bad fast (same as my husband, after the first round, a lot of his teams were eliminated). I said at least Michigan State made it to the Final Four! The IO said, "There's something to cheer about!" and we all laughed.

At some point during that conversation or maybe after (I can't remember), the IO asked us for my passport and our marriage certificate (I asked if he wanted my husband's too but he just wanted mine). He took my I-94 and punched a hole through it and kept it (with my file? I can't remember either, LOL Ė my hubby said that they even use the same folders that the military uses - all of the papers were fastened together in one brown folder). He asked me my full name, birth date, country of birth, asked if we had any children. He also asked if Iíve ever worked outside our home (something like that) and I said No because I just received my EAD card about 2 weeks ago and havenít even started looking for a job yet. He mentioned that it is hard in Michigan (having one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation). He went through all the questions in the I-485 to which I answered "NO" - I believe at one point, when asked about ever being deported, I added that it was my first time in the U.S. - he encircled all my answers on the I-485 with a red marker. Then he closed the folder, took a yellow post-it, stuck it in front of the folder and wrote I-485 on it. He handed back my passport and our marriage certificate and he said, "Congratulations, you are now a Permanent Resident!" He said he didn't have anything to give me right then and there that says I'm a permanent resident because it takes them about two weeks but we should have my card in the mail very soon. He didn't ask for my EAD or AP or anything else. He said that since we've been married for less than 2 years, I'll get the 2-year conditional green card and within 90 days of expiry, we have to file another application (I-751). My hubby asked if we'd have to go back to the office for another interview for that. The IO said that files get pulled out randomly and lately interviews have been increasing but as long as our marriage looks good on paper (all the stuff we send in for the I-751), we'll be fine.

The name change issue didn't come up but my hubby asked anyway. The IO explained that they go by the Birth Certificate. What he could do was use my first name as in my birth certificate (I have two first names) then drop my middle name completely and just change my last name to my husband's last name - I'd just be one of those people with no middle name. The other option was to keep my middle name from birth (mother's last name) and change my last name to my husband's name. No matter what, I'd still have two first names. The IO said that most people from the Philippines opt for the first one - no middle name but I opted for the 2nd one. The IO put it in the system that I'll be keeping my middle name. He said it's not really a big deal because when they look me up in the system, they'll just look at first name and last name. The middle name isn't really that important. And we can still change it when we file the I-751. Then he and my hubby got to talking about naming conventions for other countries and how it must be difficult. The IO laughed and said, "We manage."
My hubby also asked the IO about address changes (because with the military we pretty much have to move every 3 years) and whether we have to notify the USCIS and the IO said not to worry about it until we file the I-751.

I asked if he needed the certified copy of our Marriage Certificate and he said copies were all they needed. I asked him again if he needed anything else from us and he said, "No, too much paperwork already!" LOL. We had a huge folder with all our documents (copies) and a paperbag with all of the originals as well as 2 photo albums but he didn't ask for anything. I guess we'll save those for the I-751

He walked us out the door, through the hallway and even opened the outer door towards the waiting room for us. His parting words were, "If we don't see you again, that will be a good thing." (something like that) "It was nice to meet you!"

All in all, I'd say the actual interview regarding the I-485 lasted no more than 2, maybe 3 minutes? We were in and out so fast! It was really great experience! ^___^ We had a really nice IO.

* About an hour after our interview, I received a txt message and an email!
On April 1, 2010, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

(updated on April 1, 2010)
Harassment Level : Very Good

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