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Ishani Sarkar's US Immigration Timeline

  Petitioner's Name: Arnold
Beneficiary's Name: Ishani
VJ Member: Ishani Sarkar
Country: India

Last Updated: 2023-11-11
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Immigration Checklist for Arnold & Ishani:

USCIS I-129F Petition:      
Dept of State K1 Visa:    
USCIS I-485 Petition:  
USCIS I-765 Petition:      
USCIS I-131 Petition:      
USCIS I-751 Petition:  
USCIS N-400 Petition:  

K1 Visa
Event Date
Service Center : California Service Center
Transferred? No
Consulate : Mumbai, India
I-129F Sent : 2022-04-06
I-129F NOA1 : 2022-04-08
I-129F RFE(s) :
RFE Reply(s) :
I-129F NOA2 : 2023-05-21
NVC Received : 2023-08-01
Date Case #, IIN, and BIN assigned : 2023-08-01
NVC Left :
Consulate Received :
Packet 3 Received :
Packet 3 Sent :
Packet 4 Received :
Interview Date : 2023-11-07 Submit Review
Interview Result : Approved
Second Interview
(If Required):
Second Interview Result:
Visa Received :
US Entry :
Marriage :
Comments :
Estimates/Stats :
Your I-129f was approved in 408 days from your NOA1 date.

Your interview took 578 days from your I-129F NOA1 date.

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James&Edna on 2023-08-26 said:
Hi there! Have you received any response from the Consulate yet?
Ishani Sarkar on 2023-08-26 said:
Hi there, I received an email from them after I send them a query. It just says go to k1 packet 4 download. They don't send packet 4 info now a days as per my research. So once your case shows ready just fill DS 160, pay the visa fees n schedule your interview. Make sure you get the PCC and medical test before that. Medical test should be done 14 days prior to the interview date. PCC takes time so better apply it. I am about to schedule my interview soon. I have filled my DS 160. Thnx
James&Edna on 2023-08-27 said:
Okay thanks a lot on helping me out! What if I haven’t received the invoice number yet or the welcome letter? I just received the K1-FTP with the case number. When is your interview? Thank you!
Ishani Sarkar on 2023-08-27 said:
The K1-FTP is the welcome letter from NVC. You don't get now any welcome letter from the consulate. I will schedule my interview soon. Email NVC to assign you with your invoice id. The K1-FTP doesn't have any invoice id. My attorney is helping me with the k1 process. Thank you
Ishani Sarkar on 2023-08-27 said:
Now you may check with your case number on the site U.S Department of state (consular electronic application centre). Select immigrant visa and type your case number. It will show if your case is in transit or ready. If it shows ready then fill the DS 160, pay the visa fees and schedule your interview. 2 weeks prior to the interview get your medical done. Hope you have your Police Clearance Certificate. Check all the docs required for K1(Packet 4) on the U.S Embassy site, Mumbai. Thank You
James&Edna on 2023-08-27 said:
Thank you so much dear!?????? I got my PCC 3 weeks ago. I just have to do the medical examination and fill out DS-160! And also have sent inquire to the NVC about the invoice number a week ago.
James&Edna on 2023-08-27 said:
Thank you so much dear! I got my PCC 3 weeks ago. I just have to do the medical examination and fill out DS-160! And also have sent inquire to the NVC about the invoice number a week ago.
Ishani Sarkar on 2023-08-27 said:
James&Edna on 2023-08-28 said:
Hi! Has your fiancé filled out the i-134 form yet?
James&Edna on 2023-09-06 said:
Hi there! I hope I’m not troubling you. Are you using the beneficiary number that starts with “A” on your NOA2, anywhere in form I-134 and also in the visa application? Thank you!
Ishani Sarkar on 2023-09-06 said:
No you are not troubling me at all. My Fiance is about to fill the form I-134. The A number is the alien fiance number.
James&Edna on 2023-09-11 said:
Thank you very much dear!
Ishani Sarkar on 2023-09-12 said:
No problem and welcome dear. Hey did you pay the visa interview fee on the portal? My Fiance is trying to make the payment and he is unable to. If you have made your payment please guide me how to do it. Thnx
Ishani Sarkar on 2023-09-16 said:
My payment got through. Now I am having finding slots on the portal. It says no slots available for OFC. Have you booked your biometrics?
James&Edna on 2023-09-22 said:
Hi dear! I’m sorry I just got to see your text. I had trouble logging into the new portal for the last two weeks. Finally I was able to login yesterday. But still couldn’t pay the fee yet. I hope to work on paying the fee today and try to find slots. I’m happy that you are finally able to pay the fee. When is your interview scheduled? Have you taken the medical exam?
Ishani Sarkar on 2023-09-22 said:
Thank you dear. I really had a hard time paying the fee using my debit cards and my Fiance also tried using his credit cards too in the U.S. So I finally went to Axis Bank and made the payment. Just go to bank and make the payment. Axis or Citibank. Both will work. My payment reflected in 1 business day. This new portal is such a mess. And ya no slots are available. Everyone is trying on this portal since Sep 1st week and it says no slots available. So without slots I can't book my medical. I don't know what's going on. Either they have not released slots for K1 as less applicants for interview or there is some technical glitch. I have emailed the embassy and they are not responding.
James&Edna on 2023-09-23 said:
Hi dear! Finally I paid the fee online yesterday and got the receipt through email. I tried to book appointment for OFC but slots are not available.
Ishani Sarkar on 2023-09-24 said:
That's good to hear .. your payment was successful. But yes it's sad we are not able to find any slots. Every time it says slots not available for OFC. I don't know when they would release them. I am so worried now. If you find any slot pls let me know and I will also let you know if I find any. Thnx dear
James&Edna on 2023-09-25 said:
Me too! Sure I will let you know Asap! Thank you dear
James&Edna on 2023-09-26 said:
Hi dear! Did you get any slot for OFC?
Ishani Sarkar on 2023-09-26 said:
Not yet. And you?
James&Edna on 2023-09-27 said:
James&Edna on 2023-09-29 said:
Hi there! Have you tried again to schedule the OFC appointment?
blank avatar Hyliota on 2023-10-02 said:
Hi Ishani and Edna. Did you guys manage to find any slots? The page constantly shows 'No Slots Available' and we're now getting very antsy. Have any of you joined the WhatsApp group that someone posted about on the recent K1 thread, and if yes, is it possible to share the link on DM? We'd be grateful for any help, thanks!
Ishani Sarkar on 2023-10-02 said:
Hi Hyliota. No slots available as of yet. Keep checking. Let me see if I am able to send you the link here.
blank avatar VNR on 2023-10-16 said:
Hi there! We are in the process of setting up my profile to book an interview appointment for K1 visa at Mumbai consulate. I wanted to check if there is a WhatsApp group that I can get added to? to get updates on the interview slots?
blank avatar VNR on 2023-10-16 said:
Also while setting up the profile under immigrant visa options, once you select K visas, it asks you to enter the DS260 application number but from what i have read for K1 visas we need to complete DS160. Do we add the DS160 application number?
Ishani Sarkar on 2023-10-16 said:
Enter the DS 160 number next to DS 260. I am no more part of the whatsapp K1 group. There is one though. I completed my biometrics on the 12th Oct and today I am heading for my medical. My interview is ok the 7th Nov. Pls check slots between 3pm to 6:30 pm IST esp Mon to Thursday. They do release mass slots. Thnx
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