Andre and Olga's US Immigration Timeline

  Petitioner's Name: Andre
Beneficiary's Name: Olga
VJ Member: Andre and Olga
Country: Philippines

Last Updated: 2020-07-07
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Immigration Checklist for Andre & Olga:

USCIS I-130 Petition:      
Dept of State IR-1/CR-1 Visa:    
USCIS I-751 Petition:  
USCIS N-400 Petition:  

IR-1/CR-1 Visa
Event Date
Service Center : Nebraska Service Center
Transferred? No
Consulate : Manila, Philippines
Marriage (if applicable): 2019-04-02
I-130 Sent : 2019-10-11
I-130 NOA1 : 2019-10-15
I-130 RFE :
I-130 RFE Sent :
I-130 Approved : 2020-05-20
NVC Received : 2020-05-20
Received DS-261 / AOS Bill : 2020-05-20
Pay AOS Bill : 2020-05-20
Receive I-864 Package :
Send AOS Package : 2020-06-10
Submit DS-261 :
Receive IV Bill : 2020-05-20
Pay IV Bill : 2020-05-22
Send IV Package : 2020-05-22
Receive Instruction and Interview appointment letter :
Case Completed at NVC : 2020-06-01
NVC Left : 2020-06-01
Consulate Received : 2020-06-15
Packet 3 Received :
Packet 3 Sent :
Packet 4 Received :
Interview Date : 2020-06-23 Submit Review
Interview Result : Approved
Second Interview
(If Required):
Second Interview Result:
Visa Received : 2020-06-26
US Entry : 2020-07-03
Comments : - NVC Expedite request approved (with condition), sent to US Embassy Manila On 1 June.
- Used approved expedite letter to schedule St. Lukes medical exam, they accepted us without official US Embassy Interview letter 15 June.
- On 22 June, Manila Embassy contacted us to schedule expedited visa interview for 23 June. They are slowly opening, but only for expedited/special cases.
- 23 June, Interview and Biometrics complete, approved. Visa should take 2 weeks to return to us.
- 26 June, visa in hand.
- 1 July, CFO telephone interview with counselor complete, and sticker physically picked up same afternoon
- 3 July.. we are together finally in the US!
Estimates/Stats :
Your I-130 was approved in 218 days from your NOA1 date.

Your interview took 252 days from your I-130 NOA1 date.

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Timeline Comments: 44

Tony&Jean on 2020-06-17 said:
Did you get your appointment for the consulate already
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-17 said:
No not yet, I have emailed the embassy twice. But we probably won’t hear anything until after 3 July. My wife was able to register for the medical exam and do the medical portion on Monday though
Tony&Jean on 2020-06-17 said:
Did she get her appointment email already, it says you need to bring that with you to the medical exam. Also does she have all her vaccinations or did she get them before the exam or did they offer them at the clinic? She went to the St lukes@
Tony&Jean on 2020-06-17 said:
Would you mind messaging me on Whatsapp
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-17 said:
She was able to register online at, and since we do not have an embassy interview appointment yet, it gave us the option to leave it blank. Online registration let us register 30 days out from the exam date, so our original exam date was 8 July. Since we were approved expedite, she only had to print the expedite approval email, registration email and the payment receipt, and they let her in on 15 June. They did her labs in the morning, and immunizations that afternoon. She had no record of previous vaccinations, so they gave her four, and she has to go to a private clinic to get the polio one (they ran out). @ end of her exam they gave her a copy of the vaccination record. Everything else was sent to embassy on 16 June.
Tony&Jean on 2020-06-17 said:
My phone number is 586-224-7100 could you also have your wife message my wife her number is + +63-956-182-9986 I would do it myself but I'm currently driving as I drive truck over the road
blank avatar Dindin on 2020-06-17 said:
How many days have yoy waited for the expedite approval?
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-17 said:
12 days
blank avatar Dindin on 2020-06-18 said:
what is the reason for expediting the process?
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-18 said:
I asked to expedite due to moving to my next assignment
blank avatar Dindin on 2020-06-18 said:
okay thank you...does she have schedule for interview?
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-18 said:
No, not yet.. nothing heard from embassy yet.
blank avatar Dindin on 2020-06-18 said:
where did u send the expedite request?May I ask about the format of thr expedite letter?
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-18 said:
I would suggest if you haven't done so already, to join these groups on facebook: NVC Process Help; National Visa Center Stage for CR1 Applicants; and USCIS NVC VISA PROCESS HELP. I will copy one of their earlier posts that helped me write and send mine: You can request an expedite at NVC phase anytime once your I-130 petition is approved and received by National Visa Center. Tip: You DO NOT need to wait to receive your Welcome Letter. Here is the SAMPLE of how you can request an expedite at NVC, The only way to expedite your case at NVC stage is by email. You will need to send an email to “ “. in the subject line write ”Request for NVC Expedite OR your NVC case number” In the body part of email include; Beneficiary’s and Petitioner’s full name and date of birth. Summarize your reason for the NVC expedite request. Example; I, (Petitioner’s name) formally requesting that my wife/husband/children (Beneficiary’s name) ‘s case to be expedited. State your reason. Provide an attachment of evidence that supporting your reason End your request with gratitude. NVC takes few days to email you their decision on expedite – The decision depends on the embassy of Beneficiary’s interview will be held. They’d be three things, either they’d: 1. Reject it ; in this case you’ll have to wait till documents get Qualified and then another wait for the Interview letter. 2. Unconditional approve; they’ll immediately send your file to the embassy in this case all documents will be seen at the embassy and you would skip the NVC stage. You can contact your embassy as soon as your expedite has been approved to speed up your case even more. You also schedule your own interview date & time. 3. Conditional approve; they won’t skip the NVC stage, but they’ll skip the wait time for the interview letter, you’d have to wait for the DQ, but still would have to schedule your own interview. Tip: Reasons for expedite at NVC stage are not as strict as USCIS. You can try anything (Celebrating birthdays/ anniversary together, medical reason, financial hardship etc.)
blank avatar Dindin on 2020-06-18 said:
Thank you so much for the info and tips. I already sent an email to expedite our case with my daughter. God bless 😊
blank avatar Dindin on 2020-06-18 said:
Is it okay if the I, the beneficiary will send an email? Because my husband is too weak to do so
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-18 said:
Just sent you a message to your inbox :)
blank avatar _dbp on 2020-06-24 said:
Congrats! Can we still expedite our case eventhough we're not yet finished submitting all the documents needed at the NVC stage?
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-24 said:
Yes you can submit the NVC request anytime
Imjustintime on 2020-06-25 said:
Hello, I got an expedite approval back in March before the embassy closes. The status on CEAC shows that its in Manila. What should I do now?
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-25 said:
Email the embassy and request expedited interview.. u can also do medical without interview letter, just bring printout of your expedite approval
Chicx365 on 2020-06-25 said:
Hi, just wondering what is the reason for an expedited interview? I am a recipient of CR 1 visa, my husband is in the US with multiple complex health issues etc. He sent a FEDEX mail and e-mail to US embassy requesting for expedited visa interview, including a letter from the doctor but all we got is a generic response that USEM is not processing any visa. Any suggestions, should I let him call the US embassy.
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-25 said:
If your case is already at USEM.. then he can email them. I also received generic response from them first. You can also call the embassy, if the medical is severe, and request emergency expedite.. our reason for expedite was not health related, it was due to my job. I just requested her to be with me before my next assignment.
Gi Deon on 2020-06-26 said:
Congratulations guys
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-26 said:
Thank you!
blank avatar Jaze on 2020-06-26 said:
Hi! I just have a quick question regarding the interview in Manila, if they needed or was it required for the beneficiary to show proof of health insurance once they enter the U.S? Btw Congrats!
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-26 said:
Jaze, thank you! We had proof of health insurance ready to show them, but they did not ask.
blank avatar Beeya on 2020-06-26 said:
Hi, what was your reason for the request to expedite your papers? Are you in the military? Thanks.
blank avatar Tinaboom on 2020-06-29 said:
Wow congrats😁 I have a question tho, for the interview did you bring the original compy for the tax return/transcript and the w2s? Or photocopy is ok? Thank you😁
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-29 said:
All the petitioners Things can be photocopy because I am in the US. But, all the civil docs from the applicant must be original copies
IsItLekker on 2020-06-30 said:
Congratulations you guys :)
blank avatar Tinaboom on 2020-06-30 said:
Thank you...😁....Congratulations again..
Andre And Olga on 2020-06-30 said:
Thank u all!
TJL on 2020-07-01 said:
Hi guys! My Wife goes in today. (940pm for me here in NY, 940am Thursday for her there in Manila.) Two quick questions: Did you have to do the CFO class in-person or just online? Also, have you received the Visa yet? Thanks!
TJL on 2020-07-01 said:
Also: What docs did they ask for? The letter from them said not to bring any of the petitioner stuff because it's already in CEAC. Should we bring it anyway?
Andre And Olga on 2020-07-02 said:
@TJL- CFO registered online, had appointment over the phone, then physically went to get sticker/certificate. Yes, Olga received visa very quick- same week we had interview! (Three days later). In her interview, they only asked for her civil docs. BUT, she had EVERYTHING - all my documents, literally everything we submitted from the including the I-130. I-864, and everything else (originals of her stuff, copies of mine). Hope this helps
TJL on 2020-07-02 said:
Thank you! (We got an approval today!)
Andre And Olga on 2020-07-02 said:
Wow!! Congrats! I’m sorry so didn’t see the message sooner. But that’s great news!! Hope the rest of the process goes quickly!!
TJL on 2020-07-05 said:
@Andre And Olga: Thank you! Did you track the visa delivery via the 2Go website? I'm impatient and want to track it, but it's not showing yet. (Searching by passport number.) Her Interview was on Thursday, so if it tracks with YOUR timeline, we should have the Visa in-hand by the end of the upcoming week yes? :) Very curious about whether you tracked it on 2Go or not and how you did so. :)
Andre And Olga on 2020-07-07 said:
Hello, we called 2Go and was tracking it that way
Chicx365 on 2020-07-08 said:
Congratulations on the 2 of you! Andre, what is the contact phone number that you use when calling the US Embassy Manila if you are in the US. My husband is so frustrated because, he can't get anyone to respond. He sent 2 emails and FEDEX mail with copies of our documents. We are requesting for an emergency expedite due to health reasons. Thanks again
Andre And Olga on 2020-07-08 said:
I could not contact the embassy from here, I could not find a US number. My wife contacted them. If you have an emergency I suggest you do the same, I believe they have emergency contact info on the embassy site
Tony&Jean on 2020-07-08 said:
Don't waste time calling you need to email them at this email address I just called and the rep said they were not scheduling any interview appointments. After I informed her we filed for an expedited interview she instructed me to email the Consular officer at that email address. Best of luck.
Chicx365 5 hours ago said:
Thank you guys (Andre & Olga) (Tony & Jean), we sent an email twice already. He also sent letters from his doctors, medical records etc. The one positive thing that I saw was an update on ceac dated 6/25/2020. I hope someone is working on my case. I felt so bad for my husband. I also called USEM requesting for expedited interview but the CSR informed me that the embassy most staff is working remotely and only skeletal force. Appreciate all your comments.
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