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jaycali's US Immigration Timeline

blank avatar   Petitioner's Name: j
Beneficiary's Name: j
VJ Member: jaycali
Country: Armenia

Last Updated: 2013-11-08
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Immigration Checklist for j & j:

USCIS I-130 Petition:      
Dept of State IR-1/CR-1 Visa:    
USCIS I-751 Petition:  
USCIS N-400 Petition:  

IR-1/CR-1 Visa
Event Date
Service Center : Texas Service Center
Transferred? No
Consulate : Armenia
Marriage (if applicable):
I-130 Sent :
I-130 NOA1 :
I-130 RFE :
I-130 RFE Sent :
I-130 Approved :
NVC Received :
Received DS-261 / AOS Bill :
Pay AOS Bill :
Receive I-864 Package :
Send AOS Package :
Submit DS-261 :
Receive IV Bill :
Pay IV Bill :
Send IV Package :
Receive Instruction and Interview appointment letter :
Case Completed at NVC :
NVC Left :
Consulate Received :
Packet 3 Received :
Packet 3 Sent :
Packet 4 Received :
Interview Date :
Interview Result :
Second Interview
(If Required):
Second Interview Result:
Visa Received :
US Entry :
Comments :
Estimates/Stats :
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Member Reviews:

Consulate Review: Sweden
Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa
Event Description
Review Date : November 6, 2012
Embassy Review : Visa approved!! Thanks everyone for all your help!!!!

A blonde American lady in her 50s greeted me with a smile and said "I see you had a wonderful wedding in Hawaii!" To which I answered "yes, perfect place to do it!" She then said "yes, I saw the pictures!"

I was in a haze for most of the interview, but from what I remember the questions went something like this from there on:

- So when was the wedding?
- And where did you meet?
- And where did you go to school? (I went to school in the US)
- What made you choose that school?
- So tell me how the relationship progressed.
- What's something about her that you love, and what's something that irritates you?
- How long were you two together in the US?
- Why now all of a sudden did you guys choose to go to the US?
- What do you do for work?
- What will you be doing in the US?
- Who will be managing you guys\' finances?

- Ok, well I'm going to authorize your visa. We haven't been able to run a name check yet though so I'm going to do that now, it'll take about 30 minutes. If nothing comes up you're all set, so just take a seat.

My name was called up 5 minutes later and I was told "All clear! You'll have your passport and everything you need in two weeks!"

One thing that puzzled me is I was never asked to raise my hand and \"swear to tell the truth.\" The interview just started as a nice conversation and was over in about 5 minutes. I was not asked for any proof, though I had a folder full of pictures just in case.

Visa Journey over for now.

*Update: I'm not able to give the Stockholm embassy a full 5 stars. While they were extremely kind and efficient at the actual interview, dealing with them since was a nightmare. 4 weeks went by after the interview and I heard nothing. Their email replies were all limited to "We haven't sent your visa yet, you'll hear from us." 4 weeks after the interview, I finally woke up from a phone call from the embassy in Oslo telling me they had my case and needed me to come pick it up and sign DS-230 part 2.

(updated on December 4, 2012)
Rating : Good

POE Review: San Diego
Event Description
Entry Date : 2012-12-06
Embassy Review : Landed at San Diego airport on the daily British Airways flight from London at 7:45pm. This is one of the only international flights arriving in San Diego so the lines aren't that long.

I handed a female CBP officer my passport, customs form and the brown envelope. At first she said she'd do it right there, but as the line got longer she called another male officer over who told her to handle me after the lines cleared. The male officer escorted me to a waiting area outside of secondary, and brought my brown packet and passport inside with him.

About 20 minutes later, the female officer who initially started on my case at the booth called my name and I went into the secondary inspection room. It was only her and the male officer there. I saw the brown envelope on the desk torn open, and she had me sign the front and back of the green card application. That was it. She said "You should receive the actual card in the mail. You're all set. Good luck!"
Harassment Level : Low

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