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Port of Entry Member Review #17376

Atlanta Entry Date: 2023-02-10



Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Going into immigration in Atlanta was pretty fast and simple. It took around 1h the whole process from gettin out of the flight to leaving from the little room with CBP agents. The flight arrived at 5pm local time. I went through the citizens line because my fiancée traveled with me. The officer collected my fingerprints, took the picture and asked if I had any type of forbidden food with me. Asked for my package, opened it and look at some documents on it. Then, another guy took us to a smaller room. We wait a little and they called me, explained about the 90 day wedding and the adjustment of status. Gave me a sheet with these infos and my passport back and we were free to go. They were very chill and even made jokes about gyre marriage haha. My WAC number from USCIS came with a wrong number in the visa (instead of WAC21901 it came with WAC201901). But they didn’t even mentioned that. I don’t even know if they notice that actually.

(updated on February 11, 2023)

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