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Port of Entry Member Review #17335

Seattle Entry Date: 2022-07-11


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Arrived at SEATAC after an 11-hour flight from Frankfurt. Took some time to get our bags and then onward to Passport Control.

Once we arrived there, we go into line and ended up waiting about 15 minutes. After that, it was our turn. Stepped up, and handed the officer a large package, and passports. He opened the package up and he was looking for the medical records. I told them that Frankfurt does electronic ones. Then he took our photos and handed back the passport saying that they don't STAMP immigrant passports, and he handed back the package. Someone, I am thinking that is wrong about stamping the passport since then there would be no proof of her entering and there would be employment issues until my wife received her Green Card. So, he ended up checking.

Then we got escorted into another location, where they took everything, waited about 10 minutes, and were called up. They verified the address for the green card to be sent. After that, they stamped the passport, saying that this will act as a Temporary Green Card for 1 year and that we should receive the actual Green Card in about 3 weeks. After that, they sent us on our way.

So, a little confusion.

With that, all that I have to say is make sure you get the STAMP on the passport.

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