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Port of Entry Member Review #17325

Atlanta Entry Date: 2022-06-11


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Port-Of-Entry at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson was pretty smooth for my K1 beneficiary. CBP agent only asked her "What is your name?", "What is your purpose for coming to the US?", "How much money did you bring?", "Did you bring any food?". Afterward, the CBP agents were very polite in explaining to her the 90-day K1 visa condition for marriage or leaving the US. The CBP agents then escorted my fiancee to the baggage carousel to claim her luggages, AND escorted her to the arrival area before I was able to arrive to pick her up. Overall, from landing to the passport line to the CBP check to baggage claim to the arrival area took about 1.5 hours.

If fact, my fiancee had more interrogating questioning from the airline boarding agents before her transfer flight from Japan to the US. In some situations, if the boarding agent is not familiar with the K1 visa process, they will ask to see a round-trip ticket. Fortunately, I pre-empted by calling the airline a few days before to ask them to make a note on her reservation that she has a US K1 visa and 1-way ticket since nowhere in buying the flight did the airline ask about the entry visa. The boarding agent ended by asking her "What is your name?", "Why are you going to the US?", "Who is your Petitioner?", "Which country did you exit from?", and "What did you do in that country? because she was a Philippines national working in Taiwan. She was also asked "How did we meet?", "What address in the US will you be living at?", "What is her emergency contact number in the US?". We had prepared these questioning for the POE, but did not expect the boarding agent to be more interrogating than the CBP.

Overall, 5-stars for the POE Atlanta

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