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Port of Entry Member Review #17300

Dallas Entry Date: 2021-11-21


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

The usher at airport immigration guided travelers to 1 of 3 lines: no visa, with visa, and Global Entry. I said I had an immigrant visa so I was told to go to the visa line. At the CBP counter, the officer didn't ask any question and didn't ask for my passport immediately. I just had to stand a certain distance in front of the camera, then they used facial recognition technology to look up my record. After seeing my info on the monitor, the officer gestured for my passport, which I handed to him opened at the page with my IR1 visa. When he saw my visa, he told me to follow him to secondary inspection. Then he told me to take a seat at the waiting area until another officer calls me. After around 5 minutes, I was called to the counter at the waiting area and given my passport back (I checked later that it had the CBP admission stamp near my visa). The officer just said, "That's it", and directed me to the exit. No questions at all at any point during the POE inspection process.

(updated on February 24, 2022)

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