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Port of Entry Member Review #17240

Dublin Entry Date: 2021-07-31



Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

My POE for my k1 was Dublin airport. The airport is a lot busier now than when I dropped off my fiancé there 2 months ago: as as a warning I would get there AT LEAST 3 hours early maybe more. I got there about 2h 45mins before departure and I made it ok but with no spare time. Parking was impossible (zero spaces - people were just abandoning their cars in the paid car park) lol so my aunt just dropped me off and I got a trolley for my bags. I used the VERIFLY app which meant I got to check in on a shorter queue and it was about a 10min wait. The lady at the desk was a little unsure about the k1. I had the update to the proclamation printed and was a k1 visa was (the proclamation update refers to fiancee visas but the visa just has k1 printed on it - the proclamation should have k1 on it IMO). The lady beside her seemed a little better versed in the NIEs and they just said good luck and to get to pre clearance early. Long wait at security then, most food shops are closed beyond this point just WHSmith was open for sandwiches etc and one restaurant for sit down food. Straight to pre clearance for more queuing, I think there were about 5 flights yesterday so it was pretty busy, mainly families and US citizens. The agent I spoke to was very pleasant and had a casual chit chat about my fiancee and where he lives and said you have to wait in the special waiting area and brought me through. This area was like a creche yesterday there were many families and toddlers and all the little kids were making friends and playing all over the seats. Seemed quite a few families were having issues where like the non US citizen members of families had their ESTAs cancelled even though they are exempt etc so people were a little stressed out but it was a friendly atmosphere. So I waited there for nearly an hour and then I was called up. The guy just asked me "do you know you have to get married in 90 days and then file the AOS" and I said yes and that was all the questioning done. I asked him a few questions and him and the lady beside him gave me a leaflet for the I-94 and that was it! I was expecting a lot more questioning but it was so straight forward. I got through to the gate about 15mins before the flight departed so I would recommend going earlier just incase you have a longer questioning or you are hungry and need to eat etc. Defiantly do the verifly app too and make sure you complete each section because lots of people had downloaded it and down the first section but not completed it which means it doesn't work as a pass.

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