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  1. Hi all. I had my biometrics a few weeks ago, adjusting from k1. Since the biometrics it says USCIS is actively reviewing your case for 485 and EAD but not for AP, is this an issue?
  2. Hi all. I recently had my biometrics appointment after filing AOS for K1. The officer said my hands were sweaty and my finger prints may be rejected and I may have to redo biometrics. I have sweaty hands whether I'm nervous or not but it doesn't affect me too much in general normally. I am worried that if I have to redo biometrics the problem will be the same. It was an issue at the embassy but the lady just persisted but today the guy just said to wait and see what they say. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks
  3. When I was doing it the NVC didn't ask any questions about it really but one of the embassies was difficult. I am a citizen of both the UK and Ireland. When I applied for the K1 I was living in Ireland, then I moved to Northern Ireland (technically in the UK but on the island of Ireland) and we asked the NVC to move my case to the UK. They said yes and a few days later sent it to Ireland??? So I contacted Ireland and they basically said no way can you be seen in Ireland even though you are a citizen and recently lived here for years etc. They said I would have to move back to Ireland and then have evidence such as mortgage payments of a house in Ireland for them to see me (so I have to buy a house to get a visa??). So it got sent to London and I got an appointment quite quickly once they processed my case, I don't think London asked for much proof other than normal proof of address. This all happened when Ireland was still quite locked down and they were using covid restrictions that as a reason not to see me (even though the Irish embassy is a 2 hour drive and London is a flight away). Anyway it all went fine and I think I actually got seen quicker in London than I would have in Ireland as their restrictions were still so tight. As I understand most of the world is a lot more open now so you may find that embassies are not as strict but I would contact the embassy to ask if they have any requirements re proof of address and then you can get that ready. Embassies seem to prefer you to be seen where you are currently living but I think in non covid times things are more flexible. Good luck hope all goes well xx
  4. When my case was transferred (April I think) both embassies had a backlog, the embassy where it was being sent to was not actually receiving cases from the NVC but they did accept my embassy transfer and I booked my interview for about a month after it was transferred so you might get lucky.
  5. Hi If you arrived as a K1 visa do you still need to file I-130 or just the I 485, AP EAD and affidavit?
  6. Thanks for the response. I do not need a drivers license for at least the next two years. I have been added to the health insurance and bank accounts without the SSN already.
  7. Hi all. Thanks to the great advice on this forum I applied for my SSN prior to marriage with all the correct documentation. The lady actually said at the appointment that I would defiantly be sent the SSN and then gave me the letter to say I applied pending the DHS check. However my case never came up on SAVE at all. So we got married and filed AOS and all the forms and I ticked that I needed an SSN as I figured there was a problem. I contacted SS again and the agent said that he could tell that my application had an error on it by one digit on my i94 but that it would have to be changed in person with my i94 and ID and gave me an appointment for next week - his only concern was to go before the i94 expired. I still have about a month left on my i94 but I applied for AOS with my new name and have received my I-797c with this new name on it. Is there any point in going to this appointment? Will DHS now have me under a different name? I have been in the US about 2 months now and I don't really feel like I need the SSN urgently at the moment until I get my EAD. I also don't want to apply for something in error or make a problem for myself further down the line. Would it be recommended to go to the appointment and just see what the SS advise?
  8. Hey Fleur. My case was transferred earlier this year and it took about 4 weeks. I am now in the US and married. We originally asked the NVC to send it to the new embassy and they sent it to the wrong one and the embassy then sent it on to the correct embassy. The embassy prefers to interview you where you are currently living. Good luck!
  9. Hey fellow sept filers Do you only get an online access code with filing an I-130? I filled from a k1 so did not fill this form out and non of my I-797c forms seem to have an access code?
  10. Hi I have some confusion here. I have an NOA2 I-797 and it has an A number on it. Is this my alien number? thanks
  11. I thought you got an A number on your 797 receipt? Is that not correct?
  12. Hey. On the top of the forms where it has A-Number and then a little arrow do you have to fill out the A number in each box? Also I don't have an online USCIS account number, I have an account but it doesn't give a number anywhere?
  13. Yes I applied before marriage with my maiden name. If I apply for AOS now before getting the SSN should I apply for SSN on the EAD form? Could that result in getting a SSN in my maiden name and my married name?
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