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  1. Hi all just wanted to update the thread for anyone else who had a similar issue. I got approved about 5 weeks after sending the new medical in. I did not get a new RFE but it took much longer to go through than the guy who interviewed me indicted but that could be for any number of reasons. Anyway hopefully this will be my last visa journey post in a while until removal of conditions! Thanks for everyone's help
  2. The new thread was specifically about if the urine test is still required for the I-693 or not. I have searched the site and have not seen anyone else post about this?
  3. I called USCIS and their advice was just to submit it and print out the CDC guidelines but that I should also follow USCIS guidelines???? Confusing as ever.
  4. Hi all. I had my AOS interview a few weeks ago and was told that they had lost my k1 medical and I needed to redo it. I have redone the medical and was given a copy of the i-693 and on reviewing the form I noticed that a gonorrhea test was not performed (I assumed all the blood work was all the testing that needed to be done). The medical doctor I used (from the USCIS website) did not perform a gonorrhea urine test and said that it is NOT required any longer. On the USCIS website is says it IS required for over 15s but on the CDC recommendations for immigration medicals it says only for 18-24 year olds (I am older than 24). https://www.uscis.gov/tools/designated-civil-surgeons/civil-surgeons-how-to-report-gonorrhea-screening-results-on-form-i-693 https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/civil-surgeons/gonorrhea.html The doctor I used said that he uses the CDC instructions as they are more recent and that the I-693 has just not been updated. He will not let me just do the urine test now and fill out a new I-693 he says I would need to pay for the whole thing to be redone ($350). He told me no one has come back with this being an issue but I am nervous as I got the medical done in Ohio because we were here visiting family for a few weeks but my local office is NYC and they possibly may have a different policy in their field office. I am very frustrated at the moment because we have gotten the run around from every single "professional" we have dealt with so far on this long process. Would you recommend sending the current medical I-693 as it stands or getting a new medical when I get back to NYC on Sunday?
  5. I had my interview recently and they told me that my medical info has been lost. The RFE just says to send it to my local field office. Everything else I have previously sent has required copies of my passport etc so just checking I only have to send the sealed envelope and the RFE letter and if anyone has an idea of how long it normally takes to get an update. Thanks.
  6. Hi all I have to submit an I-693. Has anyone done this before? Do you just post it in a sealed envelope with the RFE? How long does it normally take to hear back? Thanks
  7. We were not separated. He said when we came in that we were flagged because of the fingerprints and also he said something about our file being small - it seemed to be that whoever organised the file did not print off any supporting documents because he said they were scanned in but not in the physical file? Anyway it was not a proper stokes interview. He said we have to do a new medical even though I provided him the vax sheet from my k1 medical. The guy who checked us in at the front was a trainee so maybe there are some new staff there?
  8. Hi all. I had my AOS from k1 interview. The officer said we were approved and then called me to say I need to redo my I-693. I had given him a copy of the vaccination sheet and the other signed sheet and he said he still needs the whole thing redone. He said that the state department must have lost the longer medical report. Does anyone have any advice on this other than just redoing the medical again because this guy seemed to know about the k1 exemption and still is requiring a new medical. TIA
  9. Hi all just an update that the interview went ok, it seems to have been requested because I did my biometrics twice and this was flagged. They did not do a full stokes interview on the day just clarified I had no criminal record.
  10. How do you get through to tier 2? When I phone I find it hard to even get past the automated thing no matter what I say they just keep asking me for my receipt number to give me my case status and when I do that they just ask if I have anymore receipt numbers to ask for more case statuses. Also does anyone know if after the stokes interview if I can travel abroad while awaiting the results? I'm guessing the advice is no but I recently received my AP and have been waiting a long time to finally travel home.
  11. Just updating the topic. I sent a local immigration attorney an email about this and he already responded saying he's seen a few people being sent letters like this recently and then the interview was a normal interview so it may be an error. So I guess I'll try calling USCIS on Tuesday and then go from there.
  12. I am from Northern Ireland so Irish/British. Neither of us have been married or engaged before. I have only ever been to the US on a ESTA
  13. Hi all! I have received notice of my initial I-485 interview and it says reason for interview is a Stokes interview. As far as I could see online this is normally for a second interview, has anyone else seen this happen recently?
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