Port of Entry Member Review #17222

Newark Entry Date: 2021-05-22



Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Immigration queue was short. The immigration officer saw my visa and took me to the secondary room. The secondary room was hot, dark, loud and hadn’t been updated since the 80s. Behind the screens were approx 12 CBP officers. All drinking coffee and laughing and joking with each other. Only two guys on the computers actually reviewing cases. Approx 10 people in the waiting area. It took 20mins.
My name was called out and I approached the screen. The CBP officer grunted and pointed to my mask. I assume that meant to take it off. I took it off and he looked at my visa, stamped passport and threw it at me. No goodbye no welcome nothing. Literally threw it at me.
Such a horrible welcome to the US.

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