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  1. I arrived in the US on an IR1 visa on May 22. My green card has arrived but not my SSN. i called the SSA and they have not yet been informed by immigration of my arrival. is this normal? Its been over 3 weeks now. Unfortunately I have had to fly back to the UK for a couple of months and so not in the country to walk over to the social sec office. has anyone else had this delay?
  2. https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx
  3. Hi, sorry for not starting a new thread but seeing as most In here are from the UK, can I ask what the process is for travel declaration when travelling to the US after obtaining your visa?
  4. It is key for you to file your US taxes whilst living abroad. I have just been approved but was given a 221g because my wife who has been living in the UK for the last 4 years didn’t have her tax transcripts even though her US income was zero. i would file your taxes retrospectively. If you could do this online it would be much better as the IRS will process it quickly. However if you send by post there is no chance that they will process it time. if the latter, I would upload to ceac your signed tax returns, proof of postage and a letter explaining why you have only filed your taxes now.
  5. Just an update to everyone. had my interview yesterday. Got 221g slip. Uploaded the extra document on the same day and emailed them notifying them. this morning at 8.58am I received an email from them saying that the officer is now reviewing the document. at 9.08am received another email saying that my visa has been approved. Status changed to AP at 9.15 and then an hour later it had changed to issued. email from DX a few hours later. passport to arrive tomorrow. that is a 24hr turnaround even with a 221g. London is definitely moving quicker. As has been said before, London tries to work with you here rather than trying to trip you up. As long as you’re honest and straightforward, all will work out. thanks to everyone on this forum.
  6. Oh! Sorry i must have misread. I am not sure about the direct counselor filing process. @Wuozopo is the in house expert in this forum. He may know.
  7. Hi, DQ means documentary qualified. So I assume all documents have been uploaded to NVC? If so, and they have been accepted you would have received an email or message confirming that the NVC has accepted all documents. once this is done it’s just a waiting game as the NVC will schedule your interview at the embassy. if you became DQ in Feb 2021, looking at the current timelines you are probably looking at an interview June/July. You will be notified by email of this date. Once that is done you will schedule the medical appt and husband appears at the interview with all original documentation. they then decide pretty much on the day whether visa is approved.
  8. If you have the transcripts for them, then yes I would just upload them on the system. but sounds like you’ll be fine if you already have transcripts uploaded.
  9. That’s brilliant. Its good to see genuine people with a genuine intention being given a chance. just hoping the letter does the trick. She filed her taxes for 2017,2018,2019 retrospectively in October 2020. The IRS have processed the 2018 one but not the others yet. So I uploaded the 2018 transcript and the letter. the income Is zero anyway but I think they just want to see that taxes were at least filed.
  10. So to give a background - I have a joint sponsor as my wife lives in the UK with me and has no US income. I uploaded all my joint sponsors transcripts but only uploaded my wife’s actual tax returns because the transcripts have no been processed by IRS as the returns were sent retrospectively via paper mail (as she files married but as im do not have an ITIN number she cannot file Online). the officer today said I can’t see any of her tax returns or transcripts. i explained the situation and he said that we need transcripts to show she has filed her taxes whilst living in the Uk. Then i said that the IRS could take months. he then asked his boss and came back and said just upload a signed statement from your wife stating she has filed her taxes for all the years she has lived in the UK, then you’ll be good to go. so I uploaded that today along with the form 1040 tax returns again.
  11. Upload. You don’t need W2 though. Just transcripts along with the i864
  12. On the top right Of the green slip. lndivsubmissions@state.gov
  13. Just had my interview and got the dreaded green slip. he said just upload the missing document and email us and everything else is fine. The docs were uploaded but he couldnt see one of them. I have uploaded the doc now, any idea on how long this takes?
  14. Yes. Got the courier scheduling, ds260 confirmation and the appointment notice email. i’m on the train now so hopefully ive got it all!
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