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Port of Entry Member Review #17088

Abu Dhabi Entry Date: 2020-03-02



Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

The security to get into the immigration desk takes longer then any thing else, as they check every single thing you own, it went smooth, after that i followed to the immiration desk, there were like 4 officers, i was scared by one and was hoping not to get that one but i got him, he seemed little scary but all he asked my passport. Question were asked.
1. Where we met?
2.For how long we know each other?
3. How many times we met in person ?
4. My address at US ?
I answered all and then he said my immigration is done now i have to process the CBP agent, i followed him and he took me to this room where CBP agent was really nice to me and and asked all my details and my Fiancè.
He said all is done and he took me to this door which leads to the pathway for bording, he opend the door and all he said Welcome to United states.

I would highly recommed it.

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