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  1. No, i didn't say that... It took me 1.5 year to get my whole process done including AP.
  2. Hi, Sorry I was busy doing some stuff, My category was K1, I started my Process back in Dec 2018 and it took me almost 1.5 years to get my visa including my DS-5535, I don't mean to dishearten anyone, but my advice will be to hope because sometimes it could take longer then you expect.
  3. I was like 5 months in AP , and when / chnaged to or that was the green signal for me that my AP is over and it took me like 2 months more to get my visa. What about your case?, are you in the same status ?
  4. I am in USA Alhamdullilah! I came here on 1st marcha and got my visa on 19th feb.
  5. Hello Every one! Does any have travelled from ISLAMABAF AIRPORT holding K1 visa, i would like to know that how they treat people, plus what kind of question they ask upon leaving the country. I would really appereciate sharing your reviews, and how to answer them.
  6. Hello All asking as k1 applicant. Is there an average number of updates on CEAC during administrative process AP that someone receives before visa is issued ?
  7. Thanks for your reply, i see many people on this platform talking about their ds-5535, but after a while they get disappear, so i just wondering what happened to them, that are they approved or dis-approved. in any case i will really appreciate if people share their experience so other people can get benefit from it.
  8. Has anyone received 221g for DS-5535 and got Approved ? If so, how long did it take ?
  9. As far as i know, Experts say that once status turns into Non-Immigrant, it means they are working on processing your visa, so it should not take longer then a month now. would you like to share for how long you have been in AP ?
  10. OMG that is scary, you are still in AP, i though you would have been approved. let us know plz if you get approval.
  11. Hi, k1 have pretty slim chances in Pakistan embassy Islamabad, however if you have extremely logical reason that why not married and why K1 then it may be approved, AP is called a black hole no one knows how much time it's going take post interview.
  12. That is nice, it will be issued soon i think, i am in AP for more then a month been very worried. Pray for me too.
  13. AOA... How much time did it take to change your status from Immigrant to Non-immigrant ?
  14. Well! Verbally i am but not yet on ceac. Also i was asked to provide more information about me so it might take me longer then expected.
  15. Can you tell me if they request social media handles do they also want the passwords to accompany them? Thanks
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