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  1. That is nice, it will be issued soon i think, i am in AP for more then a month been very worried. Pray for me too.
  2. AOA... How much time did it take to change your status from Immigrant to Non-immigrant ?
  3. Well! Verbally i am but not yet on ceac. Also i was asked to provide more information about me so it might take me longer then expected.
  4. Can you tell me if they request social media handles do they also want the passwords to accompany them? Thanks
  5. OMG that is scary, questions were preety simple my finace is american white, with me during the interview, age gap is there YES, They said congratulations, every thing look ok, but we will keep you under administration process for a while . Allah help US.
  6. No i wasn't asked to provide any other docs. They just kept my old passport and new.
  7. Hello All ! i am happy to share that this platform helped me a lot, Yesterday i had my interview at Islamabad Embassy (Pakistan) for K1, the CO officer said CONGRATULATIONS every thing look fine but they gave me 221(g) and said they going to keep me under administrative process. My question is that fine , if son how much time it's going to take does any faced the same issue ? TIA
  8. Dear, i am k1 applicant and my interview is in next two weeks, do i need to attest any thing from the foreign office ? more over i already have my NDRA birth certificate from my Union Council do i need to translate it ? as it is already both in English and Urdu.
  9. Hello Members! I am k-1 applicant and my interview is in next two weeks, we have gathered a lot of documents, but since Islamabad embassy consider to be tough embassy so we are over cautious about it. Can you guys help us to tell about the list of the documents we need to take along with us, more over which photocopies i need to carry along with me and how many ?
  10. "my birth certificate and its translation version" would you please let me know where to traslate that, i am also from Pakistan and NADRA issued me Birth certificate which states both in urdu on right side and in english on it's left? is that enough or i still need any traslation of it ?
  11. hello all i need to know that what documents my petitioner needs to submit along with i-134 ? Country : Pakistan visa: K1
  12. What kind of problems would be there ?
  13. Ok Thank you very much, could you plz tell me that what document i should take along with me that would ask for ? Also does it matter if in in a letter i write that my Fiance would pay for his hotel as she would stay at the hotel and i would do other expenses other then that or we should stat that 'm going to pay every thing ? If you elaborate little bit it for me to get her the visa for sure i would be really thankful as this visa really mean i want her with me during the interview.
  14. Hello Dear, i am facing the same problem, should i print the words on court paper or on simple A4 paper ? what is the best way to do we have very short time and i am inviting my fiance for interview.
  15. Hello All, i have a simple question, as i have scheduled my interview (K1 Applicant), but so far i haven't received any call or email from the embassy (Islamabad) so my question is that normal ? Also i haven't received any Packet 3 while i see other people on different platforms that they receive it. is it okay not receive packet 3 or i should ask the embassy about the matter ? k1 Islamabad
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