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Port of Entry Member Review #17083

Las Vegas Entry Date: 2019/09/08



Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

I arrived with all my documents ready, at the boarder kiosk they asked me a few usual questions and when mentioned about the K1 they asked me to stand at the wall and wait for someone to collect me.
Waited about 5 minutes and then was ushered into a separate waiting room with others in similar situations.
It was quiet and phones were not allowed, which was kind of inconvenient since my fiance had no idea what was happening! And no clock so I had no idea how long I had been there!
After waiting around 45 minutes (I think), they called me up and went through the paperwork with me, asked why I was there and also asked if I had any luggage.
Another woman collected my check in luggage while they went through my carry on.
Since I was bringing all belongings with me it took maybe another hour for them to get chance to look through all my luggage (4 cases).
After that they said everything was fine and I was escorted out to meet my fiance.
The officers were very pleasant and to the point. Made conversation while awkwardly going through my stuff.
Only downside is I could overhear many other people's cases be reviewed, it wasn't very private so I heard a few people being denied entry etc.

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