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  1. Hey, so we're currently waiting for our interview to be scheduled. Due to all the covid stuff my husband has been laid off. Does this mean that he can no longer be my sponser? Or will they kinda look at things differently due to the covid stuff? Or... should I stop over thinking it and wait till we get a date for the interview, hoping he'll have a new job by then (though i doubt that's super easy right now)? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks everyone. Yes I do think I'm probably over thinking things haha >.< I'm just really looking forward to working again! (Never thought I'd say that!)
  3. Hi My card just got accepted so waiting on that to come over to me. I'm of the mind set of at first getting whatever job I can but it may be difficult under current circumstances. Do many jobs recognise qualifications and previous experience if they're from a different country? Should i even bother naming the qualifications (minus my degree) and instead write "graduated high school" or something? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know, once we get the EAD card (mine is being produced now woo!) Can we file for unemployment while we look? If we can, do we just use the info from our previous abroad work? Thanks
  5. Hi, My case has that I'm ready to be scheduled for an interview for the AOS. And fingerprints taken for the EAD and AP. Does anyone know if there's an in between stage for EAD before they update to send the card? I can see many people's cases are pushing forward throughout the covid stuff which is promising
  6. Ah okie dokie then. I'll wait till we get an interview date or something since it'll likely be a while. Just anxious and panicy (?) right now haha! Stay safe everyone and thank youuuu
  7. But it's only for the duration of the coronavirus stuff. So he's I guess technically still got a job just they don't have him going in right now. I might call and ask what they suggest. Thank you!
  8. Hi I asked this on the AOS forum but figured i would ask here too. Currently i'm at the point of adjusting from k1. Waiting for an interview to be scheduled. (Which won't be for a while i guess). My husband's (who is my sponsor) work just closed for the foreseeable future. Since he won't be getting paid he wants to sign up for unemployment. Will him signing up for this make him now unable to be our sponsor? He makes enough usually, just this crisis has messed things up. Any insight would be helpful! Thank you
  9. Thanks guys. So he should be able to claim, and it wouldn't make too much difference! Fingers crossed this all clears up soon!
  10. Hi Hope everyone is well and staying safe. So at the moment I'm waiting for my EAD/AP/AOS stuff. My husband's work have closed indefinitely due to the covid-19 stuff. Will him claiming unemployment implicate our AOS stuff since he's sponsoring me etc? Thank you in advance
  11. I also got the online update. So i assume i shouldn't be expecting a letter super soon? Obviously depending on my LFO
  12. Do we need to send the 2016 tax return? My husband doesn't have his W2 from that year? We have all our stuff for 2017, 2018, 2019 though
  13. Thank you We're going to gather the stuff on Sunday so this is super helpful! Thanks
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