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Port of Entry Member Review #17078

Newark Entry Date: 2020-02-15



Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

We landed around 4:30 am, the line was not very long but it seemed like there were a lot of people with an immigrant visa so we still had to wait about 30 minutes because the officer asked every person a lot of questions and then escorted every one of them downstairs to be processed.
I started to worry because the officer didn't seem nice and was asking too many questions, everyone in my line started to worry.
When it was my turn, I told her I had an immigrant visa and she took my fingerprints and picture, stamped my passport with CR1 visa, I told her that this is not correct because we are married for longer than 2 years, she asked to see my marriage certificate, and seemed annoyed, then she said, oh you planned this on purpose, I said no, that I was injured and had to postpone my arrival. then she said, well we have to go downstairs anyway, she gave my passport and marriage certificate to a different officer who escorted me downstairs to be processed, he was nicer, downstairs they told me to sit and wait, they were nice , I waited about 10 minutes for them to finish processing, they asked me if I have any paperwork like my medical, I told them that everything is in the computer, then the officer said, ok I will check please go sit down, a few minutes later he called me and gave me my passport and told me thats it you can go, he revoked the previous officers stamp and stamped a new IR1 stamp, no questions were asked.

(updated on February 16, 2020)

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