Port of Entry Member Review #17040

Dallas Entry Date: 2019-09-10


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Waited for about 5 minutes, a very kind Border Patrol Officer asked me questions like my full name, date of birth, US address I intend to live, my USC fiancés info, and if I have more than $10,000 with me.. I said no, and I said “ I wish I have $10,000”.. that made him laugh 😂 Then he told me that he will endorse me for K1 processing, and if I have any questions now is the time.. I asked him “ how do I reach my airplane ?” He laughed again and gave me instructions .. he then said welcome to the United States.. he walked me through a room where they gave me my medical papers, and then welcomed me into the US again. It was basically another painless experience 😊