Port of Entry Member Review #16985

Chicago Entry Date: 2019-09-11

Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

We landed at the Chicago Ohare International Airport at 7:18am, got to the Immigration line about 20 minutes later. The queue was a bit long, but it was mainly because it was just one CBP officer attending to New immigrants until one more joined in.

When it was my turn, I got called and was asked for my packet, I told them I had none, so the officer then asked for my customs declaration form that I had filled in the plane. After looking through and seeing I had no packet, he told me to follow him to another CBP area, where he gave my passport to the officers there, and then told me to wait in the waiting area along with about 6 immigrants there already before me. Less than 10 minutes later, the officer showed up from the room - called my last name, handed me back my passport along with the CBP declaration form, and said you can go. I asked him "that's it", he responded yes, you can go. I came last, I left first.

On my way to the baggage claim area, the customs declaration form was taken from me by another officer. After claiming my baggage, then onward to my connecting flight I went. That was it.

Overall, it wasn't a stressful experience for me other than waiting in the long queue.