Port of Entry Member Review #16935

Boston Entry Date: 2019-07-05


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

All the previous reviews for Boston were very positive and described a quick process. I guess we entered on a bad day for the office because it took almost 2 hours for my fiancee to get admitted. We went through the citizen's lane (I, the USC traveled with him), and once identified as a K-1, he was taken into CBP office. I wasn't allowed to accompany him, so that was very frustrating- not knowing what is going on. There were a lot of people ahead of him in the office, some ended up being taken away in handcuffs. All of that just added to my anxiety, since I could see people being taken away. However, once he got called up to the desk, the questions were few and easy: how long we have known each other, how did we meet, etc. And that's it, a stamp was placed in the passport and he was free to go.