Port of Entry Member Review #16806

Baltimore Entry Date: 2019-02-06

Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

I never had a problem with entering the US at the BWI Airport in Washington. My expierences as k1 and also esta holder was always pleasant.

One tip: try to sit in the first rows of the plane, so youre one of the first people going through immigration. If youre using WOW-Air, the plane always arrives as the only one, so the immigration lines are kinda small.

- automated process
- officer asks: how long are you gonna stay, what are you doing here?
- I always told them "visiting my fiance" and never had a problem!

- visas and trusted travelers are on the right side
- gave officer my passport and the package
- he took fingerprints of my right hand and took a picture
- then i needed to go to the secondary and was waiting for about 5 minutes by myself
- two officers entered and were already like "oh its just a k1", i guess they expected something else
- they opened my petition, and one of them made a funny comment about the DUI on our petition and asked what alcohol we like lmao
- question was: when will you get married? i said: idk yet, but within the next 90 days
- passport was stamped, one of them told me i have time to marry until may and thats it